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  1. The Soldier

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    Infantry brigades can use the weapon, it's listed there.
  2. The Soldier

    Features I would like to see modded

    The edit button exists, my friend. As for Cavalry Scouts, I'm not entirely sure how that would be very useful. AFAIK any detached unit that gets killed removes the parent unit's ability to detach more for the rest of that battle. Having a one-shot unit like that doesn't exactly feel too useful, especially if artillery decides to take a shot at it and nuke the unit before it gets anything done.
  3. She'll have a hard time beating my discovery of an exploit to control enemy units by selecting one of your own units and shift-clicking an enemy one.
  4. The Soldier

    Features I would like to see modded

    Curious ideas, though not all of it is possible. Stuff like Gallop / Run ability for artillery. Can't just add in new abilities, only modify them. Coehorn Mortars for Skirmishers is a bit interesting. You wouldn't be able to make it look like artillery though, they'd still have the same sprites. Also not sure if you can make it a crew-served weapon like artillery (which would mean you would need 500 Coehorn mortars for a full unit). Would make an interesting weapon for sure.
  5. The Soldier

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    It's not all about stats. The 20pdr Parrott Rifle, in my own experience, deals around 25 kills with even an unskilled crew at max range per volley. This is enough to completely remove a gun from an enemy artillery battery in one shot, which alone is worth it's weight in gold. But as you get closer, the gun just keeps on dealing more and more damage, and unusually for a rifled gun, it can absolutely murder enemy units in canister range. Even the 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle can't keep up with the amount of kills at varying targets unless the targets are all at the same sweet spot range, let along actually do anything to an enemy unit in canister range (whatever your stats may say). And artillery doesn't always have the leisure of shooting at targets less than 700m away, look at Malvern Hill for example. Range is always a factor you have to take in, otherwise you may find yourself at the wrong end of a cannon, especially if you're Confederate. As to why numbers don't translate well into the game, I couldn't tell you. But I can tell you that experience trumps numbers any day.
  6. The Soldier

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    Uhh, no? Are you basing your assumptions on the visuals of the charts only or something? You do realize the 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle has a maximum damage degradation of 0.36 or so while the 20pdr Parrott Rifle sits at 0.5? If you directly compare the graphs number-for-number the 20pdr Parrott wins out at every yard, not to mention the 20pdr Parrott also has nearly quadruple the base damage. And as far as I know, shell type does affect damage. Otherwise perks wouldn't exist that modify them.
  7. The Soldier

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    The 12pdr Howitzer is indeed pretty bad. Worse than the 6pdr Field gun if you ask me. But the 20pdr Parrott Rifle terrible? You need to use those again and fix your perception of them. That, or you're not playing an up-to-date version of the game for one reason or another. That said, the 24pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott Rifles are the best guns in the game. It all comes down to a matter of cost and availability, the latter being the real hindrance to just skipping everything in between.
  8. In case the OP is still curious - yes, the initial timer is a countdown to when reinforcements arrive. After that there's another timer that, after which the battle will end if you make it that far.
  9. The Soldier

