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The Hopefully Comprehensive List of Ships Ingame and in Development

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I'd bet on a Temeraire-class ship for the unconfirmed third-rate in development, but it could be all sorts of things.


Thanks for the signs of Kepler to come - I wasn't expecting a 36-gun ship; I thought it might be a 'Pavel's Indefatigable' of about 50 guns with big guns on both gun deck and weather deck or a 50-54 gun spar deck frigate. Even with 36 guns, though, I think it will have a broadside to suit a fourth-rate.

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Yeah, I agree that a Temeraire-class ship seems likely. I mean, that unknown 3rd rate could be anything, but considering how many Temeraire-class ships were built and how noteworthy they are, it makes sense (to me, at least) that we'd get one of them sooner rather than later. 

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Sorry for being slightly off topic but can someone confirm what the Santa Cecilia is? I cant find any information out about her, I can't find a thread on here talking about her either. If someone were to point me in the right direction I would be very happy.

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Sorry for being slightly off topic but can someone confirm what the Santa Cecilia is? I cant find any information out about her, I can't find a thread on here talking about her either. If someone were to point me in the right direction I would be very happy.

what i have heard she is similair to the Belle poule in gun amount and gun caliber

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Thanks for alerting me about these. :)


A question, though: Is the gunboat based off of a historical design from a specific country, or is it just a generic small boat?


Also, I should list the Rattlesnake (Heavy) on here as well. How many guns does it have?


Also, wow, Facebook is annoying... 

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Ships by rate: 

For simplicity, I'm going to use the rate system that Admin used in the quote above. If I've listed anything incorrectly from how it is in-game, please let me know. I'm sure there are those of you who will argue the historical accuracy of this rating system, but I'm not sure if that's the point here. Note, however, that we don't know how some of the ships that are in development are rated, and since they could be listed in one of multiple categories, I've tried to list them wherever it seems likely that they might be rated. In these cases, I've listed the ships like this, in both the categories that they might belong to: "[named ship] or unknown ship." If the named ship turns out (when it is released) to belong to one category, then the unknown ship will be the ship in the other category, and vice versa.


Traders: 6 in-game, 0 known to be in development, 2 possibly in development. In-game: Trader Cutter, Trader Lynx, Trader Brig, Trader Snow, Le Grosse Ventre, Indiaman. In development: Two unknown ships might be in development.


Unrated / 7th rates, 2-16 guns: 6 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Lynx, Cutter (Alert), Yacht, Pickle, Privateer, Mortar Brig. In development: Gunboat.


6th rates, 16-26 guns: 7 in-game, 2 in development. In-game: Brig (Fair American), Navy Brig, Rattlesnake, Snow (Ontario), Mercury, Niagara, Cerberus. In development: Prince de Neufchatel, Xebec.


5th rates, 26-50 guns:  7 in-game, 6 in development. In-game: La Renommée, Surprise (L'Unité), La Belle Poule, Frigate, Pirate Frigate, Essex, Trincomalee. In development: Santa Cecilia, La Hermione, Diana, Indefatigable, Kepler, Endymion.


4th rates, 50-64 guns: 2 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Constitution, Ingermanland. In development: Wappen von Hamberg III. 


3rd rates, 64-80 guns: 2 in-game, 2 in development. In-game: Bellona, 74. In development: Agamemnon, unknown 3rd rate.


2nd rates, 80-100 guns: 2 in-game, 3 in development. In-game: Saint Paul/Pavel, Le Bucentaure. In development: Christian VII, unknown 2nd rate, unknown 2nd rate.


1st rates, 100-140 guns: 2 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Victory, Santisima Trinidad. In development: Le Commerce de Marseille (Ocean-class). 



Ships by nationality:

This is a list of the nationalities of the known ships in-game and in development. The unknown ships obviously aren't listed, because we don't know what nations they'll belong to. A lot of this info is from Brigand's thread; please correct me if I get anything wrong. I'm also not going to count the trader variants (trader lynx, cutter, snow, brig). The Frigate and Pirate Frigate aren't listed, since they're kind of a mix of designs. The Xebec isn't mentioned either, because we don't know what, if any, nationality it's going to be (it might just be generic). The Privateer, Navy Brig & Mortar Brig, and 74 aren't listed, as they're reskins of the Lynx, Brig (Fair American), and Bellona, respectively.


British: 7 in-game, 4 in development. In-game: Cutter (Alert), Pickle, Snow (Ontario), Cerberus, Trincomalee, Bellona, Victory. In development: Santa Cecilia, Indefatigable, Endymion, Agamemnon.


American: 6 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Lynx, Brig (Fair American), Rattlesnake, Niagara, Essex, Constitution. In development: Prince de Neufchatel.


French: 5 in-game, 2 in development. In-game: Le Grosse Ventre, La Renommée, Surprise (L'Unité), La Belle Poule, Le Bucentaure. In development: La Hermione, Le Commerce de Marseille. 


