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  1. Taking the boys into the cabin to "teach" them, eh? All jokes (and sodomy) aside, nice lessons you've got there.
  2. Yes, I doubt such a situation ever actually occurred (that can be verified). In fact, was music ever actually played during boarding? Any man in his right mind would be arming himself for boarding rather than playing a tune.
  3. What nations regularly had a piper on board? I'm curious, because I've never heard of bagpipes being used in this capacity.
  4. When pirates join a battle, they shouldn't be out on a "side." They should be enemies to all.
  5. This makes a lot of sense. I love the concept of modular ships, and it would really expand the abilities and possibilties for players. Masterviolins suggestion could achieve this very well. We really need the option to choose the actual number of cannons rather than simply having an entire deck of cannons.
  6. Great job, I hope the devs consider adding this. What modeling program did you use?
  7. Ship-rigged sloops, something this game is sorely lacking. I would love to see more of these and less frigates/SoLs.
  8. This is quite a pleasant surprise. I guess I know what ship I'll be buying next, once it's available.
  9. Dazed has a very good idea here. The ring is unnecessary, it's simply an eyesore that doesn't need to be there.
  10. Amp, come on now. If you want a legitimate discussion, by all means have one. However, picking apart other's posts and finding new meanings that were not necessarily intended does nothing to add to the discussion. That being said, this will probably be the only post I'll make here, as I'd rather not involve myself further.
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