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  1. Banshee Queen

    first HAVOC Empire

  2. Banshee Queen

    Shipping goods from one server to another

    Odly enough,got lots of mods and ships on a server i've never played on! Perhaps its from the previous patch idk... Its just a shame its laying there though.
  3. Is it possible to hand over my things from Pve server to the PvP server by any chance?
  4. Oh no the server is down save us all the world is about to end!
  5. Banshee Queen

    La Requin nerf needed

    Pfh it sinks like all other ships!
  6. Banshee Queen

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Is there an opportunity we will see paint coming back soon?
  7. Banshee Queen

    Hercules ship feedback

    My opinion is the Hercules is kinda op as a 6th rate. Think its need a little nerf here and there.
  8. Can players only get ship clock in tutorial or is it dropped random in epics and such?
  9. One chain hit did 5% sail damage,so they are not useless.
  10. Banshee Queen

    PvP Leaderboard

    Yes bring smaller ship to the admiralty store/pirate den so new players can make use of it. Change the cost of building 1st/2nd rate ship so we don't see them in hords "all"the time,for example to build a first rate you must spend 100 maybe 200 victory marks. So maybe each clan have 1 or 2 flags ship each not 100... Maybe it would balance things more out and we can see more smaller ships out there. Just my opinion though
  11. True. I guess the Polish
  12. Looks like rediiii WTB players here
  13. Banshee Queen

    PvP Rewards

    Maybe add the heavy rattle as pvp reward,there is only deepwater ships here but no shallow water ships.