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  1. I had a dream once... That this game will develop as customers would want it to develop. PvP raids - yes PvE Port Battles - no
  2. https://na-map.netlify.com/ use it for a lot of future questions you may have
  3. More outposts please. Free or DLC whatever. Need them for more content.
  4. More tows - or higher open world speed. Open world sailing wastes too much time right now.
  5. https://gyazo.com/6c88da2517ee9eb799326a807cc595be Todays Patrol at Tumbado. i was unable to join battle in 3rd rate.
  6. added to ignore list, should do it earlier
  7. WTT: -Notes on rudder angles -Ground Book -for- Gunnery Books
  8. for some reason i always read your nick just Alexander ;p
  9. Przemo

    Ship flipped

    Hi. My ship was flipped (bug) upside down in a battle. I did F11. Screenshots on PM @Ink Server Caribean Nick: Przemoll444 Ship: Wasa Enemy ship: Ingermanland (he didnt sunk by bug, he was killed)
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