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  1. Judging from the LeMat still using the old, vanilla icon, I'd say he's more than a couple minor revisions back.
  2. As nice as that guide is, a lot of that information really should be presented in-game. It doesn't have to be up-front (too much information is a thing), but somewhere accessible.
  3. This post is about the user interface during Harbor (equivalent to the Camp screen in Ultimate General: Civil War). Some things are good, others could use improvement. The following list is in no particular order of importance, nor is this a complete list, just the things I noticed while playing for the first time. I apologize if some of these explanations are difficult to understand. Some UI issues are enormously complex and require a thorough explanation to pass along what the problem is and how to cause it, but the user experience is important, and I hope to see these improved befor
  4. @LAVA I believe there's a bit of a misunderstanding going on here. What panda is trying to say is that the rewards are semi-randomized, in both vanilla and the mod (nothing got changed, however). What causes the randomization, panda doesn't know.
  5. I can't see a reason behind it. It hasn't gotten fixed yet, so I can only assume it's either intended or too late to do so.
  6. I should post this here for posterity's sake. Some graphs I made a few months ago on how battery size affects kills. This first one is direct data from my test, using 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 gun batteries. This one is from data extrapolated from the original test, going from 4 guns to 24 guns every 1 gun. As you can see, 24-gun batteries are quite bad. Worse, in fact, than a battery one-sixth the size.
  7. And so the greatest leaders of the navy and the army are brought together in this glorious game! I daresay these sea slugs are gonna need a few pointers once they figure out ships can't do the job of a proper army.
  8. And so the folks of Naval Action and Ultimate General are brought together. I look forward to it!
  9. Infantry brigades can use the weapon, it's listed there.
  10. The edit button exists, my friend. As for Cavalry Scouts, I'm not entirely sure how that would be very useful. AFAIK any detached unit that gets killed removes the parent unit's ability to detach more for the rest of that battle. Having a one-shot unit like that doesn't exactly feel too useful, especially if artillery decides to take a shot at it and nuke the unit before it gets anything done.
  11. She'll have a hard time beating my discovery of an exploit to control enemy units by selecting one of your own units and shift-clicking an enemy one.
  12. Curious ideas, though not all of it is possible. Stuff like Gallop / Run ability for artillery. Can't just add in new abilities, only modify them. Coehorn Mortars for Skirmishers is a bit interesting. You wouldn't be able to make it look like artillery though, they'd still have the same sprites. Also not sure if you can make it a crew-served weapon like artillery (which would mean you would need 500 Coehorn mortars for a full unit). Would make an interesting weapon for sure.
  13. It's not all about stats. The 20pdr Parrott Rifle, in my own experience, deals around 25 kills with even an unskilled crew at max range per volley. This is enough to completely remove a gun from an enemy artillery battery in one shot, which alone is worth it's weight in gold. But as you get closer, the gun just keeps on dealing more and more damage, and unusually for a rifled gun, it can absolutely murder enemy units in canister range. Even the 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle can't keep up with the amount of kills at varying targets unless the targets are all at the same sweet spot range, let along
  14. Uhh, no? Are you basing your assumptions on the visuals of the charts only or something? You do realize the 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle has a maximum damage degradation of 0.36 or so while the 20pdr Parrott Rifle sits at 0.5? If you directly compare the graphs number-for-number the 20pdr Parrott wins out at every yard, not to mention the 20pdr Parrott also has nearly quadruple the base damage. And as far as I know, shell type does affect damage. Otherwise perks wouldn't exist that modify them.
  15. The 12pdr Howitzer is indeed pretty bad. Worse than the 6pdr Field gun if you ask me. But the 20pdr Parrott Rifle terrible? You need to use those again and fix your perception of them. That, or you're not playing an up-to-date version of the game for one reason or another. That said, the 24pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott Rifles are the best guns in the game. It all comes down to a matter of cost and availability, the latter being the real hindrance to just skipping everything in between.
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