Russian: 3 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Mercury,  Ingermanland, Saint Paul/Pavel. In development: Kepler.


Swedish: 2 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Yacht, Indiaman.


Spanish: 1 in-game, 1  in development. In-game: Santisima Trinidad. In development: Diana. 


Dutch: 0 in-game, 0 known to be in development. 


Danish: 0 in-game, 1  in development. In development: Christian VII.


German: 0 in-game, 1 in development. In development: Wappen von Hamburg III.



as far as i am aware the 2 unknown ones were the Buc + Christian VII, Aggi is a 4th rate.

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Thanks; I've added the Rattlesnake (Heavy) to the list, and moved Agamemnon to the 4th rate category. As for the 2nd rates, Admin said this a while ago (October of last year, to be precise):



 2nd rates 80-100 guns: St. Paul (3 new ships planned)

As for those three new ships, one must've been Bucentaure, one may or may not have been Christian VII (depends on whether they were working on her way back then, before she was voted in), and one's still unknown as far as I am aware. So, that leaves one unknown ship, or possibly two, hence my listing two in the OP.

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Intrepido, on 14 Aug 2016 - 06:49 AM, said:

I hope that in the autumn's poll most of the ships to vote will help to fill the current gaps and lack of diversity at some ranks and rates.

We are going to have lots of frigates and light ships ingame but lacking at heavy frigates and SoL.


Are we?


Endymion and Indefatigable will outgun any fifth-rate presently in the game and the question regarding the Kepler is 'how heavy will it be?', rather than 'will it be heavy?' A newly-arrived ship of the line with Bucentaure, four more definitely in the pipe, with Ocean and Agamemnon suggested to be just around the corner if they are to be tournament prizes. There are nine potential wild cards from the last poll that are heavy frigates or ships of the line, and only four that are corvettes or brigs.


Not saying that more diversity would be bad, but Post Captain and up are being looked after pretty well. There's still no real alternative to the Bellona and no Post Captain fourth-rate, but it's the light ships and the bottom half of fifth-rates that need some attention now.

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The point of voting for a wild card or a ship in general is to get into the game a ship that people like and not what is needed for the game. The latter is getting taken care of by the devs

Just keep that in mind ;)


But is it? With the length of time it takes to get a ship in game and the limited number of Dev's doing said ships I think what we "vote" for should reflect what the game needs more so than what we "like". And I would guess that most captains would like whatever ships they got that filled both of those roles. We are into the last half of this year and still don't have what "wild card" ship the Dev's have chosen for the first half, And we shouldn't we be voting on the next round of ships?


For instance the 2015 ship poll had the Amsterdam, HMS Indefatigable as the two top vote-getters with the Océan-class as the Dev choice. We have only one of those in game a year and a half later! However we did get the Rattlesnake which was third in voting.


As for 3rd rates I agree they are lacking, but they have NO USE in game as they are to small for Regional ports and to big for all other deep ports. Which I think is a big mistake in game design. 3rd rates should be the most crafted and used ships in game!


A bit of interesting info on the 3 player votes:


2014 Voting - 183 total votes - 4 out of 5 in game

        1. HMS Ontario - 55 votes - in game

           2. Ingermanland - 51 votes - in game

           3. Santisima Trinidad - 36 votes - in game

           4. Brig Mercury - 21 votes - in game

           5. San Felipe - 8 votes - not in game


2015 Voting - 833 total votes - 2 out of 12 in game, 4 of remaining 10 in development

        1. HMS Indefatigable - 155 votes - in development

           2. Amsterdam - 138 votes - in games as the indiaman

        3. Rattlesnake - 129 votes - in game

           4. Christian VII - 83 votes - not in game

           5. Wasa - 63 votes - not in game

           6. HMS Agamemnon - 61 votes - in development

           7. USS Independence - 60 votes - not in game

           8. Téméraire-class - 54 votes - not in game

           9. Océan-class - 42 votes - Dev choice in development

        10. Hermione - 19 votes - in development

           11. USS Bonhomme Richard - 18 votes - not in game

           12. Amazon-class - 11 votes - not in game


2016 Voting - 1836 total votes - no dev choice as of yet.

        1. Christian VII - 386  votes - in development

           2. Diana - 295 votes - in development

           3. Wasa - 293 votes - not in game

           4. Venus - 274 votes - not in game

           5. Admiraal de Ruyter - 205 votes - not in game

           6. Dordrecht - 63 votes - not in game

           7. Wenden - 49 votes - not in game

           8. Princesa Real - 48 votes - not in game

           9. Mars - 46 votes - not in game

           10. Venetian 22-gun corvette - 39 votes - not in game

           11. Freja - 38 votes - not in game

           12. Vrijheid - 28 votes - not in game

           13. Descubierta - 26 votes - not in game

           14. Christiansborg - 25 votes - not in game

           15. Prinds Christian Frederik - 15 votes - not in game



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Then they would release it. If not, what's the point of playing EA? Arent we here to test all content, including ships?

