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  1. Francau

    can't craft gunnery encyclopedia

    All books are in my warehouse but I can't craft the gunnery encyclopedia because one book (lhorizon balistique )is not recognized even it is there.
  2. Francau

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    To seanjo this is on global server there is no Spanish at all
  3. First time I tried out a Fireship Fitting at Vera Cruz PB,hope I didn't died for nothing and did some damage to the pirate ships.
  4. Francau

    Dutch Oven

    Is there any screen shot available from the end of the PB in Puerto de Espania?
  5. Hi,just recently I had an encounter with John Snow let's go at Sain't Mary's and we talked via private chat. I also ask him if he would help me to join Sweden and his answer was yes . But to be honest I am very activ in PVP2 where I am in a British clan.So with this said are you guys still looking for part timers and I am more the fighter then trader.By the way I am German but this fricking tablet doesn't want me to write in german.
  6. Francau

    PVP2 Operation "Camel Toe" Week 1

    Pirates put up a good fight,hopefully we will see more in the future.
  7. Francau

    Aggression Exploit?

    This is already the 3rd time we caught him coming from Rear Admiral Missions where Pirate Hostility went up fast.He also use only a Trader ship to enter does Missions.