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  1. The problem is the logic around ROE, the difference in time passage and distances traveled in battle vs. OW assume only a single battle will occur. When ships enter a battle instance they decouple from the OW and the passage of time is disconnected. You can 'travel' for 90 minutes in a battle instance and return to the OW in the same place you started. Meanwhile people outside the instance can cover vast distances in the same 90 minutes. Once a battle ends and ships escape to the OW the logic of it all falls apart and the subsequent battles logically don't make sense. The resulting 'unfairness' of the situation discourages people from playing.
  2. You are correct! Thanks again, this is really quite good.
  3. This is amazing! What timezone are these published in? It's showing three PBs during my Friday evening but I'm US Pacific time and nothing cool ever happens in my evenings, so I'm guessing this is server time?
  4. A wipe is at best, a temporary thing. It will be neato for a few days, maybe two weeks tops and then whatever balance issues are present in the current version of the game will resurface and stay there. The game would be best balanced for the long term by dealing with the issues as they are present in a mixed playerbase. Starting over would be fun, but as has been mentioned you can do it at any time through self-service character re-creation if you want to. I could probably tolerate anything except losing the wicked grind ship upgrade slots, good lord don't make me do the ones I already have over again.
  5. The ship diagrams at the top left and right need to be marked with Port and Starboard. Left and Right are not appropriate for a ship
  6. I keep looking at this thread thinking, well I haven't really quit have I? However the holidays have ended and I was home for a full 10+ days and didn't play NA that whole time, in fact I didn't even bother to login for five minutes and mash the buttons for my daily econ stuff to make a little money and use up my labor hours so I guess the facts say I've quit? Frankly at this point, for some sick reason, I think I read the forum more than I play. I have 1,409 hours in the game and I'd say I'm a moderately good/average player. Not very highly skilled in PVP but good enough to not get brutally raped every time. I'm beyond caring about pixel ships and don't really get upset when I lose one. In fact over the past few months I've actually been trying to lose all my ships and despite my various ineptitudes that even hasn't happened, though I have lost a few. Things that are killing the game for me: The server population is too low, the map is too big, and not enough people play in my timezone. I typically play at 9pm Pacific and later, there's practically nothing going on at these times. I have zero interest in getting up at 3am for a port battle or anything like that, though I have done it in the past. Distribution of AI, for whatever reason, isn't great either, I'm still having to sail around for far too long to even get in some decent AI bashing. I'm too experienced for my own good. I know what the "glory days" were like when there were 25v25 fleet engagements in my timezone. I also know how much time is required to get those types of groups together, sail to attack something, fight the battles, fight the 20 running battles when you get jumped after the battle, I'm not motivated anymore to spend 4+ hours playing NA just to get a good battle or two. Even worse I know that it's going to be 4+ hours so I just don't even play. To be honest, I feel like the trashy flag pulling port battle days were way more interesting and fun though I know some of my clanmates felt like they had to be online constantly to defend. That might have been more of a function of server population. Yes, I know its the sailing for 30 minutes to a battle that partly contributes to the excitement. I'm fatigued of testing, I just have no interest anymore in figuring out the latest or next round of XP, econ, mod, ship stats changes that everyone is exploiting. I don't mind changes, I just get bothered by how punitive they can be if you are a casual player. Most of the changes (aside from UI) sound great but end up being bad in some way. It doesn't feel like other early access games where it is improving and improving towards awesomeness and my time spent is helping, it feels like its just spitballing and wandering from change to change with little continuity or direction. I'm tired of getting destroyed or outclassed by the people who are doing the intensive testing, like the first time I joined a big battle after whatever was changed that made it possible for a Victory to be sunk with 30+ leaks in one broadside. Then I get told that I'm the idiot for not knowing this is the new thing. Again just fatigued from testing, except that isn't a bug because it's still a thing right? I've read a lot about age of sail battles and aside from a rare magazine explosion I can't recall SoLs sinking from a single broadside like WTF is the point of a 1st rate even? Mast sniping has semi-ruined combat for me. It wasn't a thing (or at least wasn't a big thing) in my earlier times with NA which created an opportunity for non-clickfest low manual dexterity combat skills where it was more about your tactics rather than your aim. That was a huge draw of the gameplay for me. I've never put in the time to get good at mast sniping so I'm terrible at it. I think it seriously detracts from what initially attracted me to the game, and yes I know that's partly because I suck at it. Magical upgrades, books, and combinations of them suck the life out of the game for me. Again I'm not spending the time to grind out all the magical books or upgrades or whatever nor to figure out the right combinations. There's too much depth and not enough feedback. If we want this complex system at least show me in a more plain way how these things stacked or even better how they will stack so I will know whether to apply them or not. Time doesn't seem to be a factor in the discussions about the game and the resulting changes. For every idiot like me that is complaining about something in the game there are ten people saying what an idiot I am and throwing out several solutions to the problem but rarely are they mentioning the time they are sinking into obtaining their solution. There are probably other things I might whine about, these are the main ones, again this is just about my personal feelings where I am at relative to the game, not so much a criticism of the game itself. If I was unmarried and unemployed I'd probably be playing 10 hours a day.
