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How Many Kilometres Does One Square On The Map Represent?


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make calculations according to degrees of latitude/longitude

Each degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles (111 kilometers)

Longitude works different, each degree can be wider or tighter depending on latitude away from the equator :)

Hence why 2D maps always show warped land on the grid.

In game I fear it is the 60x60 miles ?

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Well, well. 1 km in game must be very different from 1 km on land then. Unless the grid has changed, squares were labelled in half-degrees which is 30 nautical miles in the north-south direction and about 28 east-west at Caribbean latitudes. 30 nautical miles is 56 km, not 36.

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Ok, so let me explain something first.

As I said, Naval Action has its own projection that does not line up with any map I know of.  The units of distance of the real world do not match up.

In Naval Action we have two things:  knots, and coordinates.  We used to have latitude and longitude, but those corresponded to a certain distance of f11 coordinates and didn't correspond to actual latitude or longitude.

About 400 coordinate units is about how far you travel per unit of knot per minute of real time.  Let's call 400 coordinate units 1 Naval Action Nautical Mile (NANM).

So if you are going 20 knots, you will travel 8000 coordinate units per minute, or 20 NA Nautical Miles per minute.


Edited:  The larger squares are 255 NANM (102,000 coordinate units) and the smaller squares are 63.75 NANM (25,500 coordinate units).


Here is my map in game with the game grid.  Notice the old latitude longitude coordinates, this is 0.5 degrees of longitude, which is about how accurately you could calculate longitude in real life at this time.  The distance between the last i in Bimini and the main mast of the brig is 63.75 NANM.  Traveling 20 knots, it should only take about 3 minutes to travel this distance.


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What a fuss, right I've done a measurement with landmarks and ports using the trader tool, and I guesstimate that one square is roughly 30k a side.


Now! what is the big secret, why no definitive answer from Game-Labs?

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longitude degree distance separation is not the same at all latitudes ( which is the same being parallel lines) :) So we don't really have squares ( we do but we warp the maps )

I think Prater answer is the most perfect to what we have in game.

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