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  1. PolishCornish

    Sail damage, OW, and a fun chase

    I'm new to the game, don't know all mechanics. My question is why you couldn't escort your prize back to your home port?
  2. Very useful, undeed. Works well on iPad . Thank you!
  3. PolishCornish

    Freedom Trade Company

    Ahoy! I'm interested in trading, but being new to the game don't know how. Started playing three days ago as American.
  4. PolishCornish

    American Cotton.

    I'm new to this game. Did I understand well - being under American flag I cannot get into British port? Are we at war?
  5. PolishCornish

    Trading Website

    How can I find a place with higher price for my goods?
  6. PolishCornish

    Trading Website

    Good idea indeed ! My question is how can I find places with the highest and lowest prices? I bought rum and I found its highest price is 30, sounds good for me, where to go? I appreciate your work, happy to support and donate via PayPal.
  7. PolishCornish

    New Captains - Read This First

    My question is how to save a loot. I took over a trader with contraband, send it to my port and then it turns up that I have no room for goods in my cutter.What went wrong and why?
  8. PolishCornish

    How to play Naval Action in 4k

    I tried to play Naval Action in 4K resulution, but it turns up that UI font is very small, even when large font set up. Any solution? Or the game is not designed for 4K resolution?