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  1. Funny that the EU guys cry about night flips, but the American's still show up and fight in there night time. Ahoy!!!
  2. We had this in the past, it wasn't a succes, its removed. Big clans will win the vote, the small clans or solo player's need to follow or change nation/pirate. Maybe its possible to "friend" a enemy clan so you cannot attack each other and enter the port of the "friend" clan.
  3. clan dock is free (if its not a DLC), DLC is money income.
  4. Hey, long time ago yes isnt a wrong answer in a musical­čśť
  5. ohh i forgot, i play spanish nation and coming back to the dutch next week. bastard thought he had proof hehe
  6. Hehe some people stil think this game is a musical, do you also put on pirate clothes while you playing? if you lose your ship, come to dutch waters and try to take it back. a war or not, i wil still sink all the french i see cheers
  7. why do you think they needed all the wipes? remove old account and there big storage of ships and recources this is comfirmed on the forum back then
  8. Im not sure but admin said more dock space is not possible because the server (hardware) space. this idea could work i think.
  9. wait, the PVE server has Ai portbattles?
  10. Hello, im intrested to test this game, i have the time to play, test and give feedback. im intrested in WW1 and WW2 schips, also planes an ground forces, i have some knowledge about them. Sign me up! :)
  11. Biggest problems 1. Time you need to play this game 2. no new content like, different missions, quick pvp, 3. the grind from 0 gold and 0 xp, its to hardcore example when I finally had enough money to sail a snow and then you make a mistake (because you are a new player and you don't know everything at the time) you get pushed back in that basic cutter. 4. this is not an insult but a review Naval action feels as a baby to me, don't expect that it can walk, what I mean is you never expect something like a new feature, ofc they have new ships but every patch they change numbers over and over again, add something like a new mission, (not the same mission on a different location) like the option to choose which sail you want to raise or a new boarding system, or when you are in a battle and not boarding the option to fire muskets. on the other side the option to make a Clan flag so or a squadron flag inside a port battle so you can divide your fleet. I can keep going on for hours with ideas. Is it that hard to make such things? is it that much work? if you cant make Naval Action a good game then (you know what I want to say put it in a box and sell or make your dev. team bigger) I will visit Naval Action Open World Once a month and look what you have done but I will play Legends like most of the people will do.
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