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  1. i nearly never used endymion so far, so i have like 0 knowledge about that ship. "The good thing about the Reno And Endy is their base speeds are high enough to give you some room to pick a heavier wood like teak and still be faster than most ships after upgrades." exactly, this also came up to my mind today. since this ships are fast i can also add some armor, and increase my survivalbility chance ^^
  2. well i heard surprise is kind a pack of punch compared to renomee, since i dont know how these ships do in pvp battles much its really confusing me. so renomme dont have any front cannons, will it cause issue?
  3. hello dear captains, im looking for a fast pvp ship, i didnt do much pvp if we dont count my first 1v1 with a cutter(won). im looking for a renomme or suprise atm, and also im open for any advices. its fast so i believe i can choose my fights,? i can reach and help people who are in battle since its a fast ship? if i got outnumbered i can run? its a cheap ship so its expandable? feel free to recommend any ship, but it shouldnt be too expensive so i wont feel bad if i lose it. my crew size is 350 atm. will be 650 in 1 or 2 days.
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