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  1. I, for one, am enthused about finally getting some timers that I can defend that aren't in the middle of goddamn European timers or stuck in the middle of the Bahamas. Some of us have to work, you know! We might actually get an honest to god battle and not these troll flags we've had being pulled for the past month.
  2. I concur that it is a fun war, but at the same time you have folks like Alex SD going on in Global Chat about how "I'm tired of fighting Mericanos."
  3. If you can't support us, then why would GB and America be allied? Both the British and the Dutch Councils made it clear that, despite this treaty, the United States would not be left alone to fend for itself against Spain and the Pirates. Players will be players; they cannot be controlled. Anyone can randomly pull a flag or screen a port.
  4. We offered for you to keep Cayo de Sal and La Anguilla with us retaining control of Cayo Vacas and Las Tortugas. This is exceedingly fair, as it secures a clean border and protects both nation's interests. We would, of course, return Cuyo and Baja if you were to accept the deal.
  5. It's all funny, but I agree. Also, can you correct my name? The K is uppercase.
  6. The sad thing is I don't do many missions, maybe 3 or 4 a week, if that. Most of the time that I'm on, I'm doing port battles, clan management, or some form of Diplo. I'm at work most of the day, and can only stay up so late, so I only have about 4-5 hours of play time each night.
  7. I've been waiting a long time for a bounty. Who would have thought that leading a port battle would have gotten me a bounty. I was expecting SORRY or maybe the Spanish to do it, but nope, it was an American. I'll also pay out an additional 250k for each kill up to two kills for any non-US player who claims the bounty. I look forward to the fights!
  8. The pirates can be beat. Check out the PVP1 map. They held 120-140 ports total at one point; the entire Bahamas, US Eastern Seaboard up to Charleston, north side of Hispaniola, part of Cuba, the entire Gulf, and Central America down to Panama. They were pushed back to three ports the other day. Sure, the pirates have an advantage, but they are not as bad as you make them out to be.
  9. To be fair, it's not nearly as bad on PVP1, We have more players and each nation exists; no nation has been pushed back to 1 port. Yes, "oh my look at the pirates", but then again the pirates did the same thing on PVP1 that the US did on PVP2, so we're just as pissed at them as you are at the US on PVP2. Also, pirates aren't a nation, so we don't extend them the same mercy that we offer nationals. They've really gone and started actually privateering, like they're supposed to, which I really quite enjoy. Anyways, we've been making peace deals to ensure that factions aren't wiped off the ma
  10. Welcome to the US on PVP1 in April and May. Be glad they can't zerg 1st rates in every Port Battle like our attackers did. Though, I will admit, it was more because the leader of one big clan was angry at us, not because we pissed off a lot of people. Getting hit hard is part of the game. The United States on PVP2 is over extended, undermanned, and uncoordinated. I will admit, it sucks to lose a lot of ports, but that's not really faulty mechanics; it's flaws within your community. They are more organized, they are better equipped, and they have the manpower during your timer window. A
  11. As we haven't held a session regarding this, I can't speak for the US Nation or US Congress, but I suspect I will be setting up an outpost in La Mona shortly. I am a firm believer of the thinking that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and I am eager to see what fun this war will create.
  12. My two cents on the whole deal: Overall I like this idea. I figured it would take a while to capture ports with the proposed new system. In regards to the other points: Capturable Capitals: Based on my experiences as a US nation player, which has been driven to its capital twice in recent memory, I feel this is a very bad idea. Countries can easily come back from a string of hard hitting PBs. A group like what SORRY used to be, having demoralized a country, could theoretically sweep a country of its ports in a very short period of time, as they did to us, even with mechanics change
  13. Not at all. Before this mess, all we wanted was to be Spain's friend and possibly an ally. The only reason Spain are/were at war with three factions is because Spain back-stabbed and betrayed every one of those nations. The thing that drives me crazy is all these people from the Spanish rank and file who just want to end the war for a bit. Yet, when we attempt to bring about such a peace, the Spanish are not willing to compromise, or in most cases, even talk to us. If you want peace, then force your "leaders" to listen to you and sue for peace. For once we agree on something.
  14. THIS! THIS SUMS THE SITUATION UP PERFECTLY! We attacked ports near your capital with the express intention of showing you that the United States will not stand by idly as it is betrayed and back-stabbed by a nation it had spent months currying favor to, to improve relations. We have no intentions of actually keeping those ports. If it secures peace so that Spain can rebuild and be healthy when the diplo patch rolls around, I bet we would be more than happy to return them.
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