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  1. ZuLu oNe5432

    Pirate Patch and Content

    any date now for the patch?
  2. ZuLu oNe5432

    4k Resolution

    Dear Captains Developers o7..... Its maybe possible for change the "chat windows" for a 4k Resolution? They are Really "small" in 4k Resolution even they are set on large...Future is coming many others maybe wanna play in 4k.
  3. ZuLu oNe5432

    4k Resolution

    sry for the screenshoot I think its not on full size because of total size of MB ---> http://prntscr.com/krr7ud
  4. ZuLu oNe5432

    What are your favorite myths?

    release of this game is the best myth:P
  5. ZuLu oNe5432

    What are your favorite myths?

    you even can fit more than 350:P
  6. I really miss the days with around 1000players online......
  7. yeah some lvl "Legendary Npcs" who make trades and privateerin around the Carribean... Just some Special Tuned Npcs would be nice:P
  8. ZuLu oNe5432


  9. ZuLu oNe5432

    Please do something for bring the players back!

    Well Iam sry for all the noobs ^^ but hey we all where once noobs I lost so many ships and stuff when I was a noob and get ganked every time I got a new ship and some gold for cannons....that was the start of bloody training and learning now you can go mess around with everyone thats the cool history in this game... o7
  10. ZuLu oNe5432

    Please do something for bring the players back!

    I hope same here we will see... the Wipes was the biggest Problem of all Problems they have lose many stuff and many time thats why they stop playing ... but its normal in a early acces game we will see after the coming patch...o7
  11. ZuLu oNe5432

    Please do something for bring the players back!

    MORE ! MORE ! maybe some days SteamStore Sale!
  12. Does the Ugly "Blue Main Screen" will finally go away ? with this patch=) I would like the menu like in NA Legends style
  13. ZuLu oNe5432

    What is the patrol zone rotation?

    its a random generator I think between all the patrols but Nassau comes defintly more then the others once they said they want bring people more in shallow areas...thats maybe why...
  14. ZuLu oNe5432

    Ship Invidual Names then "crafted by "...."

    yeah I think main reason maybe the data for the servers like the devs said....ok but theres always a way! lets wait and see=) there are enough good Ideas around=)
  15. Is it Possible to give the ship names? 😃 then crafted by : "someone" maybe crafted Region and Name who every Player can choose itself..
  16. ZuLu oNe5432

    Naval Action Meme collection

    ME "Looking for PVP after 1 day"....
  17. ZuLu oNe5432

    World Cup (annual event)

    nothing is impossible mate;) but I understand you (by the way this NA world cup stuff with stream and everything would be an amazig promoting for more players in the game) I was thinking more about "esports" Tournaments maybe in future ^^ Iam still waiting:P
  18. ZuLu oNe5432

    World Cup (annual event)

    would be cool "Nations" from Real Life Teams....Example: Team Swiss / Italia / Russia etc...."clan and Nations ingame we can play everyday"
  19. ZuLu oNe5432

    World Cup (annual event)

    Team SWISS GOOO!!! I think personally in my Opinion Admins means "World CuP" soo no nations from game maybe real nation in real life ? Like me "Swiss" would be awesome we can play enough in our own nation ^^ it really would be awesome if we have some kind of "World CuP" many different nations of players ingame sounds very good...."and by the way I think doesnt matter of alts and cheating....because the Tournament will be separate anyway I think:P
  20. ZuLu oNe5432

    World Cup (annual event)

    de yaargh isch au swiss ^^
  21. ZuLu oNe5432

    World Cup (annual event)

    TEAM SWISS GOOOOOO!:D Iam Ready!!!!
  22. ZuLu oNe5432

    World Cup (annual event)

  23. ZuLu oNe5432

    Allow rejoining of a battle

    Well....."Determind Defender" is back....why we should not bring back "signaling" again? Was also a good perk....