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  1. Sailed north and went afk.... Came back to this...
  2. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10508-sc-skeleton-crew-eu-pvp-3-recruiting/
  3. Loving the game and respect the fact that it needs to be realistic as possible. However im starting to get annoyed with the 4hr teleports and missing out on gaming time with friends due to crazy travel times just to be able to play together. Trying to think of an idea that make things a little less time consuming. Maybe 1-2 hr teleports with a cost of X amount of gold (based on level). Obviously it would be player travel only (must have a ship already in a port). Ideas and "suggestion" would be appreciated.
  4. Hehe i understand your point and your right. Im thinking more to the point that the chat window dissapears everytime we enter battle Also if i could seperate the chat windows so i can have the main window and clan open in another, i might even share the looting of my next pirate taking with you "Might"
  5. Just a quick update that we had to change the clan name. The ideas of our previous clan just didn't suit our gaming style. We have no intentions playing with Pirates that think making pacts with other factions is the only way pirates can survive in this game We will fight, steal whatever, whenever we can and hide if need be. If we have to run, so be it. A dead pirate is a dead pirate and no good to anyone
  6. Feel free to grab a hold of me in game fellas...Robaroo Wallafox
  7. Battle chat seriously needs work. Im sick to death of actually having to open it everytime i enter battle. A better way to communicate with yuor enemy would be nice too. Whislt your at it...certainly need a better system for private messages. Keep overlooking messages as in 4k...everything is so small..
  8. Looks to me that he means in the open world. Something i have been chasing in the following post... Actually if you dont mind im going to borrow your picture http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9482-ships-flags-in-open-world/
  9. Love the idea.....always figured it would be great as a pirate to let a merchant player offer me gold to let him go. Currently i have to destroy him or take all his shit.
  10. As mentioned we arent hardcore.... Nope...just a small group that decided to enjoy the game together and help each other out.
  11. [sCREW] Skeleton Crew are recruiting.... We are Pirate...100% No Pacts with any other faction. You must know when to fight and when to run. We are born of wild dogs, With freedom's rage in our veins. We strike like a storm from the North, No more to be fettered by chains. No dungeons or gallows shall scare us, Nor your gods with their cold threats of doom. We will choke dry the blood of your tyrants, Until they are dust in the tomb. We are the Pirates of the North Soon your ports and ships shall be ours.... Community Name: Skeleton Crew Tag: [sCREW] Server: EU PVP 3
  12. Yep id pay for premiums too.... Name of ship, paint jobs and custom flags....clan flags etc etc
  13. Being the suggestion forum..im sure one doesnt have to wait for anything to make suggestions
  14. Would like to see a bit more interaction within the map... *Port Conquests showing up on map, so you can see where all the action is going on. *When i right click on a port i get the option to link it to chat. (Also from chat i could click on it and it would be highlighted for a min on the map).
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