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  1. If someone points out a "high" price, just remind them of how things used to be when online games had a monthly subscription fee that rarely was less than $15.
  2. Why weaken the hull? You'll get a reduced price for it when selling. I just drop their sails to 50-60% and then proceed to grape the crew down at a safe distance (a trader Snow will try to board you!) until it's a won battle when I grapple them.
  3. I chose the same nation. Apparently I was one day late to take the same name though
  4. About durabilities, and "items" to boost ships... Meh. I would get rid of them all. If feels as cheesy as potions to me. If you want a ship to be fast, or to turn quicker, or to be more durable, choose the proper materials to build it. Give those woods, metals and canvases adequate properties and prices and let builders choose what they build with them. Trade time and proper resources for build quality and be done with it. Then, when someone puts a good deal of holes in them, see them sink and do it again.
  5. Low level players need very much the profit of a captured small ship. One, to be able to carry the cargo they cannot take in their own small ship, two, to obtain a small benefit in order to progress. Not everything goes around SoLs.
  6. I still vividly remember Finnish squads rolling the map in another game (mostly US populated), quite some years ago. If you ask me, that has no solution; There's always someone playing when you are sleeping, or working, or attending your family.
  7. That's good, thanks! We're just missing in-game captures of the ships I guess
  8. If data is too subject to change, then just the images for reference would be nice. The navalaction.com site is painfully outdated in that respect
  9. You know, a good in-game capture and a data sheet by it for all ships currently in game. Is there something like that? Thanks.
  10. The main problem I find is the lack of realism. Superspeed, buoyancy and waves' sizes make it feel toyish and it detracts from the fidelity the game had in the Arena. I hope a solution can be found, and there are some excellent suggestions in this thread.
  11. All I know is that I felt playing the Arena much more than I feel playing the OW. Somehow the superspeeds and yet long and empty sailing got me uninterested earlier. What do I do? I read the news and wait
  12. Well, the "all vs Spain" era is finished. Deal with it.
  13. 1.- I don't feel like playing because the day/night cycle feels claustrophobic to me. There has been situations where I was happy to be jumped on by pirates just to see some daylight. 2.- Right clicking to look around is a huge no-no. Make it consistent with the battle controls, please. Same goes for the location of UI items. 3.- Speed sailing doesn't still feel right. Rubber band feel in controls doesn't help either.
  14. I was able to capture a Traders Snow and a Privateer with a Basic Lynx. Traders Brigs are of course easier, but it's all doable.
  15. We definitely need to add crew experience (green, trained, experienced, veteran, elite) and morale.
  16. No idea. I was talking about player positions.
  17. I think we should expect to have everything reset, so yeah.
  18. Don't bother unstucking me. After 21h being stuck I just read the server will be down for 1.5W.
  19. So you go exploring and find a Spanish port/fort/city that has been there for 2-300 years. It's not 1492, gents...
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