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  1. PegasusUK

    Clan warehouse

    "Guild" Warehouses are important part of any mmo, it will be great feature to see it added. The devs should not be discourage by a small minority of thefts and they do happen in all mmos from EVE Online to WoW. Adding tiers and desposit and withdraw functions will go a long way to limit any potential slippery fingers.
  2. One has to be careful to not overdo the complexity of the game that when new players enter the door they actually want to stay and enjoy the game rather than testing the waters for 30 mins and saying its too hard and feel they wasted the money they paid for it and leave no matter how good Naval Action looks good on YouTube or Twitch. The latest patch is starting to remind me of this old screenshot. Eve Online was absolutely terrible for new players back in 2003 with no tutorial or documentation back then we didnt have YouTube so there is content out for Naval Action in 2016.
  3. Rename the black nation to Portugal then create a new hardcore faction as Pirates & Buccaneers with the following ideas & more
  4. PegasusUK

    How to play Naval Action in 4k

    4K user here in Naval Action. I use 2 x Asus 980GTX Strix displaying on a 40" Philips 4K gaming monitor (3840 x 2160). I enjoy the crisp visuals it provides and over time when the game is more optimised graphically to improve fps.
  5. PegasusUK

    GTX980 Ti performance

    EVGA 970 here with Dell 2560x1600 resolution so slightly higher than the 1440 you guys are using and get 47 - 55fps in Open World and 57-59 in Battles, this is with AA off, with AA on then yes its below 30. AA is not optimised yet and happy to use it without for the time being.
  6. PegasusUK

    Players online per nation

    Maybe not have numbers, just have labels such as Low, medium, high. some people do like playing as the underdog.
  7. PegasusUK

    Open world patch #2 - Feedback

    Been testing on an alt with the latest patch and I am really not a fan of the npc fleets pouring into your battle, i know it needs tweaking as too many are coming in/or replicating themselves, much preferred the system before the patch. Will see how it fares after today's patch, but not having high hopes to be honest.
  8. PegasusUK

    Not a ship in sight - then this!?!

    Definately needs some tweaking, a tad over the top.
  9. PegasusUK


    Something like Eve Online do daily would be useful around midday GMT.
  10. PegasusUK

    Why can testers be so negative

    Care to give examples sailor?
  11. PegasusUK

    Players teleporting after ganking.

    We are not trying to ruin the game at all, we are finding game mechanics which can and currently is being exploited so we can report it here so the admins can do something about it. Whether we find the game mechanics been exploited by your fellow french players then that just makes it worse for them, but regardless of the situation we are reporting it. Your chest thumping trolling on the forum is not helping matters and is hindering our ability to put our case forward on these forums without the need for you to escalate it in to something much worse, but I am pretty sure anyone here with an ounce of common sense can see that. The situation is this, players are using a game mechanic that can easily be exploited to run away from players, the admin have said the next patch will see that the teleport will only work if stationary or +1.0 sailing speed, end of story, does not matter if its 2 trins, or even 20 trins chasing down a navy brig the mechanic is been adjusted. As for voicecomms, well we all just pointing fingers at you and just laugh! Good day ole chap!
  12. PegasusUK

    Pick a Nation. Stick with it.

    Have a cool down of 1 hour before switching nations, WW2Online had this feature (Dont know if this still active as its been a few years since i played) if an allied playing the British Army and then his friend came on playing the Axis German Navy he would have a 1 hour cool down before he can swap sides. This limiting chances of spying.
  13. PegasusUK

    AI Flaws

    There is obviously a big influx of beavers in Naval Action.