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Hallo Travelers!


Replaying the "modern battleship" mission, I can't stop to think that "radar 2" or radar in general will break the game a bit.

If you manage to get it earlier then anyone else, you ships can easily dismantle whole enemy fleets at distance.

Even if accuracy will get adjust the fact that you can safely spott everyone will make life easy. 


But I was also wondering what else you would think could "gamechaning" technology in the campaign, be in base on history RTW or guess work?


I personally would think that besides the mention radar, TNT could be another game change as well Krupp IV.

TNT because the increase of damange while using the same guns is potentially devastating and Krupp IV not just because you get better protection but also save weight which you can invest in either even more armor or speed or firepower.

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But that’s kinda the point of them? They are revolutionary and game breaking. In the single player we want these technologies because they are fun to have, and it’s not just radar it’s stuff like SUper heavy shells, turbines, oil fired boilers, small tube high pressure boilers, and many many more. And I disagree on the Krupp IV because there’s incremental improvements until that point with all the other armies in between.

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I do agree that they should be breaking points thou in case of radar I don't know if that doesn't make DD absolute in terms of ship to ship fight (still need against subs I guess)

I had 12 18 inch guns and after 2-3 salvos always landed a hit on the enemy DD's, all one shots. Not one ship in that in entire fleet landed a hit on me. The DD's barley fired at me, let alone shot any torpedo.

So under circumstances like that I don't think DD will have any importance if Radar 2 stays this way, except be a passive anti SS tool.


Turbines I also consider important (didn't wrote in the OP; because I didn't want to list all the things...) thanks for the bette engine and the addition weight that again can be used.

I don't get the use of "armies" here but I guess you say that because there is Kropp 3 Krupp 4 is less revolutionary. Which is a fair point, so let me rephrase it: the armor technology line itself is important because it both improves the effectiveness as well give more free weight.

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54 minutes ago, Absolute0CA said:

I hope something in between we pick an area to research not a set goal and wait and see what happens.

Maybe you can research multiple things at a time, but can be influenced or accelerated or hindered by, experience (or lack of) current research practices and the number of peeps on said project plus, money allocated in the first place and maybe poltical or public reasons. Doctrines and outside influence could also help or hinder you and maybe even unlock a surprising new trait or something.

obviously this will be further down the road.

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Radar isn’t that much better than optical what it is better at is bat weather and night enhancements, so ships that have it will be much more likely to want to push might engagements or during storms than those who don’t. See Taffy 3 vs centre force.

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The Radar you have in the game right now is a Radar directly connected to the Ship gun fire-control system

Like this one fire-control system:


But because we have in the game only simple rangefinders like this one:


The radar is by some miracle connected to that rangefinder.

My point is, you have in the game the propably one of the latest radars possible, the first one's will be much more less effective, giving you only a better spoting range and less penalties in the battles with bad weather conditions like night, storm etc.

Besides, as i said, those are end game radars, so your enemy can also have them more or less at the same point as you, and even modern radars have their weakness and doesn't work in all conditions.

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