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    Aye, it would end your game with a sacking from Lincoln.
  10. I don't use Horse Artillery, but I definitely notice that ammunition for artillery is pretty scarce. Fire discipline is a thing, yeah. I've run 2k brigades for nearly my whole time playing the game, albeit with a short dip down to 1,500 as payment for winning at Gaines' Mill - boy did I get a pasting from the dozens of 3k rebel brigades. Not by choice of scaling, but because I'm most comfortable with that brigade size - good firepower and reasonable mobility.
  11. The game already has troops marching in column when moving over large distances and it consumes less Condition - it's an automatic feature. The ability to detach skirmishers used around 10% of the mother brigade in vanilla. However that was removed in this mod because you could abuse the feature far, far too much. Cavalry is actually very ineffective against other brigades in melee. In melee they're only useful for chasing down already Routed units. I think Cavalry already have some slight spotting bonuses over other units. In any case, you can pick up more spotting at a Vet 2 perk. Would probably be a good idea. Whatever changes were made to Skirmishers were good in regards to the skirmishing behavior that they share with Cavalry.
  12. The point of Routing in this game, not the definition, is to get the unit out of danger. If you had it your way then the moment a unit Routs, that unit might as well get deleted because they'll just end up Shattering or Surrendering. Furthermore, real life doesn't particularly apply to this mod, as that is not the goal panda and jonny had when making it. Good gameplay and making it more difficult is the goal, which they have achieved for the most part, and won't really compromise on that, either. I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about when you say enemy units flee out of pockets. I did that at Antietam and none of the enemy brigades survived, they all Surrendered. I have never experienced such a thing, in this mod or in vanilla for a very, very long time. If that does happen, then it can be no one's fault but your own.
  13. You're clearly not understanding my logic. If I've got a pile of ammunition next to me, then yes, I'll happily fire away at all targets (which is most battles). But when ammunition is scarce, like at Shiloh and Malvern Hill, you have to conserve your ammunition and wait for the right moment, otherwise you're going to end up with artillery reloading while a Rebel brigade is slicing up the frontline troops with impunity. While kills are definitely a part of it, it's about saving the guns for when you need them most. And because you save those guns for when you need them most, also end up with getting a large number of kills from canister. I don't think you understand what the point of Routing is.
  14. On battle where ammunition is...limited, to say the least, you don't just do firing at enemy brigades in the distance. This is especially prevalent at Shiloh and Malvern Hill, where you almost always run out of ammunition for your guns before your second corps and arrive. Hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes - one battery of 12pdr Napoleons killed 3,000 Rebels at Shiloh, then 4,000 at Malvern Hill. Another battery of 20pdr Parrotts killed 2,000 at Gaines' Mill, and 4,000 at Malvern Hill. Two batteries are responsible for fully a third of casualties I inflicted on the enemy that day. Not particularly. I'd like my army to be bigger but officer experience is really delaying that thought. I don't have many officers that can command brigades larger than 2500 strong or have batteries of guns larger than 14. Those who can are concentrated and given the best assets. If I really wanted the abuse the scaling system I'd make them all 8k strong, my current Infantry size cap, but I'm not. Did you really just go out and ask if I'd installed the mod correctly...? I'll remember that in the future.
  15. Ah, that's a pity then - with the skirmisher size reduction you're missing out on a lot of good opportunities. Just for the record, of the now 8 Light Infantry skirmishers I have, I've only had one commanding officer killed, and none wounded (poor John Sedgwick). +100% does wonderful things, you know. At Iuka I had 1800 enemies firing Sharps carbines into a single brigade of Light Infantry skirmishers and they did not take a single loss for quite a few volleys. Also, I find that I don't need to do much microing for my light infantry skirmishers. If they need to hold the line while taking direct fire I tell them to Hold Position, and if not, they have a reasonable sense of self-preservation to avoid most threats while keeping fire on them when required. Using P53 Enfields on them also results in them being extremely proficient in melee, so even if they do get caught out they can care for themselves. They usually perform just as well as my infantry brigades do, except they're much more satisfying to use. They reflect Modern Infantry tactics very well... (if you couldn't tell, of all the changes this mod made, this was my favorite ) As for surrendering - I forced 17 enemy units to surrender at Antietam, 10k Rebels in total (out of 40k total, similar to historical unit sizes). And all of that when my cavalry was out prancing about after supply (which they captured loads of). A unit is vastly more likely to surrender if it is Routed, in melee, and taking rifle fire while not near a unit with higher than Wavering morale. Cavalry can do nothing to force surrenders if no one's there to shoot at them. This is especially prevalent after I've changed Routing speed to 3 (as it will be in the future, currently it's set to 1). Good luck capturing after that change, though there is a silver lining - any units of your own that get Routed get out of danger much faster with the "stickiness" being felt less, which is well worth the trade. I also don't use Horse Artillery very much. I've got it on my batteries in my mobile corps, but not anywhere else. Extra range and reduced reload is just far too valuable when my guns can just keep up with the infantry, or are static in defense (as they have been in most of the previous Grand Battles). Let me tell you, 12pdr Napoleons with -30% Reload or -15% Reload and +50% Shell / Shot damage is something to fear. They'll get off 2 canister volleys, or 3 with -30% Reload, before an enemy brigade has a change to Rout out of range. Those rebels suffered mighty at the hands of my cannon at Malvern Hill, payback for the whipping I got at Gaines' Mill. I find having a division of 3k brigades plus a 44 gun battery as the army reserve is a wonderful asset to have. One division-sized battering ram where ever needed, to plug or make one helluva gap in the line. Speaking of, once you get Level 10 Training and Economy, well, you have so much money to throw around that you might as well fuel the men's camp fires with it. So cost is actually a nill issue for me by Fredricksburg, at which point there's not a single smoothbore musket left in circulation.