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  1. Just observed for the first time.. AI batteries splitting into two brigades to react to a threat in a different location on Harrison's Creek.
  2. In a few days... Off to Gettysburg and points south of the Mason-Dixon line in real life to retrace some of the steps of the 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment..
  3. Ah yes.. Fort Stevens There is a really good reason to keep your first in Union Corp at Cold Harbor intact; they will be going to the relief of Fort Stevens with no ability to refit. I was fortunate to only lose 2,752 infantry total at Cold Harbor (Confederate infantry losses = 26,408); as a result Union I Corp was almost fully intact at Fort Stevens. Match up at Fort Stevens Union vs. CSA Inf 18,089 vs. 39,932 Cav 1,903 vs. 2,637 Art 250 guns vs. approx. 300 guns Losses Inf. 7,688 vs. 28,106 Cav 553 vs. 1,762 Art 87 guns vs. 243 guns Missing 0 vs. 118 It was a tough battle; I became very concerned about preserving my 3* units towards the end. Medicine had been bumped up to 7 so after battle recovery was at 23+%. I pretty much ignored the right flank, and pulled those units back toward the center in order to concentrate their fire. Not sure future mod enhancements need to have the AI batteries targeting the player's batteries more frequently... The CSA batteries attacking Fort Stevens were doing just fine targeting I Corp's batteries.
  4. Cold Harbor.. ugh.. first attempt 5:1 odds against the Union on the first phase 3:1 odds against the Union on the second phase engaging with these odds at this time just reduces the Union needlessly. going to need to completely rethink how to pull this off ------------------------ second attempt------------------ Phase 1 - pulled back initial Union deployment to small wooded hill and farm in NE corner. Initial odds 4,370 Union manpower vs. 19,742 CSA manpower; this play through = 4.5 to 1 odds CSA vs. Union Union reinforcements, at about the 1 minute mark, bring things up to 12,570 Union manpower vs. 19,721; 1.5 to 1 odds CSA vs. Union Union I Corp ends Phase I completely intact because they did not engage the enemy; CSA AI did not take the VP held by the Union. Phase 2 - pulled back the center Union brigades to the inner defenses East of the middle VP; brought the southern most Union units to the same location; the Union units at the northern VP held their position. Initial odds 4,489 Union manpower vs 16,071 CSA manpower, 3.5 to 1 odds CSA vs. Union 3 CSA brigades routed as they came in range of the Union units at the Northern VP; middle VP is taken by CSA units; but 3 CSA skirmishers took heavy casualties moving east to the inner defense line. Union casualties about 20 total; CSA casualties estimated around 750 or so. Phase 3 - I Corp with all 6 Division in the field.. fully intact; II Corp with 3 intact Divisions in the field Initial odds 19,672 Union manpower vs 27,108 CSA manpower; 1.3 to 1 odds CSA vs Union -most important- Union has 201 guns vs 64 CSA guns; 3.1 to 1 odds, Union's favor II Corp's 3 Divisions will attempt to break and turn the CSA left flank at the northern most portion of the map; no CSA batteries have been observed and Ii Corp will have 6 batteries at their disposal for the assault. I Corp will deploy in a line just west of the Union entrenchments in the various wooded sections; the woods will provide needed cover for the anticipated CSA probes. Union long range batteries will focus on the CSA batteries behind their main entrenchment. ----------------------------- Phase 3 update- II Corp 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Divisions have broken and turned the CSA left flank: Walnut Grove Road is in Union hands.. CSA brigades keep attacking the Union I Corp line; but crossing open ground to do it, is proving costly. In a surprising development, the CSA battery anchoring their right flank has been knocked out and that flank is wavering under Union battery fire... ------------------------------------------------ Union victory at Cold Harbor.. massive Confederate losses; Union losses minimal.. Reported that I Corp is moving to defend Fort Stevens....
