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  1. Batman

    Bow guns for frigates without?

    All ships should have control perk by default. No magic disappering after some (un)lucky misses.
  2. Batman

    Empty sea

    Empty sea is immersive and realistic, you should embrace it.
  3. Batman

    We want outlaw battles!

    Or maybe GameLabs should update their homepage from time to time, @admin
  4. Batman

    what a waste

    Indeed a waste. Later the government regretted to sink her, but shortly after WW2, nobody was willing to pay upkeep for two ships of the line. I think the same guy who bought Trincomalee and preserverd her tried the same with Implacable, but failed. Pretty sure @Sir Lancelot Holland has quite abit to tell about this case.
  5. Batman

    Clan Flag DLC

    You would need some sort of QA department for this, make sure people won't abuse it with symbols like Swastikas as their clan logo. To much work, clans had to send in their requested flag, have it checked by staff, allowed or denied ect.
  6. Batman

    Naval Action Meme collection

  7. Batman

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Please show us video of NEW player getting 7 pvp kills on his first day in Naval Action. S'il vous plaît, montrez-nous une vidéo du NOUVEAU joueur obtenant 7 victoires en pvp lors de son premier jour en Naval Action.
  8. Batman

    Battle timer changes.

    Not giving patch notes is pure lazyness. There is like no excuse to not give patch notes, especially since NA is still in early access. Look at companies like Gaijin or Frontier. Every single change, and be it just a value changed by 1% is listed in their patch notes. And GameLabs is like "We can't give you full patch notes because multitude of changes"
  9. No more "magic" spawn in port with full access to ships, repairs, ect after being sunk. Captain goes down with the ship.
  10. Why not have your account wiped to zero every time you sink? Start fresh with no books, no money, no ships, no rank after you have been sunk.
  11. I'm only responsible for what I say. I said every 12 year old can make a Discord server simply because it's free. For what you understand, @Snutler, I am however not responsible. Now please show me where I called you a kid, or read my post again, think about it and understand.
  12. See, that's why I DON'T like Discord. It's free, so every 12-year old thinks they need to set up their own server, so you end up with hundred different servers, all having the same topic. While Discord certainly is good for text based communication because of it's features, I prefer Teamspeak for voice comms.
  13. Batman

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    Play a match with your Co-Pilot while on cruise altitude. Or ask @Polish Privateer.
  14. Vader vs Batman. Sign me up.
  15. Batman

    BAITY + repp.

    Where is the list with baiting clans?
  16. Batman

    HAVOC vanished from clan leaderboard

    Why is this in suggestions, @rediii? Shouldn't it be in support?
  17. Batman

    Insults in nation chat.

    I think at one point @admin said certain kind of insults (wishing somebody to die of cancer ect) should be reported in forum and not with F11, because they can be handled faster this way.
  18. Batman

    Closing ports

    I could make the port FFA, of course.
  19. Batman

    Naval Action Meme collection

  20. Batman

    Atlantic coast shenanigans

    Should I post in your name once you are gone?
  21. Batman

    Atlantic coast shenanigans

    Didn't you want to quit game few days ago already or something like that?
  22. @Trashumi Cubanwara reports he got pulled into boarding at 8 knots several times. Has this been reinroduced, @admin?
  23. Batman

    Dear Spain

    Please, do not nightflip Great Britain. We want to sleep. Thanks