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  1. I won it. You have to max out the # of ships and torpedo tubes so each can fire three or four at a time. You also have to maintain a good distance away from the BB so he won't sink your ships before they can get enough hits to sink him. You also might have to be bit lucky, I won on my fourth or fifth attempt.
  2. I wasn't sure if this is a bug or feedback I should submit but are guns of the same type reloading and firing together or do they operate independently? The sequence of events I think I'm seeing goes something like this: Two main guns, one fore and one aft are loading Both guns are loaded and the fore gun can come to bear on the target but the rear cannot The fore gun fires and starts reloading The ship turns to where the aft gun is aimed at the target as well The fore gun is still loading, the aft gun does not fire The fore gun finishes loading and then both fore and aft fire
  3. There is too much 'friendly fire', well not actually friendly fire but just ships on the same side shooting through or over each other. It would be great if we lost the firepower of those ships when they screen/block each other. Also a bit more realistic.
  4. The game is rife with complex and unknowable aspects that can have a big impact on a player. I don't know how anyone can make serious progress or be successful without being part of a strong clan that they hang out with in TS or Discord. How many times have I heard a newer player ask an innocent question and then get a five minute education from someone, or multiple people, about all the aspects of that thing and all the implications and twists? I don't think handholding is the answer and I wouldn't expect the devs to program in more tutorials or new interfaces at this point in the development cycle, but maybe some pop-up tips or hover-over texts would be helpful. I'd imagine this community could come up with a big list of these types of tips and identify where and when to show them. A simple example might be, when you enter a battle with a ship in fleet, pop up a message that says 'Stay close to your fleet to maximize firepower!'. That little tip would be the answer to hundreds of posts about how completely useless fleet ships are when you are attacked, they'd just be mostly useless then
  5. You are correct! Thanks again, this is really quite good.
  6. This is amazing! What timezone are these published in? It's showing three PBs during my Friday evening but I'm US Pacific time and nothing cool ever happens in my evenings, so I'm guessing this is server time?
  7. A wipe is at best, a temporary thing. It will be neato for a few days, maybe two weeks tops and then whatever balance issues are present in the current version of the game will resurface and stay there. The game would be best balanced for the long term by dealing with the issues as they are present in a mixed playerbase. Starting over would be fun, but as has been mentioned you can do it at any time through self-service character re-creation if you want to. I could probably tolerate anything except losing the wicked grind ship upgrade slots, good lord don't make me do the ones I already have over again.
  8. I always assume all forum conversations comparing ships are about [ELITE SHIP CAPTAIN WHO NEVER MAKES MISTAKES] vs. another [ELITE SHIP CAPTAIN WHO NEVER MAKES MISTAKES] and not about the infinite realm of possibility. Personally, I have sunk a Le Requin with a store bought Snow and it didn't even seem all that hard to me but at that point I hadn't read any of these threads that would have told me how impossible it would be.
  9. When I saw a [SNOW] player in the open world I was hoping it was clan of people who only sail Snows.
  10. There are bunch of one on ones like this I haven't jumped into because I'm thinking that there is some sort of trickery where what I thought was going to be a 1x1 ends up being a 6x1 because of others hiding in another battle, or some shenanigans around timers and whatnot. I know there have been a lot of small changes and tweaks, is such nonsense still possible or is a open world tag truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get now?
  11. Wouldn't I be better able to wage war if a ship I dealt massive damage to couldn't fully repair and re-crew in a few moments without visiting a port? If you want to make the game more fluid how about just give me my ship back after I'm sunk in battle and have me reappear in the same spot in the open world ready to fight again?
  12. I think there should be very minimal repairs in battle. Perhaps you should be able to repair pump, rudder, and leaks but otherwise most repairs are either letting low skill players (like me) escape or needlessly postponing the inevitable. Similarly, crew repairs in battle should be very minimal in terms of what % of wounded crew they return to service. I also think open world world repairs should never bring a ship back to full health in any aspect, that should require going into a port. Also moving new crew to ships in the open world makes no sense, why can we do this? Might as well let me buy crew at sea as well. I will admit there is a bit of an art to a carefully timed repair. There is a certain joy in a properly timed sail repair followed by a slick escape, but it doesn't make sense in the supposed context of the game.
  13. I think better navigation would be more accurate because captains of the day really did know where they were with a high degree of accuracy and the Carribean was not the great unknown during the time period in question. Perhaps the devs view us being lost as part of the game play experience? The same line of thinking would lead you to believe we should get a warning or notice when a sail is spotted on the horizon. Still I think having some better indication of your location would be more historically accurate. Maybe make it a perk or an update like 'Expert Navigator' or something like that?
  14. I did this thing, I freely admit, so if I need to get demoted or banned I'm fine with that. Ultimately, while it delayed my being sunk it did not result in my escaping, I was simply destroyed by three players, instead of the larger number that was present, and wasted their time chasing me longer than they would have otherwise. My apologies to those I may have frustrated. I've never played as a pirate, aside from some minor poking around on the test server, so I wasn't aware the way the battle was set up was different than other open world battles. If people who joined on my side had shot me I wouldn't have complained about green on green, I was actually baffled that they didn't shoot. I wasn't aware of any mechanisms that would have punished green on green and expected players to join on my side and sink me. At no time did we "oriented their ships in such a way that join circles were too far to catch anyone by joining either side". I wish I was that smart, I never even considered that.
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