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  1. Oak and Fir is insanely to expensive for what they produce. I can only produce half my stock at a time and I'm not even maxxing out. That is like 50-80K a pop I been spending for 500 logs which doesn't really make much when your trying to do cannons for your self and clan mates. None of us really got to ship production mats yet to help with that. Even though we got one guy with the LVG BP now after pooling our PvE marks. Though really with the block out of trade goods that run out to fast (the problem wasn't how much some one could buy and take it was the amount there in the first place). We are now giving our extra redeemable ships to folks that have lost there trader brigs or other ships to PvP fights. We have yet to produce a ship just been using our redeemables cause all our money is going into replacing cannons lost and trying to get repair kits to do the grind to get the money to get products out of our buildings. And this is a bunch of guys that are putting in 5-10 hours if not more a day since patch dropped. That is not a casual player and we are struggling all the while dealing with PvP cause being in the center of the map and easy target for folks that don't have other nations close to them so they could build up there econ. Not to mention all the money they been making off the tradres they been capping trying to get starting money. Which they can't do any more cause they lost there one trade ship, since there is no replacement in OW cap or the shops.
  2. Pirates get the big shaft on their store. We get the Pirate frigage and that is it, the other 7 nations (we have 8 in game remember) get 8 ships, Aggy and all the SOL's. I brought up that it would be good if the H. Rattler or hell now even the Rattler where put in the shop with maybe a ship like the Santa Cecilias into the shop. This will make pirates the masters of the 5th rates and below and all the other nations 4th rates and above. It's not like they can't trade for the BP's like the pirates will have to, but it balances it out a bit more having them have more than one 5th rate in there shop. Hell even put the Niagara like ship in the Pirates Den and I'll be happy. You can use the same ship model and just give it some tweeked stats and make it a pirate raid ship or something. It's my prefered shallow water raider any way. Though apparently you can still buy it in some shops. PS these drops for things is nothing more like the old GOLD MOD MARINE drops we had before, they are rare and only some folks will have them at this rate. Just like the refits. Each nation should have there refit free. How am I to get a Pirate refit if it prob only drops from sinking pirate ships?
  3. We need @admin to post that ship knowledge tree would really help that many are asking for. We have a spread sheet we did with most of the xp for the ranks in clan so that might help for this. Though the numbers need to be confirmed incase anything changed.
  4. I think a fog of war effect on the map would be cool. You maybe get the basic of the map but you have to actually explore the map to get the ports and exact locations on the map of things. Like maybe only show the capitals of each regions until you have actually explored that region. Than once you explore it you can see the ports for that region. It's little things like that that could make the game a little bit better. I been to every port on the map now, but it would make it a bit fresh. Even maybe have means to trade maps with others so you can see more explored areas by doing so.
  5. 120 ping is not bad, but if your US players than why are you evne on EU server than. Support the Global one and lets get the population up. We been a steady 200-300 It's been what three days and the numbers have been a rock steady 200-300 a day on Global. Many folks haven't even found out about the new patch. We had a lot of clan memembers that said they will get on this weekend. It's not exactly weekend either. I don't get why every thinks they need 1000 players all day long. We lived for a long time on PvP2 with average of 150 during US prime times. I'm going to bet we will see over 300 this weekend while folks have time to get on and check the game out. Instead of bitching folks should be getting there chars built up and helping each other. We won't have greeat 1st rates vs 1st rates battles for a long time, but why folks give up after a few days. And they need to remember EU had a big holiday the middle of the week to so they had a lot of folks on for that. Yah give it time and let the servers mellow out some it's not even been 3 days since the Patch dropped. I know a clan that would get a lot more Asian players on the server if it was localized in Chinese. There is a player market out there for once the game is more closer to finalized.
  6. Yah pretty much exactly what I wanted just something in game to help us get around. See there is always a way to meet in the middle. Now if only I can figure out where Kidd's is again lol....they really should make it be seen by Pirates only.
  7. Ok than give us the BP and Permits for all the SOL and the Aggy. We dont' have that in our shop. WE have the Pirate Frigate and that is want to speak about Balance now we are handicaped from 1/2 the port battles compared to Nationals. Next?
  8. Suck it up butter cup and cap that region if you want coal. Man what the hell does any of this has to do with the Map coords and navigation. You got some hate just cause you picked your nation. Yah you picked it not me. Oh and one of those coals is at Kidd's Island Rum Cove, not an easy place to navigate to since we don't have Coords and can't see it on the map. Pluss you don't HAVE TO HAVE COAL for most things to play. Learn to trade and good luck. Yes They had eyes, but if you had a SNOW with all it's guns drawn in except maybe the three that you would see on the Trader Snow and it's playing a Merchants flag (most ships and companies had it's own flags) and is named after a merchant ships (cause it was one when captured by pirates). Than that ship gets close or you plan to take it cause it's not from your nation and suddenly....All hands and the gun ports open and it's a fully loaded Snow and not a Trader Snow that is called deception. Both my examples above where Trader Brig and Trader Snow that have none Trader version. The LVG actually could maybe be crossed with the Bell Poule as they where designed by the same guy but I don't think they look very simular so this would be something you can only do with the Brig, Snow, Cutter, Lynx.
  9. shhhhh don't try that logic with me young man, this is a realistic simulator so you wouldn't have any 1st rates one said ya'll couldn't get the BP from your Pirate friends or something duh......
  10. Maybe next time don't sail AFK? Oh and getting tagged by one ships isn't a gank lol
  11. No that is going to be a Pirate ship. We need another ship in our shop, you dirty nats got 8 freaking ships, we got one, give us the Heavy I can only wish and you will never hear the end of it from most the nationals if they did that. @admin Can we get an answer why the Niagara isn't on the craftable ship list or in the Shops? I assume there is something going on the the Heavy Rattler too?
  12. I can see LGV cause I used one as a trade hunter, but that a little hard as majority can't make ships yet. You can't really trader hunt in the snow or brig cause of there guns. Snow maybe kinda, but it will take for ever, done it before though took a Trader Brig with a Trader Snow, but most likely it will escape before you ever got it slowed enough to do such. Now the bait thing I would love to see. *HINT HINT PIRATES* Where it says I'm in a trader snow in OW but when I tag you or you tag me than it changes to the proper ship in battle.
  13. @admin Any word on the Ship Knowledge Tree? Folks have been asking about it in game.
  14. I would like to say thank you. I will stop my rant about the map. That exactly what I mean when something to replace it to help us.
  15. I'm like YESSSSSS ok now I can stop bugging them about that