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  1. Wow pretty heavyly armed for an obsolete ship like many here call it.
  2. Great news cant wait so to see them.
  3. Yes they really should be in the game because they were the predessesors of all more modern warships as the frigates and ships of the line. When they were state of the art they were not slow at all. They were well armed and highly maneuverable warship which were pushed into the trading roll when more modern ships were developed. An open world game like Naval Action would be totally boring without trading and we dont have proper trading ships yet. I cant imagine to transport cargo in a Victory or Constitution.
  4. I should ask more pecisely. Well you are absolutely right. A spanish galleon wouldnt be suitable for the game right now. In a PvP or PvE game it would be totally outclassed. But when the game is finished and it will be the open world game which Game-Labs is promising us. I would love to have some old galleons for trading with a few connons for self defence. On the other hand i would love to have a strong navy with heavy Frigates like the Constitution or ships of the line like the Victory.
  5. Hey guys what do you think about a spanish galleon like this one for example?
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