We get plenty of ships to test, last patch the buc was added and in the upcoming one i expect the ocean and agamemnon to go into focus testing. So we get our fair share of new ships.

However, i would understand if their strategy was to keep some in reserve so they have something to show for when releasing the game.

Besides, dont we like the thrill/surprise of seeing a new ship in the patchnotes? Instead of knowing befotehand?

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We're getting more ships now, yes. Earlier, we weren't getting much, nor were we hearing much. Surprises are nice, I agree, but I also think it's also nice to know that the devs are working on the content that I consider important.



Also, if you're suggesting that they're keeping some ships in reserve so they can release a whole bunch when the game leaves Early Access, I guess that makes sense. However, two of the ships we've waited the longest for, namely Agamemnon and L'Ocean, appear to be finally on the brink of some form of release. Unless they only give those ships to the tournament winners and then make everyone else wait until the game comes out to get their hands on them, what you're talking about doesn't seem to be the case for those two. As for Indefatigable, she was picked by the players, and the players are expecting her and looking forward to playing her. It doesn't seem to make sense (to me, at least) for her to be kept in reserve, then, especially given that a full release of the game seems to still be a ways off. I mean, if they want to keep ships like the Edymion or the Kepler in reserve, that makes more sense, since AFAIK they chose those ships themselves, there's been little fanfare regarding them, and as such they'd probably come as a nice surprise to a lot of players. With Indefatigable, though, this is what comes to mind: "We've released the game, and as a present to you players, we've added the ship you asked for about two years ago." Yeah, I'm not convinced. With Indy, at least, I'd say they're just taking a while to release her. A couple months ago, that would've frustrated me, but this apparent resurgence in ship development lately (Bucentaure released; Santa Cecilia, L'Hermione, and the gunboat shown and looking ready for release; L'Ocean and Agamemnon looking to be on their way) has gladdened me.  

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Have you thought about the fact that they might be saving up some models for when the game is released?

I dont know what their plans are, but i known they are working continuesly on content so i would not be surprised if there is a group ready but not released.

No I don't think they are nor do I think they should. Ship tuning to balance PvP is something that hardly ever is right right out of the box. We are alpha testing. All ships should be tested now before release so no one ship is overwhelmingly OP compared to the others. Once release happens new ships should be tested in the test server before release to the "live" server(s).


I agree there looks to be a load of new ships coming now, but they are all 1 year plus in the making, and with all the new RvR, officer, crew, mission stuff I have no idea if any new ones have even been started. So how long will the 2016 voted ships take to get in game, end of 2017? How fast can they crank out ships with all the other content they are doing? And does that matter? When we vote a ship it will be added to the game at some point. So we should vote on ships the game needs to fill a role or a size that is  lacking. For instance I would like to see the next vote be strictly 3rd rate ships if the Dev's can find a way to make them useful in game (cause right now they aren't). I think we could all come up with our favorite 3rd rate to vote on without players whining about not being able to vote for their favorite 4th rate, or what ever size ships the Dev's feel is lacking. No one complained in the last one when US or Brit ships could not be voted on. I don't see what the issue would be to have both needs filled?

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On a point of clarification, brought up by this discussion of all ships of smaller rates, but Cerberus is listed as a 6th-rate on the opening list. I know HMS Cerberus was a sixth-rate ship as far as the Royal Navy was concerned, but isn't Cerberus a  5th-rate in game? (second level shipyard, mid grade notes, deep water warship, frigate class as regards the mastery perk, the whole ball of wax)

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Am I to understand that there are only two models of the Brig, the Traders Brig and the Navy Brig? then what about the plain Brig as listed in the available ships. Has the Navy Brig replaced the Brig model, or are all three still available? I'm confused!

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Am I to understand that there are only two models of the Brig, the Traders Brig and the Navy Brig? then what about the plain Brig as listed in the available ships. Has the Navy Brig replaced the Brig model, or are all three still available? I'm confused!

Wait, what? What are you talking about?






New ships


To celebrate the increase in the steam ratings 4 ships will be added to the game as event ships.

  • Rattlesnake Heavy – event blueprint
  • L Ocean – event blueprint
  • Agamemnon – event blueprint
  • Gunboat – redeemable for existing users and event blueprint. Redeemable will be given out by end of the week.

Event ships are available from special events only – that will be available for for all users on PvP and PvE servers.


If ratings continue to grow we will try hard to add more ships before release. We need your support to make the game better. Please go to Steam and rate the game if you have not done so. Thank you for all the generous support!


I'll update the OP to show that these ships have been released. I'm not sure how I feel about these ships being event rewards: I mean, if the events are fairly straightforward and easy for anyone to complete, it might not make much difference. On the other hand, if the events are going to be hard so that these ships will be 'rare', I think that's a bad idea, because the main lineup of ships could've used these additions. Also, devs begging for Steam ratings like YouTubers begging for likes & subs. Ugh.  

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