  5. Mule Shoe was interesting.. First attempt was a draw due to excessive Union casualties. Second attempt was successful due to a change in tactics. Initial deployment of I Corp was to send all but 1 division to the southern most right flank of the CSA line. One division was placed right center on CSA right flank; primarily to protect I Corp's flank as it moved south. This division also kept CSA brigades and batteries 'occupied' on the northern most section of the CSA defensvie line. I Corp long range batteries provided counter batter fire on the far south CSA right flank; other Union batteries bombarded the CSA entrenchments (wish Union entrenchments were that strong); the Union concentrated fire from around 10-12 batteries against this portion of the CSA line. Union Inf, et al stayed out of range for the most part; they were set up to repel CSA Inf. attacks against Union batteries Meanwhile.. II Corp was brought in and "slowly" spread out along the left flank of the CSA defenses; ending with a small concentration of batteries (4) at the southern most CSA left flank backed by Union Inf and skirmishers. II Corp batteries 'whittled down' CSA batteries and brigades; A Union presence along the entire CSA left flank kept that side 'occupied' . The unexpected event.. Two 1000 man CSA skirmisher brigades attacked the left flank of the Union II Corp threatening the outcome of the battle. (still not sure how they slipped through the Union line). 1 Union Inf.brigade, 1 union long range skirmisher brigade, 1 battery of howitzers, and eventually my 2* mounted infantry were dispatched to solve that problem.. 1 CSA brigade destroyed, and the other captured. I Corp eventually breaks the CSA right flank and pushes to the VP; the CSA AI never really reinforces that section due to the Union attacks and positions on the CSA left flank and at the top of the Mule Shoe. The mod's perks, etc. for skirmishers and artillery proved to be very effective in my opinion for strategies like this; long range skirmishers can tie up several opposing units while hidden (unless the AI has similar units in the vicinity) and can spot for long range batteries. This is a great counter to the total army scaling issues.
  6. Starting Brock Road Since increasing Recon to 5 seem to have provided an improvement in being able to spot CSA skirmishers, I have pushed it up to 6. My allotment at this point: Politics - 6 Economy -6 Medicine - 7 Training - 10 Army Org - 7 Logistics - 6 Recon - 6 I now have 5 specialized skirmisher brigades armed with JFBrowns, EN1856, and Whitworths; they are mostly spotting CSA skirmishers at the moment. -------------- It appears that having Recon at 6 achieves parity with those pesky disappearing CSA skirmishers. Brock Road was a strong Union victory with massive losses on the Confederate side. Most of the time Union brigades did not take fire from hidden CSA units. I had no Union brigades blunder into hidden CSA brigades.
  7. My last day strategy: Viniard Field was the main target of the CSA AI. Defending Union brigades at the Field were pulled back to the wooded ridge that runs on a NE line from the fortified position south of Viniard Field. This line was backed up by Union batteries coming in as reinforcements. A skirmisher unit was left in the fortified position just west of the Viniard VP. At the Brotherton Cabin VP area, some Union brigades and a battery were moved down from Kelly Field to form a right angle (backward L) in the defense line behind the Cabin VP. At Kelly Field, all Union units were pulled back West of the VP, except for a skirmisher unit place in the woods east of the VP for spotting purposes. At the southern most VP, two incoming Infantry brigades backed by two batteries took positions just south of the VP. A skirmisher brigade armed with Colt Rifles assisted. Eventually, after CSA attacks subsided there, one infantry brigade was sent to help retake the Viniard VP. Exploratory CSA attacks occurred at all VPs, but the main attack was, as expected, made at Viniard. The skirmisher unit was pulled back toward the line running in a NE direction mentioned earlier. The CSA AI obliged by following the skirmisher unit into an ambush; CSA brigades were caught in the open. Some of the original Viniard attackers moved North to assault the Brotherton Cabin VP; this VP changed hands a few times with the CSA brigades being greatly reduced in numbers for their attempts. CSA batteries were focus fired by Union batteries when they came within range of the Union guns. A rather interesting artillery duel took place on the left flank of the NE line between two large CSA batteries and 5 much smaller Union batteries. It came down to the the lyrics from 'The Doors' "they got the guns, but we got the numbers". Both CSA batteries were destroyed; with the 5 Union batteries remaining (although several were down to 2 guns). With the CSA batteries gone from the Viniard vicinity; Union brigades and batteries slowly advanced to retake the VP. Meanwhile.. Up toward Kelly Field.. CSA batteries were creating a problem in that they were hidden, and counter battery fire from the Union was not happening. Both Union cavalry brigades were sent to the rear of the CSA line in that area to spot the hidden batteries. One the batteries were spotted; Union counter battery fire eliminated the threat. Once all known CSA batteries had been eliminated (Intel report showed zero), the CSA brigades could only make unsupported attacks against the VPs. Eventually CSA attacks stopped entirely.
