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  1. You can set rudder manually to turn aam off. If you set it so ship sails straight it won’t manoeuvre. If you give it another order with right click it will turn aam back on until you manually set rudder again.
  2. The only thing that comes to my mind is bug that causes game to think that some of your guns and/or modules are pleced incorrectly when you load design or go back to ship designer from the mission. Happens for various ship types, modules and guns.
  3. I think I managed to win this mission when it weas introduced, by delaying the enemy for long enough so they couldn't catch up with my transports before timer runs out. Let me check my videos which one it is... EDIT: There it is xD
  4. You only get penalty to aiming speed. Individual accuracy is not affected by different calibers or gun groups.
  5. There are two types of automatic controls, default one, should be based on general direction/course other one is „go to point” If your ship can’t turn hard enough, it may not be able to reach the point and just circle around it. I think toggle for that was somewhere in top right corner.
  6. They need to make it so that hull form takes used weight into account and applies penalties accordingly. It should balance things nicely and encourage to either build fast and agile ships with light armament or more sluggish heavily armed vessels that will suffer from acceleration and turning penalties.
  7. I think it would be best if ammo we get per tube would be: Low mag - No reload Std. - 1 reload Hi - 2 reloads This way max torpedo that are being taken by ships should be more realistic. Finally further balancing of engines might be useful, so that players are not able to build super fast large destroyers. Maybe fixing hull form parameter so it reacts to weight of everything that we put on our ship would help? Right now putting heavy guns or other elements doesn't affect hull form so it's incorrectly simulated allowing players to achieve higher speeds than possible...
  8. So why you complain if they make mistake? If you want to get job done right do it yourself xD Leave it to someone else and you might get unexpected results (like two 100k t battleships crashing with each other), or your ships getting killed by torpedoes. I noticed that ships do evade torpedoes but don't expect Battleship to be able to evade anything unles torpedo is really poorly aimed. AI works pretty well with light cruisers and destroyers, heavy cruisers got some issues at times and battleships? forget about it, almost never happens on time xD
  9. There is tons of possible improvemens. Definitely more freedom in designer will be higly appreciated. And campaign... gosh I can't wait to see it to be fair.
  10. Problem with divisions that I see at this moment is that there should be factor that determines how well ships in it will execute orders and maneuvuers. The way they work right now is ok, and they often make mistakes that happened in history (ships crashing into each other, loose formation, or execute wrong turn), but there should be some progression that let's player to have at least small impact on how coordinated your fleet will be so that player can rely more on larger groups later in the game. Right now, I personally don't use groups unles I have over 9 ships to control.
  11. I think it is problem on xsolla side. They're not very reliable. I got the same issue by the way.
  12. 1. We already have that, many historical ships shared hull designs (look at US Standard Type for example). 2. Ship designs are being rebalanced every patch more or less. And there is already a penalty for putting weight at either ends of the ship encouraging more compressed builds. (it's called Pitch) 3. No, there is much more factors that affect penetration, it's not World of Warships. 4. Gun technology and barrel lenght are two separate things. What I would suggest is to actually add option to install differen barrel lenghts that will impact accuracy, weight, aiming time etc..
  13. The formations work quite realistically at the moment to be fair. There are some issues with how smart decisions are being taken by your ships at times, but in reality similar mistakes happened. So if you see it happening, my advice is to select the ship and detach it from the formation manually or deal with consequences of bad AI decisions.
  14. Hi, I've just been trying to do battle of Destroyers mission. In first instance the game just crashed generationg crash report which is available under link down below. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NWdblRyMXZKxlv5o73-BBebJWuVq9nIv?usp=sharing Then I did another attempt, but this time I lowered the graphic settings (from Fantastic to Good) and tried again. After some time in battle when all guns were blazing, game crashed again with Too many threads error. At the time of the crash I have been running at x1 speed and my camera was zoomed out to see large chunk of ba
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