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  1. Yet, you keep on saying that you want a level plain field at the start, but have the vets keep their skillbooks. That means the game will become unequal with every opened shipslot. Wipe it all!
  2. The only thing that acctually gives you an edge over other players, you keep! NO! Those books fukked up youre game and it will continue to do so. All hail content creators, they have all those books and get to keep them. Bunch of wankers!
  3. And yet with their resources they developed another game on the side of this one(NA Legends). Its a question of will! I gave plenty ideeas along with broad strokes implementation posibilities and all got ignored. So the conclusion is that this IS the game they wanted.
  4. 'Content creators' for this game! One of the worst ideeas in this development. Having to rely on a few players to create content in youre game, a game were one can "program" as much content as the imagination lets you. This created friends that in time created strong nations that nobody dared to challange. (Old Sweden) Allso the spy/alt problem, the thing that the game tries to avoid by introducing this hard shipslot grind. Wrong choice! Then the economy, the most boring part of this game. To conclude, this game has been in the hands of a few players and we all have to acomodate their whishes and their agenda, this needs to stop. Remove content creators power and program that in the game, program some in game ts, or at least some way to organize in game without having to use third party apps that are easily intercepted. Give rewards for pvp actions for both sides, not just for wins. And for the love of God, stop this circle development, its crazy!
  5. Fear no more, had a duell between trincomales and we almost killed eachother i had a great time. Then i attacked a bellona, made some mistakes so i had repaired and run away, like a true hero. I tested the big ships to and they feel glorious, against smaller rates, but u get in trouble when fighting more ships of the same rate as youres. And imo its how it should be.
  6. I don't belive for one minute that experienced players will have any problem ajusting to the new gameplay. They will still be able to kill less experienced players with ease. The thing that its going to change (i hope) its the scenario when a Bellona takes on three Victorys and a Santi and kills all of them! The grifing factor in this game its the weakest point. You all pretend to be testers...so test before you complain!
  7. @Slim McSauce Tell me more about this solo 'preferential treatment' you speak off...
  8. Ok, but then you no longer play alone then, right? And thats what the post is about, a complaint, that it is no longer possible to play alone. And i have to disagree that no one sailed alone. To my knowledge a convoy was made only if the transport had some value. The thing is that NA does its own thing anyway, so, we're left debating in the wind..
  9. What has ww2 u-boats have to do with sailing ships from 16th and 17th hundred years?
  10. Call yourselfs "target practice"! Then you can acctually be proud you do such a good job...
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