  8. Reports are trickling in.. 12 divisions from the Union I & II Corps, despite being outnumbered over 2:1 have held their ground along the Chickamauga. Details to follow Union vs CSA Inf 31,609 vs 80,152 Cav 2,178 vs 9,560 Art 6,441/262 guns vs 5,789/240 Losses Inf 16,124 vs 60,132 Cav 704 vs 5,229 Art 2,220/80 guns vs 4,552/184 Missing 0 vs 461 3 brigades out of Union I Corp will not return 4 brigades out of Union II Corp will not return Several Union brigades will be disbanded and reorganized into new brigades due to casualties. There were no Union officers killed; but many were wounded. It appears that all Union batteries survived; but some of them are down to 2 guns.
  9. Well.. I can manage a draw. Losing 7 complete divisions to do it, does not cut it. The main attack hit Viniard Field; the Union did not have sufficient forces to hold and trying to reinforce just added more casualties. If the CSA main attack is going to hit Viniard Field; I am tempted to let them take it with token resistance and try to draw them into open ground. There is plenty of time to retake that VP
  10. This is probably the best advice for winning this battle at MG level.. a bit 'cheese' (not a term I use much.. but you get the point). I am in fair to good shape for the last day 20,330 manpower for the Union vs. 33,354 for CSA 194 Union guns vs 131 I should have been in a lot better shape, except I accidentally chose a general to replace a missing commander in one of the early camp phases when I meant to choose a colonel.. an expensive mistake in the terms of dollars which could have been better spent on manpower to shore up under strength brigades. No save to recover at that point. SAVE OFTEN.... Jay's Mills and Brotheton Road are no longer VPs that could be taken; they were heavily defended by the CSA brigades in the previous phase. Counter is at 11:57.. we shall see in a while
  11. That was one my own units.. I believe the only time I have gotten any AI day 1 units to show up, is if I put them on the north edge of the map in the woods. Had MInty show up a few times.. well maybe two times.
  12. I should be able to do that.. I have a lot of saves. I will check.
  13. Confederate counter attack.. Intel suggests that the Union has 24,473 in manpower vs CSA manpower of 48,835 199 Union guns vs. 156 on the Confederate side Counter attack has stalled.. Intel reports Union @ 19,706 vs. CSA 32,008 Guns - Union @ 164 vs CSA 156 Union cavalry in the rear of the CSA lines are greatly slowing CSA brigades advance to the main line of battle. Several CSA supply wagons have been captured.
  14. First part of the 2nd day.. Looks like Union casualties at this point are 1,947 vs. 8,909 casualties on the Confederate side Holding Kelly Field VP and Brotherton Cabin Intel shows 12,240 Union with 104 guns vs 13,334 Confederates; they (CSA) are down to 36 guns at the moment. One small Union cavalry unit as made it back to Reed's Bridge area; which puts them in the rear of the Confederates. Only one CSA Infantry brigade is currently spotted; it is taking enfilade fire and now wavering. Anticipating additional Union reinforcements shortly...
  15. Sixth attempt.. Held two VPs. CSA was scattered trying to take back VPs; had 3 for quite a while. Lost a 3* commander; might need to replay from a save. On to test the 2nd day of the battle strategy.
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