  7. What are the gameplay mechanics associated with dubloons? Why exactly do we have them in addition to reals? If the intent is for them to stabilize at some value relative to reals and (maybe) easily be exchanged back and forth between the two, what is the purpose of the dubloon? Is there some super cool, interesting, or game enhancing aspect to them that I'm missing or failing to understand? Earlier interactions with PVP marks and conquest marks kind of made sense to me. They were like this special currency you only got for doing differentiated activities. Almost like a simple reputation system. Dubloons I'm not really understanding.
  8. I don't know if it's particularly smart but if you constantly turn back and forth, running parallel to the wind in each direction, keeping close to the AI eventually their firepower will overwhelm a single attacking ship of almost any type. The key is staying as close to the AI as possible, they won't stay close to you if you run in any one direction for any amount of time. You have to drastically change your tactics to accommodate the limitations of the AI in a PVP fight in order to get any benefit from them. If you sail as if it was a 1v1 fight that just happens to have some AI in the battle instance you will certainly lose.
  9. I always assume all forum conversations comparing ships are about [ELITE SHIP CAPTAIN WHO NEVER MAKES MISTAKES] vs. another [ELITE SHIP CAPTAIN WHO NEVER MAKES MISTAKES] and not about the infinite realm of possibility. Personally, I have sunk a Le Requin with a store bought Snow and it didn't even seem all that hard to me but at that point I hadn't read any of these threads that would have told me how impossible it would be.
  10. RE: #4 - It feels like at this point there's a weird mix of "let's be historically accurate" and "let's balance the game for playability" in the ships and their specs. Having great game play requires ahistorical balancing of ship specs. Adjusting the various rates and choices within the rates to a rock/paper/scissors setup would probably help the game a lot. This would also help ensure that every ship in the game would have some advantage or reason to be used. The devs have consistently said that ships and combat are the main content of this game and everything else is just window dressing or the board upon which the ships/combat play. If this is the case, why not balance the ship specs so that all the content is viable?
  11. When I saw a [SNOW] player in the open world I was hoping it was clan of people who only sail Snows.
  12. There are bunch of one on ones like this I haven't jumped into because I'm thinking that there is some sort of trickery where what I thought was going to be a 1x1 ends up being a 6x1 because of others hiding in another battle, or some shenanigans around timers and whatnot. I know there have been a lot of small changes and tweaks, is such nonsense still possible or is a open world tag truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get now?
  13. The devs have said over and over again the ships are the content, that's why they want you to grind through them all in a linear fashion. That said I do have a problem with grinding up a ship to something usable and then going to the next ship up the ladder and being less effective (I'm looking at you starting Snow with your 4lb cannons).
  14. Wouldn't I be better able to wage war if a ship I dealt massive damage to couldn't fully repair and re-crew in a few moments without visiting a port? If you want to make the game more fluid how about just give me my ship back after I'm sunk in battle and have me reappear in the same spot in the open world ready to fight again?
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