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  1. At this time the only way to leave a clan and give it up is to delete your char and make a new one. Than it will be given to the next in line officer. The Devs have stated in the future they plan to add a function you can change leaders, but at this time it's not on the top of there list of things to do.
  2. Grand Turk 4th Rate Deep water Port Battle: ZERO BRITS vs 21 Pirates Enough said.....
  3. Maybe cause there is this silly alliance where no one can kill each other?
  4. Ok any one wants to know what we do in empty port battles while we wait for the clock to run out on the cap circle points. Yah we practice things like this and goof off. We where joking the whole time, "It would be funny as hell if they pop in to find half our ships demasted and stuck in irons."
  5. I think they have some items to make some of the rare none craftable mods in game, but never put it into play. Just like how you can make cotton rolls that have no current use for them. They are in the game for something else and I bet it is Sail Mods.
  6. Wow loose three ports and you give up. We where down to 2 and we didn't give up. We keep going and going. Go hide in a corner and give up. Cause that isn't how you win, that is how you loose and never win. You didn't see us giving up months ago when US/Brit/Dutch was curb stomping on us. As for helping the little guys. YOU ARE NOT THE LITTLE GUYS. Your in an alliance with the two largest nations. It's not our fault they stopped helping you and they stopped showing up to their own fights too. Seems like ya'll are just the spoiled little brats that when you don't get your way any more you just ignore every one and hope they go away. We aren't going away any time soon and if you keep that up we will give your extra regions to the little guys to help them out since you don't seem to want them any more. So which ones should we take and give up to them? We might as well split them up now and get it over with.
  7. Yes please, we have had enough time chatting back and forth with it. I'm just glad ya'll send the guys that understand English way better than I understand Chinese to chat with us. I think if they got more SEA players in the game it can help fill other nations too, cause not every one would want to be of the same clan and nation.
  8. It wouldn't been easy if ya'll just fought us for them. We told you when we gave you that region we will take it back if you ever attacked Castries. You attacked it so we took it back and plus interest. Just be happy we stopped at 3 and not pushed you back to less regions. If you want them back you need to fight for them. If we just gave back regions every time when you don't fight there will be no PvP at all. So you didn't fight for them you won't get them back.
  9. No one is ordering anything, we just suggest if you want to make changes and get your numbers up than you need to do something diffrent. What you been doing isn't working. So maybe it's time to change stuff. You lost 7 members of the US/Brit/Dutch over the last 3 months to pirates at most. That isn't every member. Step up and take there place. Remember they left cause of your care bear actions and not wanting to fight. It's not our fault you can't keep your best PvPers. I'm sure if you are out PvE will love to have you. Love how you get all worked up over here and your words really don't mean crap. Bye Felicia.... We weren't the ones that declared war on some one. Call it spoils of wars. Ya'll where able to field way plenty to attack us per the screen shot I posted above of the Castries port battle. So ya'll should of been able to defend them. It's not our fault ya'll just gave up. We don't reward cowards that attack and run away.
  10. Yah had to edit my post above forgot ya'll aren't holding that region any more.
  11. Oh and lets not forget about the port battles pirates have lost over and over for the last 3-5 months when out number, but we keep comeing back to the fight. That is how you get stronger. If you lost one fight and than run you never win anything. You guys pretty much just beat yourself by giving up and running.
  12. Out of Live Oak and Mahogany? We had the LO ports for not even a week so you can't be out of it. As for mahogany we got that port just last week so you can't have ran out. Not to meantion let me bring this back up again. Danish: Dutch: 1 Mahogany Lost to Pirates GB: 2 Mahogany, 1 Cedar France: Pirates: 1 Live Oak Gave back up with other to US when operation was done. Spanish: Swedes: US: One Live Oak and Mahogany Now lets look at the alliances: DSF: BDU: 1 Cedar, 2 Live Oak, 3 Mahogany Pirates: Now have 1 Mahogany So with the current regions this means the Brit/Dutch/US alliance still has more Cedar, Live Oak and Mahogany than the other nations have. So your telling me that all this time since the alliances like AUG last year none of you been stock pileing any Live Oak or Mahogany? I call BS on this. I have stacks of Live Oak left over from before the patch that was just running out when we took Savanna. Man you are so laughable about the crap you come up with as excuses. No should I go to the metals cause i have those added up too and I'll tell you that the alliance has way more of those ports too. Maybe if you get off your arse and go use some of your alliances resources and help each other than you wouldn't run out of stuff. Than again I don't really remember sinking you to much, cause you are hardly at any fights so it's not really you loosing ships.
  13. Willimgton we where out numbered....
  14. and this was when ya'll attacked us at Castries so don't say you can't field a full port battles with your allaince. You out number us and we beat you. Should I show Savanna and Willimgton where ya'll out number use with a full 25 and we beat you at those too?
  15. We all know ya'll don't show up cause this happens to you....