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  1. Swedish Nation

    i just have to add: it were 5 nations that attacked us on that great friday evening: - pirates in morgans bluff while we try to conquer west end - spanish and british captains at sant iago - danes at oranje - french basic cutter fetishists at basse terre was one of the greatest days ever or maybe my personal most exitingly day in naval action
  2. Swedish Nation

    that kind of cat?
  3. .....after he wrote that pala is not a good player that just hides behind a full thickness Vic i stopped reading...
  4. Swedish Nation

    what ally ur talking about? just another ex danish now russian fail information try? we have no allies
  5. Please strongly nerf the clan power in game

    what are u talking about? iam a clan leader so tell me what is my secret tremendous power that destroys the game? so far i have no idea i think ur problem is the fact, that the french nation is not able to self-unite.... its a problem of character and not game mechanics...
  6. French - the simple way.....not
  7. Devs fix the demasting

    u sure u hit the mast 20x? screenshot of ur logs?
  8. Possible important bug

    Solution: Delete ur Warehouse before the Maintenance and directly rebuild it somewhere else.
  9. Welche Nation auf PvP one?

    Spieler, die auf einem PvP Server auch PvP suchen, sind immer gern gesehen! Egal in welcher Nation!
  10. Die Preußen könnten Cartahena ja mal angreifen. Als ausgewiesene RvR Nation wäre das ja eigentlich ihre Bestimmung.
  11. ich überlege gerade, mir nen preußischen alt zu machen xD
  12. Server Crash 14-11-2017

    make f11, write what u lost (upgrades, cannons, hold etc) and u will get it back
  13. Again Jeremie not on the list -.- obviously iam still selling not enough repairs, or they are too cheap @rediii
  14. [PVP EU] battle results

    maybe because hes the best portbattle commander sweden has...?
  15. Fragen zum Spiel

    was hat das damit zu tun? es geht darum, dass du das spiel schneller und besser verstehst und dich nicht, wie offensichtlich geschehen, aufgrund von unwissenheit einem unnötigen risiko aussetzt warum soll man es sich denn absichtlich schwerer machen?