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  1. this was the main reason for me to stop waste time in this game. as a solo player, I couldn't cut off this never ending swarmfest. After a won fight or successful run away I should have a way to safely log off. The best way with trouble about log off is to NOT login: ]
  2. I would like to see similar RoE mechanics be implemented to NA as it was in old PotBS. That was a good concept of combine pve and pvp in one place. Of course, pvp players often disturbed common known pve farms by turning it to the pvp arenas, but everybody always had a chose, to risk or not: ]
  3. It's all a bullshit, because devs refuse to create a training rooms in order to not reduce OS activity. Because they're blind and dont understand, that lack of confidence is FAR MORE WORSE, than a couple of training rooms. To teach a game basis.
  4. isn't it a german schooner ganked by Cyprus SOL? germans attempted to rage boarding, but failed
  5. It's not an ROE issue, but the fact, that within 300 logged in accounts, there are only 100 real ppl and their alts scattered in different nations.
  6. Eve and na has one common thing, both of them you open by a ***.exe file. thats all.
  7. Thony, I would like to introduce exclusively only for you "undock" perk, it cost 11points. 1 star for your hard try...
  8. If it will be reasonably implemented, I can imagine that it helps the game. There are still a lot of question marks, but we should give a try to this new system.
  9. Victor, Most of your ideas are about turning pvp server into a pve server. @Hethwill, agree and sorry
  10. In past I did the same. The system preventing from such a mistakes are useless. Instead of "delete" user should provide a port name.
  11. This is one of the games where servers are closing without even game release date: ]
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