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  1. SHhhhhhhh I'm a pirate you should never trust me, but hay I'm just trying to get the easy prey in one area for the Having been US over a year ago before I turned Pirate I can say this is one of the biggest issues with both the PvP2 GB and US players. More the US though that think the same thing will work they been doing the last 9 months. If it hasn't work to this date it's time for a change. A lot of the US we have fought aren't bad players so it's not really lack of experience and we have seen some newer players lead good hard fights. The problem is they keep letting the same older players that don't come out and PvP and get into the dirty gridy things of battle lead for them when these are the same guys that show up in failfit boats and run at the first sight of any resistance. Back in WoT we had a rule....if me or one of the other leaders aren't the first to die than we did something wrong. That is cause we lead the fights from the front not the rear. We fight like this in our clan on here. You won't see any of the leaders or officers in the back (Ok maybe when I'm in a mortar brig, but that is it). You see us in the middle of the fight with the rest of our clan members. The only way your going to get better at the PvP/RvR is to fight. You do not get better by sitting in your port, rolling empty ports and picking on smaller nations that can't even fill a Port Battle with 25.
  2. I'm calling BS on 3rd largest. Before the Merge PvP2 US had the largest population with GB second and Pirates third. Just GB/US is 2/3's of the serer population. Now I'll say GB has moved into number one spot, but US has way more population than PIrates have, who are prob number three as largest nations. The problem is the majority of your name aren't PvPer and ya'll spend most of your time doing trade and crafting. Though seems not very well if ya'll are showing up to Port Battles in store bought ships and such lately. Again defend and keep what ya'll can. US doesn't n need over half the map (well not that much). Do like pirates are and pick a zone to protect and keep that area protected. US expands there selves way to thin. If you can't defend those ports than you don't need to own them. This isn't PvP2 any more it's a whole new game. So take your clan and get with a few others and set up what area ya'll want to keep and protect in the Gulf and do so. By what I'm understanding is they don't plan to attack you along the east coast so your safe there.
  3. Maybe it's time ever one stop listening to NPG or any other trouble clans and working together. Again if you help flipped them in the first place than why shouldn't you help defend them? What if that was actually Spanish players taking them back. Hell what if us pirates decided to take them? Wouldn't you have to defend them too? It doesn't matter the clan/nations that are attacking them. They are US ports and if ya'll want to keep them you will need to move your front line to that area and do just that, defend them. As for GB that attack any clan that doesn't want to help doesn't have to help. They can stay back in KPR or where ever they set up at and stay out of the fight. That is the lovely thing about not having an alliance system right now it's more player/clan base if you want to fight one nation or another. I know MARS is more of a trader/econ clan, but if you want to protect your ports/econ you need to take up the fight and protect them. Other wise VCO/TF and any that join them will just prove ya'll are a bunch of carebears and couldn't hold those ports any way. Remember we have not attacked any nations yet, cause we are taking our time to build up, but by all means when ya'll attacked the Key West Region we had right to start a war and push back, but we didn't, we just went into defense mode. If ya'll want to keep those regions than do the same. Maybe from this some good clans will rise to the top and US will find some new leaders to lead them.
  4. No one is making ya'll fight anything. They said the Gulf of Mexico. If ya'll want to keep those regions you fight. If not than you just don't show up and loose all those regions. I mean by what others are saying they flipped them any way so why shouldn't they get them for there new nations?
  5. Wow stooping to name calling now. Than you go to the alts accusations. I'm going to take a wild guess he's prob got production in those ports and don't want to loose them. If your still at the capital than hay what does it matter if you loose all the ports in the gulf since you didn't earn them your self, VCO and TF did. Remember this game is called Naval Action.
  6. So what your saying is that US nation has only moved three regions from there home (wait two sorry) and that is all they have expanded. So that means if any one takes the GoM than it shouldn't effect any one else who does it? So what do you care? Oh and are the ones attacking our if any one should be pissed off it's pirates and they should be going to war with ya'll. We are just being nice for now and putting up with your little attacks. Just so we are all clear I updated the map.
  7. You do know this is GLOBAL not EU right? We have like one or two Spanish on Global and that nation is pretty much dead. As for Pirates at this time there has not been any aggression between pirates or GB. Now in the future that might be a different story.
  8. SO your saying no one has went and set up in the Gulf? Those are all empty ports and no clans have any interest in them? Than what the point of holding them. GB might as well take them from ya'll. It's called a front line for a reason. Move one port to where you want to make your stand and make it. If you loose that region move back and stand. Fight for it if you want to keep it, if not than well it was pretty much never yours in the first place. Go look on EU and tell me how many port battles happen a day and how many ports exchange hands? We had a few contested ports so far and that is it? We should be having at least one good fight every couple a days between nations. If US is stuck on the East coast only than no wonder why they will loose all those ports to GB. Maybe it would of been wise to not stay at your capital and expanded out?
