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  1. Interesting.. I did a quick run through with the 1.25.2 test with Phillipi, basically at full speed before heading off to the office this morning (I do not recommend high speed for serious game play..). The initial encounter between Union Inf. brigade;two Union skirmishers and a single CSA brigade was promising; the Union Inf. seemed to be more effective; Union skirmishers about the same. The CSA brigade in open ground took significant casualties before retreating. The first in Union reinforcements (3 inf brigades and 2 batteries) were able to force the CSA AI brigades back across the river and into Phillipi with relative ease. Initially the attack on Phillipi itself went well; what I believed to be single CSA battery located in Phillipi was eliminated with few Union casualties. The north bridge CSA defender was driven out of the fortification; however a Union brigade in that vicinity began to take heavy casualties (quickly down to half strength). I pushed to position, but could not hold that area. It turned out that two additional CSA batteries were just along the railroad edge of Phillipi; they apparently focused on the Union brigades that had crossed the bridge. I was not able to take the VP in the time allotted. Hopefully the two additional CSA batteries beyond the normal single battery in town is just a bad roll of the dice.. Other than the two unexpected CSA AI batteries; this 1.25.2 test mod seemed to improve the player's units. Tough from the player perspective to actually know if it RNG luck that you are seeing or the actual changes from the mod.. But from my perspective this morning: Inf. brigades seem to have had a slight increase in damage dealt, particularly when they were able to catch an AI brigade in the open, or enfilade fire on it. I only had Napoleon batteries, but the damage at shot range seemed to be the same; shell range damage seemed improved (at least against the one CSA battery that was quickly destroyed); canister range damage seemed improved ( I did not have any CSA brigades waltz into canister and get off with only a handful of casualties. I will give it another try or two this evening (at a much slower game speed).
  2. Not just legendary.. Major General as well.. just tried to play the 1st Bull Run as CSA.. not even close, a complete disaster. The parity that artillery provided against the AI scaling is now completely gone. at best you were facing 2.5 to 1 odds before Johnson arrives for the 'counter-attack' . I estimate that it was closer to 4:1 odds because most CSA units were at half strength at that time, with few Union AI brigades with equivalent casualties. Not sure why AI scaled Union forces with 2,000+ man brigades.. CSA AI provided brigades were 500 to 800 men. with 1 brigade at 1,300. I can pull a draw by exploiting the map, not by Civil War era maneuvers.
  3. Sure thing.. Might be another visit to Gettysburg this year during a run on antique shops in that area.. I will take some additional photos. If the Park Service has the yellow jackets under control, I will definitely take photos of Devils Den from a soldiers perspective.
  4. My grandmother's great-great uncle served in the 143rd PA Inf. Regiment, one of the volunteer enlisted men from 1862; their first battle under fire was at Gettysburg along with most of Stone's Brigade (149th, 150th PA Inf. Regiment.. also volunteers at that point). A.P. Hill, CSA was impressed by their tenacity on the first day.. probably would have been more impressed had he known how inexperienced those brigades really were My distant relative 'survived' the war, although I suspect he suffered from what we now call PTSD (he was known to drink a bit). He was promoted to Corporal near the end of the war for 'gallantry at Gettysburg'; I have yet to track down the specifics; but a local poem put together for the reunions held in his honor starting in the early 1900's suggests he saved one of the regimental colors at Gettysburg 'and carried it at the head of his regiment for the rest of the day. The promotion is in official regimental documents; the actual specifics beyond the words 'for gallantry' of the promotion is not (at least I have yet to find that information). No evidence that any letters, etc. that he sent home still survive. I did come across the following journal from another soldier in his regiment: Avery Harris Civil War Journal – February 1, 2000 by Peter Tomasak (Author/Editor) Harris' account of the battle at McPherson's Farm on the first day at Gettysburg is graphic in its details; he speaks of an entire CSA brigade being swept away by double canister at under 300 yards by a Union battery. He also mentions seeing a battery loading triple canister. The 143rd at Gettysburg had Enfields; which they thought to be a bit heavy but very accurate. I am going to try to visit every battlefield in which the 143rd fought (going to be spending a lot of time in Virginia doing that). Left Pennsylvania for Washington, D.C., November 7, and served duty in the defenses of that city until January 17, 1863. Ordered to join the Army of the Potomac in the field January 1863. Duty at Belle Plains, Va., until April 27. Chancellorsville Campaign April 27-May 6. Operations at Pollock's Mill Creek April 29-May 2. Battle of Chancellorsville May 2-5. Gettysburg Campaign June 11-July 24. Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3. Pursuit of Lee July 5-24. Duty at Bealeton Station until October. Bristoe Campaign October 9-22. Haymarket October 19. Advance to line of the Rappahannock November 7-8. Warrenton November 7. Guard at Manassas Junction November 22-December 5. Demonstration on the Rapidan February 6-7, 1864. Duty near Culpeper until May. Rapidan Campaign May 4-June 12. Battle of the Wilderness May 5-7. Laurel Hill May 8. Spotsylvania May 8-12. Spotsylvania Court House May 12-21. Assault on the Salient May 12. North Anna River May 23-26. Jericho Ford May 25. On line of the Pamunkey May 26-28. Totopotomoy May 28-31. Cold Harbor June 1-12. Bethesda Church June 1-3. Before Petersburg June 16-18. Siege of Petersburg June 16, 1864 to February 10, 1865. Mine Explosion July 30, 1864 (reserve). Weldon Railroad August 18-21. Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, October 27-28. Warren's Raid to Weldon Railroad December 7-12. Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run, February 5-7, 1865. Ordered to New York February 10. Assigned to duty at Hart's Island, New York Harbor, guarding prison camp, and escorting recruits and convalescents to the front until June.
