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  1. Przemo

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    added to ignore list, should do it earlier
  2. Need help with polish localization?
  3. @admin i was almost sunk by the AI in Demasting mission. New players may be discouraged by dying in tutorial. Take AI cannons away or give some repairs on players ship. https://gyazo.com/5718f16ecc780c6afa41e993e39c95f5
  4. Przemo

    Want to buy / Want to sell

    WTT: -Notes on rudder angles -Ground Book -for- Gunnery Books
  5. Przemo

    Mysterious Ethan Doe

    Well. If the game price wasnt soo high i would have some more alts to craft ships and other stuff that helps NA community. Now i craft one ship per 2 days and i can only suply my own demands.
  6. Przemo

    Mysterious Ethan Doe

    How much is the cost in resources/materials/labour hours to craft 1st rate? I think not more than 1 mil? So his profit is at least 1.5 mil per ship and fun to craft.
  7. Przemo

    NPC generated tax/income

    Oh, that's a really great idea. There are a lot of PvE players on this server. They can go out of reinforcement area. Capture NPC fleet. Click "Join My nation" and NPC fleets will sail into player nation ports generating trading goods and paying taxes.
  8. Przemo

    Where did you get your In-Game name from?

    for some reason i always read your nick just Alexander ;p
  9. @rediii GL in Dutch. Good decision to switch to NotTheWinningSide
  10. Przemo

    unknown fleet location

    Remind me weight of chest? 1000?
  11. no i never wrote such thing so plz dont put such words into my mounth. Im not a programmer, you boys are. But I was semiPRO GAMER tho I helped develop World of Tanks (were you worked right?) in big online and offline turnaments in a way player can do and i want to improve your game in the way i can do. so In my opinion big ship should NOT be afraid such thing like stern camp from canoe like prince and i wont tell you how to do it from developer side.
  12. There is a solution. The longer big ship turn the faster he turns. https://gyazo.com/65c9b344f639249a6abad39843832851
  13. Its ridiciulus that small ship like prince can even get close to 2nd, 1st rate, sit on ass and stern rake as long as he wants. Problem lies in turning. Big ships cant turn fast enough to take a broadside.
  14. Przemo

    Ship flipped

    Hi. My ship was flipped (bug) upside down in a battle. I did F11. Screenshots on PM @Ink Server Caribean Nick: Przemoll444 Ship: Wasa Enemy ship: Ingermanland (he didnt sunk by bug, he was killed)