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  1. it's a shame Weir hasn't done another O'Brian book
  2. all settings maxed. why can't I just copy/paste w/out having to quote?
  3. Capt Hornblower


    really? got bottle of black spiced and find it's kinda cough mediciney, even when mixed with ginger beer. also picked up Cruzan's Blackstrap. now THAT is nice tasting rum, esPECIALly with ginger beer. rather molassesy, unlike Kraken. think rum cake or even plum pudding for the smell on Cruzan. it's worth a try
  4. no argument here. that shed just doesn't belong ob a ship's quarterdeck
  5. can we get a bit more altitude? not in the sense of the home key where you got free cam, but just a little more distance than how it is now. a better field of view would be nice
  6. it's a shame they had to say it friendly rivalry every few twits
  7. a particular brand of rum, of the same recipe from Nelson's day <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ak7-2KbrZjo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. 31 jul. 1970. a date which will live in infamy, which must be remembered somehow within Naval Action. it's the day the rum ration was discontinued in the Royal Navy
  9. I had mentioned that somewhere here, in the form of press gangs
  10. be able to speak a passing ship in OW with a gun to leeward in salute and when forming a group(squadron) in pve OW that the creator of said group(squadron) fly a Commodore's pennant
  11. more of a bow wave when passing thru a swell. as it is now, there's next to nothing
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