  5. Thanks.. They were taken with a Canon EOS 80D; mostly were shot at ISO 100.. I let the camera do most of the 'work' rather than manually adjust the settings, as my wife and I only had a limted amount of time for each battlefield as we headed south. I had a tripod.. but elected to leave it in the Jeep. Next time around I have some settings I want to try out with the camera. The Napoleon and crow at Monocacy was out of eight separate photos with different settings.. the crow obliged, so I kept shooting photos. Forgot to include the Burnside Bridge at Antietam, from the Confederate position.. The Confederates held the high ground.. Once you actually stand on the spot, you understand why the Union took such high casualties here.
  6. Gettysburg, Monocacy, Antietam, New Market - selected views: Gettysburg, First day position of Stone's Brigade at McPherson's Farm This would have been the view the advancing Confederates had of the barn (the barn stone work is mostly original, remainder has been repaired or reconstructed over the years; the rest of the McPherson builds only exist as remnants of their foundations). Right flank of the battery, immediately across from the stone side of the barn. Left flank of Hall's 2nd Maine battery; one of the last to leave its position on July 1st with what was left of the 143rd, 149th, and 150th PA Inf. Regiments. Note that the Confederate brigades had to advance up hill toward McPherson's Farm. Position of the 143rd PA Inf. Regiment, facing toward the railroad cut (line of trees and bushes in the middle of the photograph; the bushes and trees were not present in 1863). John Burns, citizen of Gettysburg. Soldiers of the 150th PA Reg. that fought along side him; noted that he had the shooting skills of their own sharpshooters. Color Sergeant Ben Crippen.. killed July 1st, 1863 while defiantly withdrawing with the 143rd ( 143rd was the last to leave their position on the McPherson Farm. after Union brigades on their left and right flanks has withdrawn leaving the 143d almost surrounded). Crippen's gesture is the Civil War equivalent of giving someone the finger. Monocacy Battlefied (least know battle of the war.. precedes Fort Stevens in the game). Greatly out numbered Union troops held positions just beyond the tree line, and the ridge on the other side of Monocacy Creek.. this battle delayed the Confederate advance on Washington and allowed Grant to shift troops from Cold Harbor north to Fort Stevens. Antietam - Dunker Church (reconstructed) with 6pdr, 10pdr Howitzer, 3 Inch Ord. and 10pdr Parrott in the foreground. Sunken Road/Bloody Lane - Antietam the Union advanced from the high ground toward the Sunken Road. This monument is in direct line with the Sunken Road (left of the monument in the photograph); the Irish Brigade advanced to within 30 paces of the Sunken Road (about the edge of the cornfield)stood and fired round after round of 'buck and ball' into the Confederates. When the Irish Brigade ran out of ammunition; they marched back to the Union rear lines. New Market Battlefield Approximate left flank starting position of the VMI Cadets.. they will pass on both sides of the Bushong house as they advance toward the Union lines. Just past the Bushong House.. VMI Cadets along with the other Confederate brigades are under constant Union artillery fire till well past the fence line in this photograph. They essentially never fire a shot until midway across the far field show here. Union Major General Franz Sigel despite having superior numbers, and a superior position.. lost this battle; Grant relieved him of command and he was put in charge of the reserve corps for the remainder of the war.. choose files... Click to choose files
  7. Not that it impacted Shiloh at all... Part of the issue is that in every battle for Shiloh, since 1.25.1a was introduced, most CSA AI units are twice as fast as any of my Union units (which have speed perks). Cannon fodder brigades, which in the past could be used to slow the CSA advance are now being captured at over half strength.. unable to withdraw fast enough to avoid it. Playing Shiloh 20 times to win once is not my idea of fun.. plus it borders on insanity. I do appreciate the hard work behind the mod.. but I believe this last version needs some tweaking. I will post the battle field photographs I took at Gettysburg, Monocacy, Antietam, and New Market as promised.. but then I am done for a while.
  8. Well, I now have 854 free ones to distribute before Shiloh...
  9. It is not the carbine that I am capturing... It is the rifle version. I am now up to 683 total after River Crossing, with Logan's Crossroads yet to go. This is not a complaint, glad to acquire them as captured weapons; I just thought it was unusual.
  10. Sharps 1859 Rifle question -- MG level Mod 1.25.1a I am experiencing CSA AI skirmisher units showing up almost exclusively armed with Sharps Rifles from Bull Run onward; and while I greatly appreciate capturing those rifles several hundred at a time (70 from Distress Call; 530 from Bull Run, over 700 from the last play through of River Crossing, etc.) I have to ask is this an expected circumstance?
  11. same here.. Experimenting with officer advancement leading up to Shiloh.. had a great victory at Bull Run, very low casualties there.
  12. When does Medicine begin to reduce Wounds and Deaths for officers?
  13. If people are regularly winning at Shiloh on the MG level with the 1.25.1a mod.. I would like to know how you do it. Because I am no longer even coming close to pulling it off.
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