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  1. Never used to have Dublouns just money. It worked fine...
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  3. seanjo

    Graphics Card

    Haven't been able to play for a while because my graphics card isn't up to the job. I had a good card but it went tits up, plumbed in a working older one (NVIDIA GEforceGTX 275). Need advice on a good budget £100-£150 GPU that will work.
  4. To hell with beginners, what about us oldy but recently absent that came back to the game to find the new UI indecipherable!
  5. Have you got the rank to buy the crew you need?
  6. No, you don't (unless it changed recently) You can inspect the wreck and return to it with a ship that can take the loot. Just don't try to take it in a ship that is too small. And yes wrecks should reflect cargo size, and you should be able to split it between fleet ships. Maybe even have the ability to choose what you want to take.
  7. You've been using a metric system from day one, Pennies/Cents to Dollars? Inches are split into tens, hundred's and thousandths etc. Don't get me wrong I am old enough to remember being taught the IMPERIAL system, BUT, the metric system makes waaaay more sense. Your date format sucks and is not logical.
  8. Yes. Yes, Yes...this ridiculous illogical format gets right on my tits!
  9. Ah, yes, traitors day...we don't celebrate it in the Uk...
  10. If nobody else is experiencing this problem, it's probably something at your end.
  11. I've said this from [my] day one. The game is on its last legs because of PvPers ganking newbies. I rarely play now and when I do, I play on the PvE server.
  12. I have the same problem...still...just right click on the page number you want and "open in new tab."
  13. I know how dare they, I made some guns earlier and those few clicks on my mouse were exhausting!
  14. You have to have the funds to pay for a base in the first place, not a lot, but more than a new chap has, they have to trade or PvE to raise the money first. Plus new folk won't know that unless someone tells them.
  15. Nope, totally wrong the game is dying because of lack of content and new players getting ganked all of the time. New players lose everything with one gank, that is off-putting and they leave. I was lucky enough to have the shallow zone around West End as my starting point, it allowed me to get established and sucked me into the game. Make the safe zones safe and you will encourage the new chaps to stay.
  16. It's the industrial age kicking in.
  17. Wasn't Florida/Louisiana etc. Spanish around the period this is set in?
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