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Shot Weightings By Nation

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The second is 1808, not 1822. It should therefore (in theory) be 336kg compared to the earlier 473.7kg.

Note she is listed as operating in the channel fleet in 1793, while 'escorting the royal family' across the Atlantic in 1807. This might have some bearing on her armament choices (suitable for fighting in the line, vs chasing off commerce raiders).

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That does seem much more reasonable and in line with other nations. Do you have any sources I can see, even if they are in Portuguese? Also out of interest what is your thought on how/why threedecks makes the mistake? 


Oh, there´s other fun stuff on threedecks, look at the entries for the swedish Vasa and Venus, for example:

The Venus is listed with 156' (imperial), that´s not correct, that´s her length p/p in swedish feet and thus her length in imperial feet would be slightly shorter.

Vasa has her length given in swedish alen (exactly two swedish feet), but her length in imperial feet is 371' 6''. Quite the ship, indeed.


So, when looking at the entries for ships of the smaller nations,  try to cross-reference the data if possible :)

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Even the Surprise (ex L'Unite 1794) has incorrect data still, despite my writing a correction some time ago.

Her carronade fit is listed as 32lb on battery and on the castles, while IRL this was 32lb on battery and 18lb on the castles, and I have also seen numerous other obvious errors too (in some cases a 'split' armament for the same year into two entries - iirc one of the RN 64 Rzaee's has this type of error).

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