  9. Yah folks are all ready acting like ya'll plan to one port them. This why I put up the picture of where I expect the fighting to go on and that isn't any where neither home regions. If either nation can't keep those ports than they shouldn't have them any way and be so spread out. It's easy to take empty ports. Now we will see if they can keep them. As some one that played US over a year ago and came over to pirate for exactly the same reason ya'll are saw and left the US, that was a year ago. You think they would of learned to fight by now. Instead they just use a carebear alliance and only show up to battles they out number or pretty much will win. Any one notice the ones against this are former US/GB PvP2 guys? If it didn't work for the last 9 months than why would a peaceful super alliance work still?
  10. GB has not attacked Pirates and we have not attacked them other than the regions around us that we assumed they didn't want to keep by the no show (did have one guy show last night at George Town). We just wanted our buffer, just as we did on PvP2, but it has been the US that has been attacking us, we have not took it to them yet, but that might change if they don't get there head our of their arse and think about what they are about to start. We have no plans at this time to spread our regions as we don't want to get to spread out and would prefer to keep things to OW PvP. Who knows what nation we might screen for in the future if we feel like it. I hear we like gold by the way and might even be able to hire out to work for one nation or another Than again why would any one trust a bloody pirate? As for the French I think they got there hands full with the little Dane/French skirmish going on. I think GB is big enough to handle a two front war with them. How do you know war won't be good? Maybe cause ya'll never tried it on PvP2, you only fought small nations that couldn't fill a full port battle team. Maybe it's time you start acting like a big nation and have a true war. Change is good, sitting around like a bunch of PvE carebears is not good. Just wondering why sink them? If your short on trade goods shouldn't you be capturing those ships and making a nice prize off them? Oh and you know there is other ways to make money than trade goods. I stopped running trade now cause I make more money doing other things like crafting and running missions to help level folks up. I sale dirt cheap to the other pirates so they can have cannons and ships that they can afford to replace.
  11. They don't but I see PvP2 small clans in GB on that list. Some of the same guys that never wanted the SUPER CARE BEAR ALLIANCE on PvP2. Folks need to remember on PvP2 US/GB the two largest nations of the server have not fought a port battle with each other since Alliances came out back in August of last year. There is a PvE server for folks that want that type of game play. With no more forced alliances things are now going to be dealt with on a clan level. You don't want to be involved your clan doesn't have to show up and defend or attack regions. And what exactly has that to do with US and GB and if you look at the current map we don't exactly sit in the middle of those two nations waters. Here I'll add some visual aids for you where I expect the US and GB to clash. As for GB or any other nations getting into fight that is something yet to be seen. Now the only person I would say should be worried about the Pirates is the US right now. They been poking at use over and over and we might just bite back. Ya'll do have to go through us to get to your front in GoM. Maybe all the carebears in that region will finally have to fight to protect there ports for once. To be honest if the carebears of PvP2 want to be buddies with each other, than they prob should just join the same nation. Including folks from PvP2 that never wanted the super alliance, but was to small of a clan to do anything against it with the alliance system.
  12. My aggy is up to 12.6 with a turn of 2.8 so they have close stats so you could get it up to around that. I have had fun in it in the past when I was at that level of crew. I just want my Niagara back and I'll be happy. Than again we got almost all the filthy Nats out of the shallows so prob wouldn't be much hunting in those waters. So maybe I"ll be able to get it later through these events and such.
  13. I liked the 3rd as a poor mans SOL. She has been great for grinding fleets/missions to make money. Can take a licking and keep on ticking. She's basically a sluggish Aggy. I have two slots and about to have the third open on here though she's prob going to get retired to some new player in clan that hasn't leveled up all the way. Since I'm in one of them....BIG BOYS now.
  14. You are correct going off my Agamemnon which is Teak/WO but this shows you the base is 6030. We tested and it is a 20% cap on HP and Armor thickness. So the max HP you can get for the ship is 7236 and the max thickness one can get depending on wood type of the build is 81.6. As you can see I"m close to that thickness max out for my ship.
  15. Armor HP and Thickness both have a cap of 20%. This includes your wood types in your build along with any mods you have. You basicly over stacked your mods so that a lot of that HP is not being used. LO/WO is 15%, +Elephant +10%, + planking 15% = 40% so your double over the cap of 20%.