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How to play Naval Action in 4k

Ned Loe

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How to play Naval Action in 4k.

Amd users I am here to show you a little trick that will make Naval Action even better looking!

AMD released new Crimson video control panel for us lucky costumers.

1. Download and install software.



2. Once you installed it open it and go to - Display - Enable Virtual Super Resolution.

3. Go to your display resolution settings withing Control Panel or Right Mouse click and select Screen Resolution (Win7)

4. You will see new resolution options, select highest one for wide screens.

5. Once selected, launch Naval Action and go to video settings.

6. Change game resolution to highest.

Enjoy 4k Naval Action.

By using this you eliminating the need for Antialasing that kills FPS. Just turn it off, because you won't see the difference.

(Not recommended for weak Video cards!!! Make sure you got at least 3gb Video Ram)

Screenshot quality does not show actual game quality.


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This is a nice thing, do note a couple of things though


1. It is still downsampled to whatever monitor resolutiong you have(so if you have 1080p, it will still be a 4k image down sampled to 1080p(still an improvement in looks though)


2. if you got an nvidia card, use nvidia control panel for this


3. Only supported graphcis card have this so any thing pre GCN and pre kepler(i think) does not have this


4. it will probably kill your performane


5. CCC also has this, so if you dont want to update to the newest AMD drivers yet, dont fear you can find them under display options in CCC if im not mistaken


6. generally you dont want to use VSR in your desktop as it will make UI things very small and such, dont know if it works in Naval action without setting the desktop resolution higher, but VSR is designed for in game usage only and should not be done in the desktop


7. Other resolutions are also available, some cards wont support 4k however all cards support 2k and if you cant run 4k with your card 2k is still doable


8. VRam is not a measure of performance, a r9 270, r7 370, gtx 950 or anything wont run this game at 4k, nor 1440p even if you have the 4GB versions, dont use VRaM to measure performance, it is bad practice and is absolute no measure what so ever, a 4GB r9 fury destroys a 8GB r9 390 even though the 390 got twice the VRAM.


9. while the previous thing is said, 4GB RAM is usually reccomended for 4k due to the larger textures and such usually associated with higher resolutions.


but it is still really nice if you got the extra performance available or want to get some nice 4k images




edit: some other driver tips:


1. You can force specific types of AAA through drivers which might perform better, or worse than the ingame ones


2. You can force VSync as well


3. in AMD you can limit your framerate without getting the latency associated with vsync, this will help with power consumption


4. If you have gsync/freesync and a panel for it, dont forget to enable it in the drivers


5. will come with more tips when i remember them.


edit: if you got any tech related questions as well, feel free to ask me, im no expert and have no work in the field however i am an enthusiast with a bit of knowledge.

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Would love to see a guide for Nvidia users..im struggling with 4K


Downsampling - Dynamic Super resolution:


1. Nvidia Control Panel

2. Manage 3D Settings

3. Global Settings

4. DSR Factors -> check all or the one you want

5. Start NA and change the resolution to the one you want



Running fine on my GTX970. Don't use AA settings in game, it kills your performance.


As mentioned above:


Not recommended for weak Video cards!!! 



Edit: Found a video guide as well


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On 18/2/2016 at 11:18 PM, PolishCornish said:

I tried to play Naval Action in 4K resulution, but it turns up that UI font is very small, even when large font set up. Any solution? Or the game is not designed for 4K resolution?

I find this a huge problem still.. 52'' screen and Im sat maybe 6 foot away yet cant read alot of text UI is painfully small and its not my eyes :)

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Oh Right place here !:D 

GUYS 1 Question about VSR ? 

Example:  I run game in 4k all fine ;) but I really dont like the "absolut to small chat text" and other things are to small... is that VSR? 

Can I get bigger chat Text etc. if I change the VSR? thx for all responds O/ !

(resolutions: maxi. 5120x2880 (super reso amd)---> I normal play in 3840 x 2160 on my Samsung UHD 28" amd freesync)

Is there a way to get bigger text and all ingame with 4k?


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oh, thank you very much! I couldn't find this information in google. is it still being updated? I liked this game so much, it is very addictive! I remember when I found it on Insider.Games and couldn't stop playing. After that, I accidentally broke my monitor and had to buy a new one. On the new one, I couldn't find the resolution of this game, I barely solved this problem. But then I really wanted to play it in 4k , but I couldn't and didn't know how to do it. As a result, I came across this forum and this topic, it's a pity that I found you later than when I tried to find solutions on YouTube and Google. I could save quite a lot of time.

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