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  1. Hello, im intrested to test this game, i have the time to play, test and give feedback. im intrested in WW1 and WW2 schips, also planes an ground forces, i have some knowledge about them. Sign me up! :)
  2. Nielsnnk

    Why did players leave?

    Biggest problems 1. Time you need to play this game 2. no new content like, different missions, quick pvp, 3. the grind from 0 gold and 0 xp, its to hardcore example when I finally had enough money to sail a snow and then you make a mistake (because you are a new player and you don't know everything at the time) you get pushed back in that basic cutter. 4. this is not an insult but a review Naval action feels as a baby to me, don't expect that it can walk, what I mean is you never expect something like a new feature, ofc they have new ships but every patch they change numbers over and over again, add something like a new mission, (not the same mission on a different location) like the option to choose which sail you want to raise or a new boarding system, or when you are in a battle and not boarding the option to fire muskets. on the other side the option to make a Clan flag so or a squadron flag inside a port battle so you can divide your fleet. I can keep going on for hours with ideas. Is it that hard to make such things? is it that much work? if you cant make Naval Action a good game then (you know what I want to say put it in a box and sell or make your dev. team bigger) I will visit Naval Action Open World Once a month and look what you have done but I will play Legends like most of the people will do.
  3. Nielsnnk

    OW Travel Speed

    True but then you had PVP hotspots and atm as a casual player its impossible to fight where you want, i never sail longer then 20 min for a quick pvp, as a Swedish player it takes to long to sail towards the British, American's, pirates, Spanish, and maybe dutch, so the options are French or Danes for some quick pvp, but then you get the problem of Ganking/Revenge fleet again cuz you are right outside there capital. and I know you can make outposts at the front line, but im not sailing my ship alone, ofc the nation sails together but that's not always when you are online, and the sail is at least 1/2 hours so you spend one evening sailing on the open world and there is nothing to do while you are sailing so my very quick out of options to get my pvp. think NA legends will be the solution for casual players with not to many hours to play on a normal day.
  4. Nielsnnk

    HMS Fort Diamond

    @admin this topic got some nice ideas to add more content. You got a game its called "battle stations pacific" when a Troop transport Is close to a port or airfield and is slower then 10 knots you can release 4 landing craft, maybe this works in NA as well on the beaches or forts/towers? maybe you can add a Objective in the port battle? or drop 300 marines (or idk how much) in the city/beach for 250 victory points, or 5 marines 5 victory points. Troop transport in Battle stations pacific:
  5. Nielsnnk

    HMS Fort Diamond

    things like this in a portbattle makes the game fun and great. thing forts and towers must be controlled by players in the first place cuz then they make sense. also devs should ships that are sunk inside a portbattle to protect it. good idea? and also a place to board a tower or fort, maybe a point at the beach where you can drop marines cuz atm the every portbattle the mortar brig takes out every fort or tower.
  6. Nope still 11 hours and 3 minutes of august 2017 for me
  7. Nielsnnk

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    why not, we got the wappen, so they cant say its not in the time frame
  8. Nielsnnk

    Use of anchors in combat

    When you drop sails a ship will turn into the wind, they used anchors to make a line with there sails down (in a bay or fort) in the game you can use it inside a circle. So its not a bad idea to add it to the game. But ofc the devs should make it "drop below 2-2.7 knots" otherwise you get the Interceptor scene or the Black sails Walrus scene. Greets
  9. lol its in development for 4 years, any news is welcome
  10. Nielsnnk

    Matchmaking in Legends

    For matchmaking, they need to make it like PUBG quick insta battles (you need to choose your loadout and maybe pain or whatever you want before the battles) another point is that we need clans-squads so you can play much quicker. AND I said this before but okay, we need in game voice channels like: Global - Team - Sqaud 1/2/3/4/5 - and turn off of course. and I hope every ship will be in the battle so you don't get 25 first rates vs 25 first rates, you can make lobbys for first rate only or what you want, but what many people want it mixed fleets from 7th rates to first. greets,
  11. Nielsnnk

    Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    not sure what the test was but in the last week I had some Epic PVP battles with more PFS then ever and without any crashes or bug only problem I found it that to wasa is not a 4th rate (compared with 5th rates and 4th rates) cuz it sails like a 4th and shoots like a 3rd rate, it will be a nice beginners class for 3rd rate in legends or NA but then 3rd rates need a better job in the game because atm there is almost no reason to make a 3rd rate.
  12. Nielsnnk

    Insults and serius threats

    you where not really tying to end that conversation