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  1. I didn't propose looting warehouses when people were off line, I said some percentage of home port warehouses. If the warehouses of people who were not playing are protected then by definition the remainder are "some percentage". That percentage could be anything... arbitrary... some ratio of losses/damage in the port battle, whatever -- I'm not welded to any any specific answer there. And if setting aside the warehouses of people who are offline is what makes for both fair play and common sense, fine by me. The key point I was trying to make was to greatly reduce permanent conquest o
  2. I know this reply is awfully late but the comments above represent, IMO, the root cause of what ails NA: The cost of losing a ship or a port is too high. Consider that taking a port away from another country -- and keeping it -- would require a fairly large number of troops. That's expensive and so what was much more common was plundering the port and leaving. If something like plunder and leave was in this game there would still be port battles but few to no takeovers (e.g., maybe it should cost something like 10-20 million gold to buy an occupation army; very expensive but stil
  3. IMO this change is incredibly stupid. If the problem was about individual Nations getting beat up and run out of town the solution could have been to make the consequences of a lost port battle plunder instead of occupation: Some percentage of home-port player inventory could be offered up to be stolen. Some percentage of buildings could be destroyed by fire and many (limited to available crews) of the ships at dock could be cut out and taken away. But after a couple of days (at most) the invaders have to leave and cannot come back for some period of time. Anybody who lingers could either b
  4. Europe maps have been debated before. IMO one map for Europe is waaaay too large and when you consider that where its land and water are located is the inverse of the Caribbean you'll understand the problem: You cannot sail thru the center of the map... there is no as the crow flies journey. Everything in a Europe map is done around the outer edges. Talk about a grind!! IMO one map for the Med would be perfect: not as tall but about twice the width so the sailing area is about the same as NA.
  5. Repeating myself from other posts, IMO the dev's will never find the answer they are looking for -- a game system that doesn't allow one team to completely dominate the others, a game system where who is strong and who is weak shifts around over time, a game system that they don't have to intervene in every couple of months with big changes -- unless they change their thinking about losses. Consider: NA PvP today is no different than walking into a casino for an evenings entertainment. You can win big... you can lose your shirt, a most importantly in many, many instances the guy who los
  6. DEV's can put multiple game worlds on one server by changing the existing .json files so they include a high level reference to which world they are to be used and to the code to make use of that specification. No changes to the map is required. Put several PvP worlds in there as well. It's simply one computer as a server running one application. Whatever any player sees is limited to the game world -- and .json files -- he requested when he logged in. It would be no different than running excel and opening two or three different spreadsheet files (they don't get mixed together, do they?
  7. Make rewards a function of both the strength of the ship sunk/captured and the combat XP of its captain. Sort of: a wolf eating two hundred mice = a wolf eating another wolf... you can choose to grind or you can go big and take the big risk.
  8. I'll repeat a suggestion I made earlier, different thread: adjust the pricing of building ships to the strength of the country. The strongest pay the most. The weakest pay the least. Sort of like professional sports drafts where the worst team in the league gets the first pick.. That'll probably mean all ship building materials are owned by (and crafted on behalf of) the Admiralty. Maybe that's where tax revenue goes too. Personal profit gets limited to trade goods and specialty war materials, like better gunpowder, special sail cloth, etc. etc. , while all armed ships carrying more than
  9. There was an suggestion earlier about how battle sails might require changes to existing animation. That's normally a change to the 3d model. If they have to go back to the mesh they might as well be looking at all of the animation changes people would like to see -- the point of my post. So not so far off topic as you might have thought. That said, I take no offense at your thought. In future may I suggest you complain to the moderators (always better than one member trying to seize the authority of mods for their own use)? It's their job not yours. IMO the mods here are remarkable
  10. The change sounds good, being able to animate sounds even better. Since new animation / model changes has been brought up, can I add open gun ports in battle situations only? Real Studding sails too? Side comment: When the sails go up in a blaze a lot of flaming tar falls from the rigging. Big Problems!
  11. QUESTION: What are the (unintended) consequences of these changes to PvE? It's all so obviously intended to address PvP issues but AFAIK it's still just one program for both PvP and PvE. Is there a PvE impact? Taxes perhaps (some clan gets a big head and tries to scam everyone else into paying taxes)?? Seems reasonable to me that any player should be able to change to Pirate at any time. It is what happened in the era. As for no nation for Pirates, that too seems reasonable but i suspect it would require a fair amount of code changes... just getting rid of the Admiral
  12. The reason I asked is the last three, maybe four bottles I have recovered have been some combination of <200 tons of iron ingots, tobacco, and a few gold or silver bars. Maaaybe worth a couple of thousand gold. This would be, oh... after the first week of July. Before then (and before the big wipe), it was as all of you described. Now all I see is dregs.
  13. And some people don't understand why we PvE players want nothing to do w/ PvP.... A suggestion to Dev's: Make the Admiralty cost to do anything an inverse function of the total battle ratings of each country. Add something similar for number of ports too if that is worthwhile. Have the Admiralty contribute crafted materials with costs per those functions. It would do wonders for helping those kicked in the teeth to rebuild and fight back. Consider excluding Pirates from the above. Being criminals they have no central government to help them.
  14. Some weeks ago one could expect juicy rewards from finding a ship wreck mapped by a sealed bottle. It might include stuff like Black Ironwood. Nowadays you get iron ingots and not much else. It used to take a big trader to carry away the loot. One only needs a Lynx now, sometimes not even a Trader Lynx. So is it just my bad luck of late or has the value of sealed bottles gone from fabulous to not worth the bother? And why?
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