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Announcement: Alliance Pirates - France on PvE Peace Server

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I have been approached by Pirate representatives with the proposal to form an alliance regarding future port battles against NPC, which, like I wrote, will require international cooperation for being able to field enough human players for conquering/defending ports.

List of Pirate clans interested in cooperation with France are, according to Sir Parasite (of the Pirates), as follows:





- PEACE (sep 10)

- HLF (sep 10)



- ERP (former FRF)

- independent captains: rastafripunk, Fox0 (sep 13), Soufflecorne, Renards (sep 15), Jean du Ouellette (sep 16), Saint Valentin (sep 19), Brontes (sep 21).

List of participating clans will continuously be updated as I get declarations.

French clans which have excluded themselves as result of negotiations with me: (1) WHF, by a certain 'Roquebrune'. Not sure if that is the diplomat though.

Purpose of the alliance is to send support to announced port battles either side may have to undergo, after update will have hit PvE Peace Server, and port battles for participating clans are scheduled. As this does not mean automatic participation, the invitation to join PB is still being expected from case to case, if game mechanism allows so (not clear yet).

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Exactly that possibility to team up for PB on an international scale has been proposed by me, here in the forum. And I think I have a strong argument for it, as circumstances on PvE server are requiring this.

Anyway, this alliance was an idea on Pirate's side, I just answered and make this public.

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Je me permet de répondre à ton post en Français et étant membre du groupe WHL que tu dénigres dans ce post .

1. Si tu veux rester dans la logique une alliance entre pirate n'est pas légitime au mieux tu peux engager des pirates suivant payement pour leurs donner des missions ! des mercenaires en quelques sorte !

2. Il n'y a pas encore aboutissement et d'info réel sur les attaques de ports par les NPC sauf quelques rumeurs encore infondées .

3. Niveau diplomatie avec notre clan "WHL" Nous n'avons jamais été fermé à des discutions mais nous préférons attendre l'évolution du jeu .

4. Il n'y a pas de diplomate dans notre clan, les rôles sont définis par la présence des membres et donc Roquebrune étant le plus présent nous trouvons ça logique qu'il prenne la tête des discutions pour nous tous et nous lui faisons confiance .

Sur ce bien à toi ! " Le boulet "

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Since introduction of the port battle update and related content in game I have not heard from Pirates or from our side, concerning the implementation of this alliance in game, by agreeing on targets, by keeping out of each other's ways or by asking assistance. Strange but Pirates seem to have no ambitions yet to try conquest of a port. The project is not being taken into action, beyond original declaration and subscribing.

Meanwhile, we have learned that, while doing hostility missions together is possible, there is actually no way to act as allies in port battles. As devs don't show any will to comply to that matter. Argumentation why cooperation is so important and for whom had been done elsewhere, I don't repeat myself here. Even the idea that attacking NE should at least approach as fleet in OW so screening could be attempted found so far no echo.

Also we have now a new Discord server for PvE Peace Server where diplomatic things are handled in a cooperative manner.

All this makes the beforementioned alliance obsolete. I hereby exonerate everybody who subscribed from this alliance, so they can follow their own obligations and will.

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Said it before and will say it again: the  PB mechanism as implemented now isn't compatible to PvE server. That was simple logic right from start. In the current mechanism of national alliances  nobody could defend any 50 or 55 pt port. 

Taking a neutral port is relatively easy though...which sooner or later will lead to clan vs clan, nation vs nation....a backdoor to pvp. (there will always be rogues not caring about diplomacy, . Unfortunately everything that can be done within game mechanism will be done ....)

As to Pirates: the timer mechanism is taking care of that,  the greatest clan on PvE is Pirate and is mainly US based. With maintenance timed to noon Europe, a US clan is sol when it comes to hostility. (I am not a member of that clan, but in close alliance)

If i understood it correctly, the current installation of PB is experimental.

I can only ask devs to take the am points into consideration. Easiest solution imho: Keep PB as is (or slightly modified) because at least its additional content....and it takes care of bragging rights,  adds to meta etc....

but decouple port boni from port ownership. reales = taxes are meaningless on PvE since we can do delivery missions totally riskfree, port boni  (and bragging rights ?) are the only interesting point about PB 

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