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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Yeah but even if they did no one really cares about shallow pbs or pbs against ai.
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    Well put sir
  3. Thickness

    Yardarm to yardarm (literally scraping hulls) with another l'ocean, full broadside-17 pens. (Without charge active but had a 5% pen bonus). Ill deal with it but is this what you guys are aiming for? I dont know the build of the enemy but the fact that its possible to attain that level of thickness is uh, odd.
  4. Change teleport again

    30 days seems a bit extreme. I have to admit and maybe im the only one, but being able to cut some time off of a two hour plus voyage is a nice feeling. I agree with redii's suggestion. Maybe add no tow with smuggler active so you cant get into a hostile port to buy reps (if thats not already a thing).
  5. Pls do Something about Idiotic NPC Ship behavior.

    While i agree with you for the most part, most people who pvp are fitted out with many if not all of the elite books/mods. Im absolutely sick as hello kitty of farming ow ai for ingredients for these skill books and mods but unless i missed something huge there isnt a way around that grind for newer and returning players (if there is ffs tell me). Not to mention ship knowledge. And you absolutely need to be geared up for rvr these days.
  6. Thickness

    Increase hull and rig rep cooldown like they did with rum. You shouldnt be able to sail like an asshole knowing you can just repair thousands of hp. Cant buff pen mods or demasting would get out of control. Nerf thickness or add a penalty.
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    A letdown bombshell or 4D chess? You be the judge.
  8. [PVP EU] battle results

    Always making friends everywhere you go

    Mmmm spicy
  10. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    If some kind soul could spare a key id be much obliged.
  11. Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    Dude at this point you just sound like a crusty lil shithawk. Shut the hello kitty up already.
  12. Cartagena & Salamanca PB's 24-06-2017

    Then dont start them at someone elses expense. No goverment has ever had a clean conscience.
  13. Cartagena & Salamanca PB's 24-06-2017

    Hey look its another european trying to use ww2 against the US. What is this reddit 2.0?