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  1. Holendrzy powiadasz... czyli powrót do korzeni: ] hehe No nic, pewnie też coś zaloguje. Servery odpalają dziś? czy dop jutro?
  2. isn't it a german schooner ganked by Cyprus SOL? germans attempted to rage boarding, but failed
  3. how about the "pray" button? It was my most favorite because it worked exactly like the rest of the game.
  4. Czyli jednak bedzie rycie wszystkiego od nowa.? Jakieś pomysły na temat, co dalej?
  5. przesiadka z NA do skullsów, może być traumatycznym przeżyciem: ]. Co prawda nie grałem ale po kilku sesjach Ytuba, jestem niemal pewien, że ta gra jest upośledzona.
  6. It's not an ROE issue, but the fact, that within 300 logged in accounts, there are only 100 real ppl and their alts scattered in different nations.
  7. Discussion of moderation is against the rules.
  8. Very willingly. I have a great fondness for NA, because whatever I look at, I am a Potslayer post:], but not enough to deal with the dreadful rules of the game created by equally intelligent devs. The admin represents only the zenade and its exuberant ego. It is a pity, because probably like everyone else, we had great hopes, and it ended up as it can be seen. Maybe after the release of the game, I swim something, but at the moment it does not give me any hope. At evke, we're still pushing something there. I am flying, but it seems to me that it is impossible to play both titles, i.e. either NA or eve. it's not wot or other shit that you fire on 1 match and logoff. Moderation discussion is not allowed.
  9. gra z dlc kosztuje ponad 600 pln? huehuehue...
  10. Eve and na has one common thing, both of them you open by a ***.exe file. thats all.
  11. tez zagladam z sentymentem i jednak nadzieja, ze moze jednak. Ale kilka rzutow okiem i juz wiem, ze nakladaja kolejna warstwe farby na to samo gowno. Jak pisaliscie wyzej. Caly czas przemielane sa te same CHUJOWE pomysly, raz dodaja, a raz usuwaja i tak w kolko. OP okrety z DLC to jakas jebana zenada. Juz pewnie bedzie z 2 lata jak pisalem, ze chuj kogo obchodzi ze sa mali. Jest biznes i albo sie go robi, albo pierdoli kocopoly. ehhh komuchy to jednak debile z mentalnoscia ameby, byle by sie nazrec nachlac i zero myslenia perspektywicznego... qfa az sie zagotowalem. sry
  12. Rychu Karas


    Thony, I would like to introduce exclusively only for you "undock" perk, it cost 11points. 1 star for your hard try...
  13. If it will be reasonably implemented, I can imagine that it helps the game. There are still a lot of question marks, but we should give a try to this new system.
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