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  1. Probably some people have enough time to play this wonderful game and to make a lot of gold. Personally, I play it a few hours a month and I will probably never get a first rate as Victory, and the way as it looks in the game is actually the main reason I bought this product. So, you can simply conclude the ships are too expensive. In my opinion the best solution is that any player to be able to have access to any ship he want, anytime he want it.
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    Thank you for the information. I will take it into account from now on.
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    Thank you very much. It seems that I've totally misunderstood the price of repair kits. Sorry for disturbing, and thank you again for letting me know where my fault is. Regards. Radu
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    No. I played from Kingston, Jamaica, selecting small battles from missions. Always bought cannons for Yacht. Sure not for Cutter.
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    European Server, PVP, Hagthorpe username, today, January 23, after 17.00 EET, I think. Thank you very much. Tried F11, but apparently it doesn*t worked. Actually it seemed it doesn't sent the message, the same as I posted here.
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    Surely not. Observed it at the end of that transaction. And is exactly 10.000 gold.
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    I don't like the game accountancy and mathematics. I've had about 21000 gold. I've bought 1xmedium cannon 4pd for my yacht, for 1365 gold and 1xCarronade 24pd for my Niagara, for 5460 gold and remained with 4366 gold. Lost 10000 gold in one single transaction. Pure piracy!
  8. Published 1949, by Bonanza Books, New York. It can be copied on your computer, page to page, using GadwinPrintScreen freeware.
  9. That same book, "History of the American Sailing Navy" by Howard Chapelle, with all those plans wonderfully scanned is now available as ebook for online borrow at Open Library.
  10. Voted. Three characters per account. Five would be better. Played this game for a week and is difficult to me to return to real world. It's addictive!!!
  11. Can someone tell me, please, if I can run Naval Action with this computer: Processor: AMD A8-3800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.40 GHz RAM 8,00 GB VideoCard NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 4Gb I have DirectX 11 installed and played games using DirectX11. My only concern is only if my 2.40 GHz processor can handle this game. Thank you in advance, Radu
  12. Well, I have read some posts in this topic and my conclusion is that this game is just for those with very strong gaming computers. I'm very unhappy about the fact, but this is the crude reality. Adios, my friends. See you ten years later, if we'll live until then. Best Regards, colorado71
  13. Can someone tell me please, what chance I have to play Naval Action with this computer: Processor: AMD A8-3800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.40 GHz RAM 8,00 GB VideoCard NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 Thank you in advance, Radu
  14. I don't know if this is the case or not with Naval Action, but as a general philosophy, the computer games should never rise some people against the other (by let the ships of two players confronting, for example), but make them work in a team (when they select the multiplayer playing option). Sure, some may be of a different opinion, but I think this would be the correct sense of Multiplayer aspect of any computer game.
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