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  1. I am not going to play until you release this game. I feel that I have been very patient up to this point. I now await the release
  2. majordon

    PvE Server OFF

    I hope I don't lose my Trader Snow. It was its maiden voyage
  3. majordon

    PvE Server OFF

    Me too!! In the middle of a cruise
  4. Thanks Anolytic, much appreciated
  5. When mousing over a port , could you indicate--Resources and outpost buildings availability to build? I find it annoying to set up an Outpost only to find that you cannot build a resource building.
  6. As an Ultimate General player, I am really looking forward to this project. All the best of luck to you all.
  7. Please tell me how to exchange Doubloons for Reals, I have over 9000 Doubloons and cannot buy a Brig!! Is there any way you can set up a Traders' Bank or Exchange Bureau. I've been away for a long time and am very happy to be back. All suggestions welcome.
  8. Give starter lynx player a free choice between 4pounders and 12 pound carronades. Do not allow double shotting of Carronades.
  9. Wholeheartedly agree.
  10. Wargamer.com has given us a nice article.Check it out
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