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  1. Interesting.. I did a quick run through with the 1.25.2 test with Phillipi, basically at full speed before heading off to the office this morning (I do not recommend high speed for serious game play..). The initial encounter between Union Inf. brigade;two Union skirmishers and a single CSA brigade was promising; the Union Inf. seemed to be more effective; Union skirmishers about the same. The CSA brigade in open ground took significant casualties before retreating. The first in Union reinforcements (3 inf brigades and 2 batteries) were able to force the CSA AI brigades back across t
  2. Not just legendary.. Major General as well.. just tried to play the 1st Bull Run as CSA.. not even close, a complete disaster. The parity that artillery provided against the AI scaling is now completely gone. at best you were facing 2.5 to 1 odds before Johnson arrives for the 'counter-attack' . I estimate that it was closer to 4:1 odds because most CSA units were at half strength at that time, with few Union AI brigades with equivalent casualties. Not sure why AI scaled Union forces with 2,000+ man brigades.. CSA AI provided brigades were 500 to 800 men. with 1 brigade at 1,300.
  3. Sure thing.. Might be another visit to Gettysburg this year during a run on antique shops in that area.. I will take some additional photos. If the Park Service has the yellow jackets under control, I will definitely take photos of Devils Den from a soldiers perspective.
  4. My grandmother's great-great uncle served in the 143rd PA Inf. Regiment, one of the volunteer enlisted men from 1862; their first battle under fire was at Gettysburg along with most of Stone's Brigade (149th, 150th PA Inf. Regiment.. also volunteers at that point). A.P. Hill, CSA was impressed by their tenacity on the first day.. probably would have been more impressed had he known how inexperienced those brigades really were My distant relative 'survived' the war, although I suspect he suffered from what we now call PTSD (he was known to drink a bit). He was promoted to Corporal near th
  5. Thanks.. They were taken with a Canon EOS 80D; mostly were shot at ISO 100.. I let the camera do most of the 'work' rather than manually adjust the settings, as my wife and I only had a limted amount of time for each battlefield as we headed south. I had a tripod.. but elected to leave it in the Jeep. Next time around I have some settings I want to try out with the camera. The Napoleon and crow at Monocacy was out of eight separate photos with different settings.. the crow obliged, so I kept shooting photos. Forgot to include the Burnside Bridge at Antietam, from the Conf
  6. Gettysburg, Monocacy, Antietam, New Market - selected views: Gettysburg, First day position of Stone's Brigade at McPherson's Farm This would have been the view the advancing Confederates had of the barn (the barn stone work is mostly original, remainder has been repaired or reconstructed over the years; the rest of the McPherson builds only exist as remnants of their foundations). Right flank of the battery, immediately across from the stone side of the barn. Left flank of Hall's 2nd Maine battery; one of the last to leave its position on July 1st with what was l
  7. Not that it impacted Shiloh at all... Part of the issue is that in every battle for Shiloh, since 1.25.1a was introduced, most CSA AI units are twice as fast as any of my Union units (which have speed perks). Cannon fodder brigades, which in the past could be used to slow the CSA advance are now being captured at over half strength.. unable to withdraw fast enough to avoid it. Playing Shiloh 20 times to win once is not my idea of fun.. plus it borders on insanity. I do appreciate the hard work behind the mod.. but I believe this last version needs some tweaking.
  8. Well, I now have 854 free ones to distribute before Shiloh...
  9. It is not the carbine that I am capturing... It is the rifle version. I am now up to 683 total after River Crossing, with Logan's Crossroads yet to go. This is not a complaint, glad to acquire them as captured weapons; I just thought it was unusual.
  10. Sharps 1859 Rifle question -- MG level Mod 1.25.1a I am experiencing CSA AI skirmisher units showing up almost exclusively armed with Sharps Rifles from Bull Run onward; and while I greatly appreciate capturing those rifles several hundred at a time (70 from Distress Call; 530 from Bull Run, over 700 from the last play through of River Crossing, etc.) I have to ask is this an expected circumstance?
  11. same here.. Experimenting with officer advancement leading up to Shiloh.. had a great victory at Bull Run, very low casualties there.
  12. When does Medicine begin to reduce Wounds and Deaths for officers?
  13. If people are regularly winning at Shiloh on the MG level with the 1.25.1a mod.. I would like to know how you do it. Because I am no longer even coming close to pulling it off.
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