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This is a very interesting era for a game.... and the fact that no one (as far as I am aware) has ever made a game of this nature, will be extremely interesting. Watching the British fleet fight the French navy and/or the Spanish Armada, would be awesome. Is there any kind of timeline for the game yet?

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On 12/13/2018 at 6:41 PM, sterner said:

It will get more dynamic than UG:CW, but still not global map/sandbox.

Hey guys love your games. I also am a big lover of the total war series. I would like to ask you if in your future games, you have plans to add the global map type campaign. Just as another mode to play the game.

Regardless, really excited about your projects. The total war series really needs a competitor, and you guys are doing an amazing job with your games.

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Nice film short about the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-1674

It sure looked like the Dutch kicked major you know what on the Anglo.

I never realized it was these battles were so decisive. There was a lot more to Navel combat of this type in that era then I imagined

It's Amazing what these Admirals could maneuver when you consider they had to deal with ........questionable  flag communication  ....tides.....shoals ... current ..... night time at sea ... wind ,  and not to mention trying to herd cats with a bunch of aristocratic noblemen with delusions of grander far greater then their expertise 

I'll bet this new game could model this campaign perfectly

And I can even land take over that fort and assault it using the Gettysburg system  ! Wow

Where do I sign up to buy this again ?


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