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Found 2 results

  1. Let's dive right in: this game could have been great. It could still be great. It would be even better if the development team actively communicated—or at the very least, hired someone to communicate—as they gave out in the past, but that's neither here nor there. We're not here to beat a thoroughly dead horse. Instead, I'm here to present some (relatively) minor quality-of-life improvements that I've compiled from my experiences playing this game: things I wasn't quite satisfied with, or thought could be done better. This is an alpha, after all, and we're here to test and provide feedback. Here's the feedback. Battle Better divisional organization—if we are not allowed to pre-determine the divisions and their heading prior to entry into combat, the game should stop taking four ships of the same type and then making a division of three and then a screen of one. The ideal solution long term would be a 'pre-battle' phase showing a top-down 2-dimensional view of the engaged fleet and any allies: a naval chart aesthetic could be used. Simple slide-and-drop controls could be implemented to quickly separate ships into divisions and organize them efficiently prior to battle, representing the signals that would be naturally given out to separate from cruising groups and order battle formations prior to actually engaging in combat. Turrets ought to have a toggle in battle for 'rapid' and 'salvo' fire: in the former, all guns fire together or with a barely noticeable 'ripple', providing a slight rate-of-fire increase at the cost of a minor amount of accuracy—ideally it should only be toggleable once the enemy has been 'ranged.' The latter would be fire-by-turret, as currently implemented, and would provide no bonuses or maluses. The AI for both enemy and friendly ships should be able to toggle this automatically as required, though you would have the ability to manually countermand the order if so desired. Guns of the same calibre should lock to the slowest loading cycle among them: if you have two quads and a twin turret for 14"/356 mm artillery, the twin should fire at the same rate as the quads. Compensation might be that loading cycle differences are less noticeable. Animations Casemates ought to also elevate and depress with their loading cycle. It looks very strange on pre-dreadnought and dreadnought-era warships for their main battery and turreted secondaries to move for their loading animation, while the casemates remain at a flat 0 degrees. Single-cradle artillery (Italian medium-calibre guns prior to the Luigi Amedeo Giuseppe Maria Ferdinando Francesco di Savoia, primo Duca degli Abruzzi - yes, that is the actual name of the Duca degli Abruzzi - and American 8in guns prior to Wichita) should depress and elevate all together, as they're on the same slide. Models More hulls are, obviously, a must. Since they shouldn't require nearly as much time to implement as a campaign, and the modeling personnel should not be focused on the same work as the programmers associated with that project, smaller bi-monthly or monthly patches might work better- not only will this reduce the pressure on the team in order to deliver on the core patches, since they won't have to cram in as much per update, it would also keep a steady stream of new content in order to keep the existing playerbase interested and to draw in new customers. Potential hulls for consideration include (minimum necessary outlined in bold) Russian Empire / Soviet Russia Rurik. Bogatyr. Svetlana. Pr.26 (Kirov). Pr.26 bis (Maxim Gorky). Pr.68 (Chapaev). Pr. 68 bis (Sverdlov). Izyaslav. Gnevny. Leningrad. Tashkent. Germany / German Empire Moltke / Seydlitz. Derfflinger (can be rescaled to Mackensen & Ersatz Yorck). Emden (1925). Königsberg (K). Nürnberg (N). Type 1934. Type 1936. Type 1936C. Austria-Hungary Much the same as Germany, but including the 'Improved Tegetthoff' (also known as Ersatz Monarch). Italy Conti di Cavour (designed). Conti di Cavour (modernized). Duca d'Aosta. Duca degli Abruzzi. Turbine. Navigatori class. Soldati class. Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro class. France / French Empire Danton. Courbet. Bretagne. Normandie. Duguay-Trouin. Duquesne. Suffren type (all are distinct from one another so different towers are probably necessary). Algérie. La Galissonnière. De Grasse. Mogador. Le Fantasque. Le Hardi. L'Alcyon. Aigle. United Kingdom / British Empire Orion. Iron Duke. Town class subgroups (1900s). Town class subgroups (1930s). County class subgroups (1920s). A class. G class. N class. Tribal class. War Emergency Programme destroyers (Q through Z classes). United States of America USS Texas (1892) - by popular support (and by popular we mean @Cptbarney) Mississippi. Florida. Wyoming. New York. Nevada. "Standard" type (Pennsylvania through Colorado generally only require separate towers). Omaha. Pensacola. "Standard" type (Northampton, Portland, and the Astoria classes all share much in common with one another in regards to the hull- only slight resizing and different superstructures are required). Wichita. Brooklyn. Baltimore. Cleveland. Atlanta. Des Moines. Note: the Brooklyn, Baltimore, Cleveland, and their respective subclasses and refits are all largely based on the Brooklyn type's hull: it would be perfectly easy to only add the base type and then use different towers & tops as required. Clemson. Farragut. Porter / Somers. Gridley. Benson-Gleaves. Fletcher. Japanese Empire Nagato. Tosa. Amagi. Kii. Furutaka. Aoba. Myōkō. Takao. Specific towers: Takao — 1937, as modernized. Atago — 1944, as sunk. Chōkai — 1927-1944, as she never received a refit. Maya — Post-AA-cruiser conversion. Takao Kai — Larger version of the hull available 1930-1940, cancelled as a result of the 1930 LNT. Mogami. Agano. Ōyodo. Ibuki. Sakura. Asashio. Otori. China / Chinese Empire Ning Hai & Ping Hai A bi-monthly or monthly stream or devblog of sorts to show off models in progress would be an excellent way to garner reputation and support. Designer (parts) Blast bags. These are an absolute must. See right: note Richelieu's black blast bags. Every country used them at one point or another, and they figure prominently in many photographs of modern and older warships. A toggle to use them should be available, and they should, of course, be animated to move with the guns. Ideally, turrets of the single, twin, triple, and quadruple variants—with a very few exceptions—should not all be common to a single size. Single-gun turrets should be far slimmer, twin- and triple-gun turrets should provide the best balance of size vs. firepower, and so forth. As it is, many ships can be upgunned without any tradeoffs since 'if you can fit a twin there, you can fit a quadruple there.' Designer (balance) Components ought to have more meaning: ideally, the 'modern' warship should require them as an absolute must, not just as an afterthought that eats up weight without being very helpful. Weapons might do more crippling damage to targets, for example, to offset the better benefits acquired. Heavy cruiser armour belt minimum thickness decreased to 20 mm, to allow for the County class's 25 mm as built and the Duquesne's somehow-less-than-that. Misc. When mousing over an armour thickness in the Ship Designer, the section of the ship it protects should highlight or otherwise be made visible. This will allow players to know which parts of their ship are in need of protection and which parts can be left with less weight. Ships should pitch and heave far less relative to displacement, particularly in calm seas. Destroyers, of course, will still buck like a wild horse—but 125,000-ton battleships should be a little more stable. Shameless Plug. This post might be added to as time goes on, as either I come across new portions or they are brought to my attention.
  2. Since different Patrol zones have different limits on what rates are allowed I have failed to find any way in the game to clearly see the difference except for going to the zone, attacking an npc or player and seeing if you get "the circle." I could just be blind and someone can steer me to the right place to find this information. nonetheless, I'd LOVE if the patrol zone mission had an indicator of what "type" it is. For example, the Nassau Patrol zone has a battle rating of 1,000 BR, but it has no indicator of what ships are limited to joining unless you look at the map and go "oh, it's in the shallows, must be shallow water ships. Other examples are the La Mona and Leogane Patrol zones which are limited to 4th rates as the biggest ships that can participate, and the Antilles Patrol which has no limitations. But I see no visual indicator showing you those limitations unless you've experienced it already. If the Mission could show what ship rates are limited, or the Patrol Zone Map indicator also show it (with the damage counter for example), that would be incredible. I still think there are some kinks with the Patrol zone that should be worked out, but I think this would be a huge Quality of Life change in helping certain Patrol Zones be more popular.
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