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  1. Is there a way to make it work good with picture? I can't seem to post picture and close spoiler well, it makes same problem that I did have before with text.
  2. Please can we make Xebec/Sciabecco much less thickness, they are a very thin ships. I saw good model group in Trentino who have great ones to see with thin side's when looking at frigates also. Requin is bad for game as ship is, only used by ganking game ruiners.
  3. But how you write after spoiler, all letter after /spoiler get put in anyway you have to put on same line? this is put out of spoiler Ok thank you I have understanding now. Thank you Ink.
  4. I try to make a spoiler for a thread but it does not work, how do I do it better? Please may you help. I use as follow: (spoiler) Writing (/spoiler) Writing but with square bracket like on other internet forum but it come's out bad.
  5. But you use the smallest ball you can for the best DPS, if angle is good? Thank you for answers friends.
  6. So big balls don't do much extra damage more than small balls?
  7. Please can you help me understand what damage is calculated by, could someone help me know it, because what I see the damage between a 24pd and 42pd cannon is only 5 base damage between but it feels much hurt when you hit the enemy ship with it. May someone show me what it makes so different when shot?
  8. Yes there must be more access to ships. The ships should be much more craftable so a good supply of ships can mean we can fight more and enjoy the game.
  9. I like the mediterranean vessel the xebec I would like to have a guide to sail her too. They are beautiful ships it is a shame you cannot turn the sail the whole way around, I feel that this was a something that you could do with the ship in history. Does anyone know of a replication of her? Are there other people who might offer advice on experts too?
  10. It would be good to see the interesting data on how many players the game has who are properly players and how many of the people are alternative users.
  11. Its really sad that the game has gone to alts undermining so many of the mechanics.
  12. This is very cool, I had no idea that there was machine gun in '800, they should put this in the game 😎
  13. I have never had problem with this, I use firefox and chrome.
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