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  1. Rangefinders doesn't seem to work properly. Especially stereoscopic ones. They just don't give bonuses at long range rendering them useless, while Coincidence are not giving enough bonus... or I'm doing something wrong here...
  2. replay function would be great addition to your idea, this way we could focus on battle and capture great moments later when we can focus on controlling camera instead.
  3. You guys do realize that it's not only elevation that has impact on gun range but also barrel lenght, amount and type of propellant used, shell weight and type etc.?
  4. Long range accuracy is good for Long range engagements where it gives largest bonuses for your guns meaning it's good if you're using large caliber guns that can damage target at ranges of 15+km, for anything else it is better to get base accuracy bonus as guns benefit the most from it at ranges up to 12km.
  5. It has been a while since we heard about any game update. Any news? We really need one pinned topic only for Dev's to post news so we won't miss them lol xD there is too much of people discussing if airplanes should make it's way into the game lol....
  6. Wow, do you guys even sleep? >.< Great job with the hotfix, everything works now. At least for me
  7. Today I've tried to go through another mission of british campaign, I think the next one will be snatch. When I tried to prepare some troop transports, I noticed that regardless of ships being fully crewed etc. status of those ships remains as need crew. I think it may be because minimum crew required is set higher than optimal for those ships.
  8. Ok, so now what? 不不不不不 I guess we'll call it a Draw
  9. A bit cheeky victory, but win is a win xD
  10. There are a few ships in that configuration, but I'd place my bet on HMS Hood. As for things that would make the game better or more interesting: 1. Mission editor where players can design and share their missions with each other. 2. Save-able designs in Custom battles and maybe ability to share builds in form of a save file or something. 3. Ability to set enemy behaviour in custom battles (like never retreat for example) 4. Ability to design all ship classes in Custom battles both on our and enemy side. 5. Multiplayer battles and later Coop/competitive campaign maybe for up to 4 players perhaps? 6. Land battles/ Naval landings. 7. Replay recording function. 8. Night battles.
  11. Totally agree, There should bee no limits other than hull balance that impacts accuracy and stuff...
  12. With a proper balance of price and upkeep that would work as a good limiter of the amount of CV's that player can have, they'll be a great addition to the game IMO. And it wouldn't require them to be crippled as they are in other games. Truth is they were a game changer and without any doubt they were far superior to anything else, but that's natural way of how things had to be lol... Crying about CV's being overpowered is pointless as war was never intended to be gentleman's duel lol.
  13. Would be great, but rather unlikely to happen. It might not be as easy for them to add as it was in UA:AoS as they might not have proper unit models, mechanics etc... Lots of work to implement, and there is still a lot to do without it.
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