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Patrol zone rotation

Old Crusty


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I tracked it for 2 weeks. It appears to currently be a 7 day cycle. We have 6 PVP zones; Nassau is done twice in those 7 days. The only time I've personally seen it repeat the same zone two days in a row was when we had a big server outtage and the servers had to be reset to previous state.

Current order:

  1. Nassau
  2. Tumbado
  3. Léogane
  4. Antilles
  5. Nassau
  6. La Mona
  7. Hispaniola


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10 hours ago, Hethwill the Harmless said:

Is it 7 days cycle ? 14 days ? 30 ? 90 ?

:) guess we will have to figure out ourselves.


Yes because none of us has other worries in life🤣

I am trying to figure out why Admin just won’t post it. As much as I want to, I can’t log on every day. I know that the rotation is not a straight list of the zones that rotates each day. I have seen Nassau come up twice in four days. If I miss logging in just one day I would have to start over.

Please just tell us what it is.

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Reckon community as a while can take note.

Every day we add 1 post with the mission of the day. Eventually the pattern shows up.

Simple :) 

I have no clue what the rotation is. I just use it as a beacon of where not to go raid trade.

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24 minutes ago, Hethwill the Harmless said:

Good start :) but i thiunk the cycle might be longer. At the very least you must have a 2 consecutive Nassau in the cycle.

Perhaps but I do know it repeats this sequence twice. I’ll leave it to others to make notes on what it does after 14 days. 

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