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  1. with the increase (5 fold) for permits and such id be of the opinion pvp marks are probably supposed to be a 1:5 convert ratio and il wait till i see otherwise before converting what i have
  2. well ive been spending time since wipe mostly privateering trade ships in which case i never got pvp marks anyway. so this makes 0 negatives to me but instead positives since now i could pve to earn some of the store stuff i could not otherwise
  3. Smithy

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    ah I get cha, very nice find
  4. Smithy

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    what is the value used to get the API value to calculated value?
  5. TLDR; angry over arranged port battle flips for conquest marks.
  6. OFF TOPIC: but kind of relevant. having seen the hugging the side method to defeat the LGV here I wanted to see if this would be an Achilles heel for other larger ships. cue.. constitution vs privateer For the most part is was almost too easy. connie only fired the broadside at me once in the whole 30 min fight and thankfully so as that nearly ended me
  7. I feel rig and hull repairs need to be available from ALL ports for a reasonable cost. currently its just another time sink trying to find a port with some available when you are away from the capital... and dont reply with there is a niche in the market for some crafter that niche can remain once you make it so that crafting them is reduced and they can compete vs the port stock.
  8. teleport can still take a good chunk off a trip if used wisely. trader tool helps here for distance to port
  9. Smithy

    Improvement - Breaking up captured ships

    maybe throw some RNG in with a chance of regaining a refit or perm upgrade fitted to ship?
  10. Smithy

    Sinking time of ships (too fast)

    I think the area in which you need to be to loot needs to be extended a little. sometimes it is frustrating trying to get a ship turned in time to 180 back on yoursrelf to try get close when you were already stupidly close.
  11. you take out your smart phone and check google maps
  12. Smithy

    "Home Defense Fleets"

    what about a cumulative increase to invisibility if you keep being tagged and escape? first escape 30 seconds 2nd 45 seconds 3rd 1 minute etc, obviously this would need a cap to stop people abusing it to get 15 minute invisibility and go roaming OW in ghost mode.
  13. find port that is on the map line, sail i block away and check trader tool distance to that port i guesstimate 30km
  14. Grietje van Dijk, PVP EU, Dutch. I know it is randomly available from Oranjestad and Fort Zoutman but player contracts already bidding on this item so..