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  1. Sorry for the late response! You simply have to contact me on the forum, I'll give you all the information you need. Anyone is welcome to join, it just make make some things more difficult, but there are certainly ways around it. Ideally we'd have groups in every nation.
  2. I want to agree, because for a game it's awesome. Although, it is a very good point it's not very historical... I'm really torn. The sad reality is you have to choose between being true to the simulation, or making it a more enjoyable and healthy game. I give it a solid I'm not sure. Vote pending further thought.
  3. You sir, do you like to trade? Tired of getting burned on deals? Boy do I have a pitch for you to hear. I myself was once a trader of such stature, and quite honestly it sucked. So with the help of my clanmates I did something about it. I've compiled a list of trade information, as well as work with crafters to form what I believe is a unique group. However, due to reasons, I don't wishthis information to be public per say. ​Would you like to join? It's easy! We just have some simple requirements. You must either contribute information regularly or pay dues You must practice sustainable
  4. As you can see, it has it's legacy. Mostly known for durability, but in my opinion it's one of the better TB headsets. I have some expensive wireless pair, used them a week before I switched back to the X12s. The sound was just sad. The X12s are plenty loud, and have nice bass response. The microphone is of good quality too. I'd say hands down it's well worth the $60.
  5. Easily the best headset I've ever used was a TurtleBeach X12 Something like that. Was $60 when I got it, lately I've moved to a set of studio headphones and a separate mic, but that's a bit pricey. http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/xbox-360-headsets/ear-force-x12/56- Still for $60
  6. Fortunately, we are of different nations. Otherwise that could get a bit confusing...
  7. Aye! We are the Lords of the "Sea"... but not of the actual sea. We are a small group of friends looking to expand and gather more friends. We're not PvP or economy centered, we just sail along, doing whatever strikes the group of the day. We're exclusively US, and we have our own TeamSpeak, hosted by myself. We have a simple rank structure, more to show veteran status (as well as founders) rather than any actual chain of command. We're focused on helping and teaching new players, as well as general community.
  8. You Sir, are exactly who I mean! I deeply fear with EA coming you will be far from alone on that front. ​Surely if there is nothing done about it, the responsibility falls unto the players at least. I try and send all the new players I meet to the forums to look at the rules (not one of them knew they were there, I might add).
  9. I'm not sure on the demotion idea... It seems a bit wrong, but I can't quite put a finger to how exactly. ​As far as picking things out for context and what not, that's not terribly hard with chat logs. Yes, ideally everyone would self moderate, but that will never happen. People have different thoughts, and until our hive mind kicks in we won't ever really be on the same page as everyone. Thusly, we have moderators. Their sole purpose is to uphold the ideal of what the rules want. If someone is off a bit, nudge them back, if they ignore that, nudge them a bit harder.
  10. Alright, I have the poll up, I'd apreciate it if any further comments would be related to the poll exclusively.
  11. I would agree, I'm just saying more so if I wanted to buy a ship, I'd like to pick a builder I know will be on around when I am, and in the same location, as well as I'm getting the best price I can. Much like anyone would realistically buy a ship. I definately see a place for the inverse, you know "I want this, who can give it to me", that's just not what I personally would choose.
  12. Or perhaps just a location for shipbuilders to advertise/give quotes on projects. Like a place someone can have direct contact with builders and pick the one offering the best price/location/time.
  13. 1- I'm not saying they remove themselves from chat, just simply block the offender. 2- That sounds reasonably, if not chaotic. I was thinking on a chat division myself for a while, but not sure. Another option would be an optional filter. I definately like the idea of allowing people their choice, I just can't think of a good way, unfortunately. What with Global, Nation, Crew, etc chat all open at the same time PLUS a division of at Nation and Global chats (because some may want to use both, so they don't miss out on anything)... It sounds messy.
  14. It's not solely about my instance. I doubt I will be the last to experience this. As far as my rights, well, that's something else. Why should global or nation chat be any different than any in game communication? It's just as easy to avoid being insulted. Remove yourself from the situation. Now that I've said every bit of this in every way I can think, I guess that's that. You'll either see it as a problem or not. Only reason I've been responding is some people seem closed off to the idea (not counting you among them, Recluse, you're different (not sure in a good or bad way, honestly, bu
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