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  1. I had a dream once... That this game will develop as customers would want it to develop. PvP raids - yes PvE Port Battles - no
  2. So... We are few weeks after release and rvr is close to dead.
  3. Hej Bart Pływam ze starą ekipą już któryś rok z klanu REDS w RU. Powodzenia!
  4. Siema Bart! Skoro pojawił się najdojrzalszy polski Clan leader NA to nie pozostaje życzyć powodzenia!
  5. Anyone know were to find crafting actual XP on each LVL? edit: you can find it hovering over star in crafting menu
  6. https://na-map.netlify.com/ use it for a lot of future questions you may have
  7. Add ping "Help I'm attacked!" with mark on minimap - instead of writing x;y; F11 position on nation chat
  8. Dont sail near enemy forts or towers.
  9. Add "Show Port on Map" when choosing Cargo/Passenger Delivery missions Add warning sound when tagged Add pop up tab when hovering mouse over "Perks" in Fleet menu (F- in open world)
  10. Przemo

    DLC "Ports"

    More outposts please. Free or DLC whatever. Need them for more content.
  11. Przemo

    Tows per day

    More tows - or higher open world speed. Open world sailing wastes too much time right now.
  12. You can take Traders Brig and do delivery missions. For example. Its possible to do 1mln reals and 10k dooblons in two evenings. I think it is suuficient to stay alive economicly for a week at least.
  13. https://gyazo.com/6c88da2517ee9eb799326a807cc595be Todays Patrol at Tumbado. i was unable to join battle in 3rd rate.
  14. added to ignore list, should do it earlier
  15. @admin i was almost sunk by the AI in Demasting mission. New players may be discouraged by dying in tutorial. Take AI cannons away or give some repairs on players ship. https://gyazo.com/5718f16ecc780c6afa41e993e39c95f5
  16. WTT: -Notes on rudder angles -Ground Book -for- Gunnery Books
  17. Well. If the game price wasnt soo high i would have some more alts to craft ships and other stuff that helps NA community. Now i craft one ship per 2 days and i can only suply my own demands.
  18. How much is the cost in resources/materials/labour hours to craft 1st rate? I think not more than 1 mil? So his profit is at least 1.5 mil per ship and fun to craft.
  19. Oh, that's a really great idea. There are a lot of PvE players on this server. They can go out of reinforcement area. Capture NPC fleet. Click "Join My nation" and NPC fleets will sail into player nation ports generating trading goods and paying taxes.
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