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  1. Refits should be fairly simple to do. Just lock the displacement, hull and armor scheme. You can change pretty much everything else as was done historically. Even armor was added on.
  2. Thank you for your in-depth response. Can't really argue with your points. I don't see AI designs being removed, but like you said, machine learning from player designs might be just the way to go. Or maybe use designs made by alpha players as to not over saturate the system. That way the devs could determine what kind of designs we should make. I'd be glad to design several ships for campaign/AI learning. Been playing ever since the first playable alpha (though on and off) and I think the AI is the way to go, but the dumb designs need to be addressed. 117000t superbattleship with 3x3 14"
  3. I really don't understand all these comments how the game is dead because of the AI designs. If they are too easy for you, how about not building super battleships with very limited range that cost your countries GDP and instead build something that is actually viable in the campaign. I do admit the AI still builds some very questionable designs, but sometimes the designs are really good. The system isn't bad, it just needs some more work. I just wish we had the system which lead me to buy this game, which is the modular system they advertised.
  4. Can't wait to get my hands on the initial campaign. Going to playtest the living shells off of it. But do we have any kind of rough estimate as to when it should be out?
  5. I agree on both arguments. Mechanical failures would be furiating, but at the same time, in my opinion, needed for the realism. This game is very much about realism. Having some 10-15 14" barrels firing at 10km range and landing a hit every 20 minutes is also frustrating, but people are not complaining about that too much. IMO having failure mechanics for engines, guns and torpedoes would be needed, but in order to appeal to a larger audience, add the option to disable them. I would like to see failures to be quite rare and much less frequent the more you research the technologies.
  6. Ok so these scenarios are more of a challenge than a realistic scenario. I played all three and all of them give a different kind of challenge. On all scenarios you will be playing against the british or the japanese (your choice). Starting range on all scenarios is 12km. Scenario 1 "The glass cannon" You are to build two battlecruisers. They can have no more than 6" of armour and max Krupp 1. Tech level 1935. Must use biggest guns available and atleast 12 barrels of main calibre. If using torpedoes, they must be long range. Operational range of medium or higher. Nation french o
  7. Tried a quick search but didn't see this topic discussed. Are there any plans to add duds and launch failures etc to torpedoes since aforementioned weapons system was far from reliable for quite some time? Failure rates could be mitigated by research and by spending more money for better quality torpedoes. New tech advancements could also have a small negative impact for the first few years in service since generally new tech isn't that reliable until some changes can be made and problems solved that arise from testing and actual use of the system. I would a
  8. I think that would take away from the immersion of the game. Every nations didnt know what every other nations guns / shells could do. Hell they didnt even have all the info for their own creations. The game takes place long before computer simulations were a thing and IMHO there needs to be a certain level of trial and error.
  9. Well weight will always be an issue. There is only so much weight a hull can take.
  10. Excellent challenge idea. Definately gonna give it a go. Just finished the pesky DD vs TB mission and got to 23/23 so now is a good time to try the hard mode
  11. I made an UNOFFICIAL discord server for us who want to discuss about the game and naval history. If this is not allowed and the dev team wants me to remove the sercer I will do so. Anywho here's the link https://discord.gg/EFDF3FR
  12. Bow and stern underwater torps can only fire bow and stern with a little bit of firing arc. Either add broadside torpedo tubes or deck torpedoes to fire broadside. Also easiest way currently to choose when to fire torpedoes is to set them to off (you have to do this separately for every ship you control) and then set them to aggressive when you want to launch.
  13. I played that mission twice, winning both times. Second time I beat it while only getting hit once and I used 16" guns with AP plunging fire. People tend to make their ships huge with tons of turrets which both increases your target signature (enemy gets bonus accuracy towards you) and causes you to have bad roll/pitch which negatively affects your accuracy. Also use cruising speed and try not to sail downwind as your funnel smoke will interfere with your targeting.
  14. Its a bug that can be fixed by switching targets for a while.
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