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  1. Yah I have a big argument with others about it's use in port battles. They say it doesn't do enough damage, but each ball does about 500-600 damage. That is pretty much the same damage your going to get from most big ship broad sides and I have 4 balls that can hit. The other thing is folks freak out when they see "MORTAR STRIKE" pop up on screen so it's a mind game too. Than if you demast some one that just changes the game big time specially if you do it more than once than they are a floating target. I do think there is a time and place for battles for them and it's not every port battle either. With the new fort/tower stuff coming I think folks are going to be surprised how useful they are in a fight. My biggest complaint is that if there is any land between you and the target you can't see the aim circle. It seems they never updated it from the before land in port battle times. I need to F11 that next time to get the devs to look at it. There are some times when it's just a sand bar or something and it throws my aim all off or you can't aim at all. So does having some towers in land makes it hard to aim, but that is normally corrected like in real life with a follow up shot.
  2. That is good for them. To be honest this isn't about the DUTCH it's the US/GB I'm talking about doing these things. Notice I didn't once say US/GB/DUTCH? I really don't care about the swedes and them. I was trying to get Danes to drop them and pick up french/spain to be honest. I agree with folks about how toxic those guys are to the server. I just think it's funny that the GB/US decide to attack when they aren't in alliance is all. Danes pretty much stopped playing until patch too so I'm sure they will get attacked soon any way. Bring up some one is doing the same thing they did before is not the same thing as saying....Well ya'll did it once before when we currently aren't doing it at the moment. But what ever...they can have there empty port battles and ports. I'll be back when the patch comes out. Just going to do econ for the LH to help folks and a port battle here or there.
  3. PS the last few screen shots i seen had folks I haven't seen in a good while in the port battles. So apparently your not short as many players as you think. Folks are prob popping back in to get there stuff in order before the patch while the rest of us that have them in order is taking time off. Like I said enjoy yall's roll and the little ports you will have as it will be a totally different ball game after the patch.
  4. really didn't ya'l just take a french port today? How about all the sewed ports taken last week when Danes weren't in a alliance with them? Yes numbers are down, but with that folks should be working on leveling folks and getting crafting up, but suddenly no one fights back and the US/GB get off there ass and start taking port back? Funny how they weren't doing crap before the announcement. No this is the same thing they did last time we had a big patch and folks stopped playing until the patch came out. US/GB rolled all the nations down to one port before the patch came out, but you wouldn't know that cause aren't you a fairly new player? History tends to repeat it self. They only want to fight when no one is fighting them. If they had so much energy they would of been fighting back when we where taking there ports and than flipping them back after cool down. Sorry man you really don't have a clue about the politics and history of this server. In fact do you even play any more? And notice I'm not complaining about them setting port battles at 5pm when most folks aren't even home, my complaint is they know folks aren't playing so they are pushing to take all the ports. That fine we will see them at the port battles. We been sinking plenty of them on the OW while they are grinding. It's just funny they suddenly get there act up when they know folks aren't being active in game and they are using there numbers to win (which they should of been doing weeks ago when there was folks of equal numbers to fight them).
  5. And I think the majority of the players want something like that and were ok with the merger, it's the minority that we keep hearing scream about the merge. Those are the same guys that keep posting they just want to be able to point a ship and sail off into one direction while doing there yard work or something. These are the same guys that want an offline mode or single player mode too. This game is a MMO that is based on Naval combat. Doesn't seem to be much combat over there. Just a bunch of folks gathering resources and such. I get the need for a zone, but to me a whole server is a waste. They can be working on those AI for every one on one server instead of having to tweeked them for two different servers.
  6. 4 ships is what the devs said (not counting the basic cutter I assume). Prob will be the same wipe on all servers. Though with no ship sink on PvE not even sure how you test econ there as there isn't the need for ships as you don't have the ship lost with PvP and RvR. Prob why so many folks on there have tons of resources.
  7. But that isn't what they want, they will bitch and complain most likely if they got attacked by any one including AI. Though dev did speak of aggressive Privateers NPC attacking folks in OW so that might be a thing we see some time in the future. Don't think it's going to be any patch soon though.
  8. I been pretty much putting all my econ into labor contracts to help folks not to level 50 crafting. That should be what others should be doing. Helping folks level up and such. I really wish I can pick up one of the new games right now, but stupid budgets. Other wise I'll be on testbed when it pops, hopefully sooner cause they aren't doing the PvE server merg thing. That is less content they have to deal with now.
  9. With the merger and wipe coming I'm not going to update the regional and alliance part of this as I really see no point. US/GB can have there fun and rolling the map while no one fights them. Just like they did when the regional patch came out and every one stopped fighting. See ya'll when the update comes next month if it even does come. People can continue to post battle results if they like, but so far every battle I seen has been outstanding numbers on the US/GB side vs who ever they fight.
  10. Really no one knows what the hell is going to be on this patch and raids haven't showed up on testbed so I'm going to bet it's not in the ship crafting wipe/patch. THough would be nice if they did get it in, but I won't hold my breath about it. Than you haven't tested the new ship structure, seen Pirate vs Pirate and no there is no resources or mats in the stores so you can't buy those. Econ is ment to be player driven instead of I provided so this patch is going to be a big eye opener for folks as we have to actually gasp.....BUY STUFF FROM EACH OTHER.
  11. Wait the Mercury? Wasn't it two of them? I haven't done it in a bit, but I all ways was in an Essex vs two Trincs (which I don't even think can be demasted by it cause of the pen of the mast). Maybe they finally tweeked the dang thing. That was one of my complaints and the fact it was two vs one so they would double team you while you try to work on one ship. 1 vs 1 I can see doing it like the kills one or a timer how fast can you demast it. Guess I need to pop back on Testbed today and try them out again.
  12. My build is the Cedar, Stiffness, French Refit. Go for the accuracy so you don't even have to wait and your pretty much spot on with all four balls. Going to be a big change I bet, but will prob take out out for a spend if and when the patch ever happens.
  13. Waits for important update on things folks really care about. I think the PvE server thing is a big mistake, waist of resources to be honest and now I bet it means they are going to change there mind about the server mergers and every thing. Well lets see if we get any updates to this too.
  14. Yah I think they should of just keep to it and made all there resources in one server to develope and be done with it. I mean what folks did they listen to? The whole 100 players on PvE serer? Hell I seen lest than that just in the post on here and steam, but it's mainly all the cry babies that we been seeing post. A lot of guys been on PvP2 this week checking it out and even getting into PvP. They keep doing this, come out with something, than changing there minds and than taking even longer to do stuff. That is why we haven't had a patch in 3-4 months. They should of did this ship wipe things back in Dec/Jan when they first posted about it. Now here it's Mar and they might do it next month.
  15. Are even better put an in game means to switch nations. Just like they use to have a way to go pirate. Than have a means to go to another nation. A reputation system would work great for this, where your kinda in limbo between the two nations (basically a pirate) until you get your reputation high enough to switch and become fully part of the new nation. Are they could all ways do it like POTBS did at the map reset you could all ways change nations, but all your stuff stays on that chars until next map reset and you switch back. I really think you shouldn't be keeping all your stuff if your flipping around one nation to another. Oh when you delete and make a new char you keep your redeemable you haven't claimed. So one thing to do is just not redeem stuff if you think you might change nations again.