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  1. Wind

    Dear Spain

    Does this mean you have a curfew and you still live with your parents?
  2. Only one guy cares. Please don't be like this guy on the picture... If you build something you build it right.
  3. They got inverted perspective or Giants live in the town right now and shrink as they get on a ship. lol
  4. In test bed, you are forced to look into the town. lol I wish I could.
  5. You fixed the docks, but what about the rest? How it should be Hope it helps.
  6. Wind

    Comparing 2 games

    Log in into Black Desert online and log in into Naval Action and compare. BD Online login Rewards Daily Activities Seasonal Content Sales Seasonal Quests Boosters Activity trackers Notifications Market Alerts War alerts Naval Action login Active chat Need more content asap!
  7. Management Business Programming Art Finances I would teach your kid Art and 3d model first. Later down the road programming and then Business and Finance school. If you have all this you can be a solo game developer. I know few guys who are very talented and do all this by themselves. Design, draw , 3d model, program etc...
  8. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    We do not want to let it die, so we are taking over & kickstarting 14k and buying new servers to let it live More info will come soon! There is even talk about new game remake kickstart under fresh team. Update: I do not think potbs will die any time soon. Same game new owners with 2 programmers and new future plans.
  9. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    Delete offensive posts not harmless threads. Wtf? Radio plays the music you don’t like, so you go and burn down the station?
  10. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    What a ride! I wish the same to Naval Action one day. 10 years of epic glory. PORTALUS GAMES CLOSURE August 31, 2018 / Fodderboy Being that this may be the most important announcement I have ever made regarding Pirates of the Burning Sea I will come directly to the purpose of this announcement before we lose any readers to explanation or verbosity. Portalus Games will cease operation of Pirates of the Burning Sea on September 30, 2018. I wish I could say this decision was a difficult one but the truth is that it is the best decision that can be made at this time
  11. Only spending $$$ on American ship DLC (including 1st rate uss pennsylvania 1837, 3rd rates and frigates)
  12. How good are those Rewards that is the question, question that can quickly dictate the future of this content. Based on previous rewards from events everyone abandoned them due to a lack of rare items, paints and ships. After all it's nice to see a fresh wind blowing towards us.
  13. The smaller the gun the closer you have to be to the enemy to penetrate. Small ships must almost touch enemys hull to be effective.
  14. I do not believe in a word - embarrassing. Moderator status was given to me as a gift and returned in the same fashion, I never asked for it or payed any money. You on the other hand bribe others to try to be something. lol I am enjoying the show from your side. P.S. you are hunting wrong waters, as usual. Beating on your ex Nation where you were trying to be a leader last week. Nation turned against you and you quickly became a rat.
  15. Reminds me this http://potbs.wikia.com/wiki/File:Oliphant.jpg
  16. more VCO floating debris. Where was VCO leader who let his member sink? Shame
  17. Thanks for making it clear for everyone. You still play? Hows your econ these days?
  18. You are too soft to be a Trump suporter. Lol^ William top dog! make sure you hold that ball sack tight, it can slip away any time. I will leave you be, you were never meant to be a warrior.
  19. Paying money and then being restricted from game activities! Only dumb people will buy such DLCs. They need to tweak stats and introduce free refits that will match premium ships if they want to have competitive sales. Once people find out they are restricted then let the fun begin. Lol. Port battles shpuld be full of variety and not same boring sh*t. Finally, we come down to ship balance problem that will hurt everything in this game until it’s fixed.
  20. @adminReduce chain shot accuracy and add random shot deviation and fix demasting for good. Demasting shots should have random deviation even if you aim perfectly. It should all be just aim fire and hope your luck is good today. Instead we have timed broken game mechanics. You have to make people want to fight broadside to broadside. Demasting is just boring and broken as hell.
  21. Glad to know you guys medicate. I will note that. All I am asking you is grow some ballz, take your guys and come out every night and loose some ships and stop paying others to clean up mess after your floating crushed VCO ships. You will not find me on the list as we only get hits on targets with confirmed intel and their moves. What pisses me off is people who can't win, list bounties on their bullies offering them money. lol.. train harder and come out and play and stop hiding behind mommy's skirt. No salt, just pure truth. P.S.That hat you are wearing should be changed to
  22. Enjoy your stay and let VCO bring you to glory. I am always sailing open world is pvp.
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