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  1. And why shouldn't that be possible? It wasn't uncommon in real life.
  2. Taking the boys into the cabin to "teach" them, eh? All jokes (and sodomy) aside, nice lessons you've got there.
  3. The point that many of you are missing is that it is impossible to have a fight that is even close to "fair." If players don't have a definite advantage, they run away and refuse to fight.
  4. Yes, I doubt such a situation ever actually occurred (that can be verified). In fact, was music ever actually played during boarding? Any man in his right mind would be arming himself for boarding rather than playing a tune.
  5. What nations regularly had a piper on board? I'm curious, because I've never heard of bagpipes being used in this capacity.
  6. Regarding the AI and the difficulty in progressing with small ships, I must concur.
  7. I'm not really a fan of the unified repairs, the separated ones made a lot more sense. If you wanted to repair your sails, you would use a sail repair (call it spare sailcloth) rather than waste a whole "repair" on it. Repairs should be done using equipment in the hold, really. If you want to repair the hull, you'll need to have spare timbers in your hold. Sails will need spare sailcloth. It would be a much more logical approach, and would encourage players to purchase resources.
  8. When pirates join a battle, they shouldn't be out on a "side." They should be enemies to all.
  9. I've said it before, others have said it before, but it's still there, so I'll say it again. And it is a MAJOR annoyance- There is simply WAY too much fog at times. It's ridiculous.
  10. Supposedly 7,000 copies were sold.. Where are all those players?
  11. This makes a lot of sense. I love the concept of modular ships, and it would really expand the abilities and possibilties for players. Masterviolins suggestion could achieve this very well. We really need the option to choose the actual number of cannons rather than simply having an entire deck of cannons.
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