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  1. Hard Cap for upgrades

    Yes, trim bonuses count towards the cap.
  2. Hard Cap for upgrades

    what about - crew resistance - boarding bonuses
  3. serious issues with combat patrols as well, I would recommend a rollback to todays server restart
  4. Tanky non boardable ships will be the meta for this, mast upgrades not needed. Stack hp, reload , determined defender. Job done
  5. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    - Increase Wasa BR I think it should sit closer to the Bellona then Aga. - Remove random roll/buff to ships crafted in safezones, this will encourage trading and sailing outside, yet still allow new players to level up inside. - add regional trims to random bonuses of ships crafted at a very rare level 1% or so.
  6. 1 Pood chariot master race

    Aga is pretty op with 2 decks of pood. Enjoy it before nerfbat arrives.
  7. rng crafting

    Devs said that they don't want to tie in regions with rng. however you can still cap a 3/5 ship with regional trims in ow with some luck, if you can consider sailing a crewspace ship ofc
  8. Remove the "You have crafted/sold this" window

    Or even better make it optional in options, but yea to much clickfest with this popup.
  9. Solve the PB timer abuse

    Whatever the solution with the port timers are it needs to include players from all time zones. Perhaps a lateral solution are needed where port timers as we know them are scrapped yet still facilitates for players in all timezones to defend and attack. A server split would kill the game for me unless the game has a big resurgence in players beforehand. One solution which some mmo's are using are usimg actual timezone on the map that sets static defender/attacker times depending on location on the map. I am not suggesting this would be a good alternative in NA but I believe an alternative to server split / night timers abuse need to be considered.
  10. Determined Defender Perk

    Give it -1% speed -30 morale and increase cost to 3 points , People will still use it. That's how unbalanced and overpowered this perk is.
  11. pls change timers

    I think the upkeep of ports should be dynamic and scale with the total accumulated wealth on the server, each server restart. This way it will auto correct itself in line future changes to income as well.
  12. Determined Defender Perk

    He is referring to Chugs suggestion, not to the determined defenders implementation. BTW can I ask the reasons why this perk are added back into the game?
  13. Determined Defender Perk

    The mini game can surely be improved I agree, However, this wont change that.
  14. Determined Defender Perk

    Not a big fan myself since I love boarding from smaller vessels and as some says in this thread the real problem lies with multiple ships ganging up(1 boards another sits on the stern). Another underlying issue is that people don't equip/ like / engage in boarding, if you go all reload stack you deserve to get boarded. I would suggest to moderate the use of this perk that the boarder needs at least 70% of crew of target to pull. So a Vic with 700 crew can board a Santi with 1000 crew perk equipped. This would still remove the most unrealistic metaboarding. another suggestion is to give this perk a 90% cannonfire crew resistance during boarding which would protect against groups with sterncampers. When we had this perk last time boarding mods were far to overpowered and there was a good argument for it, but since then they have been tuned down, and I do say it is really irritating if your last chance is to board you get close and tooltip says that you cannot board due to this perk, at very least show on ship info that ship is equipped with defender perk if implementing, and make it 3 points or more since it is so overpowered.