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  1. As Jean Ribault has stated there are many goods items that you just can't express as a weight. I can't see anything wrong with the way things are atm as far as I am concerned.
  2. Maybe, but as I prefer to play solo on PvE, I am undecided atm whether to give PvP a try or not, but I don't think I will be joining any clans. I haven't got TS for one thing and don't really want to get involved with other groups of players. I prefer to play alone and choose myself whether I want to do some trading, crafting or battle engagements. That's really why I prefer playing on PvE, you can play the game at your own pace. There is plenty to do in this game for single players, without getting too involved with multiplayer.
  3. I couldn't have wrote a better review myself. I am in the same opinion about the game as you are Flashcrow. Haters are going to hate and lovers are going to love. I just love the game!
  4. One thing, being able to play as it is at the moment, has been a good learning curve for me and I am looking forward to the final wipe. It means having to start from scratch again, except for my rank and XP, if this is the case, but I can live with that. I just hope I can reach my final rank in time, because it's a long haul starting as a Midshipman. Loosing all my assets is not such a problem as starting out in a Cutter again will be a challenge in itself.
  5. I have always taken reviews with a pinch of salt. I read them and form my own opinion about what I think is positive or negative. If I find a game that appeals to me such as this game, because I just love games that reflect the Age of Sail, I usually form my own opinion by purchasing the game to form my own opinion, whether I like it or I don't. Yes it is EA and you have to accept the fact that not everything is going to be good, but this game has so much potential and I like the game so will stick with it through thick and thin, because I want it to be what the developers are aiming for. What suits one person or doesn't suit another person is not always the right way to judge something. The only way to judge anything is to try it yourself. Yes I did read the review in question, but my thoughts straight away, was that this person was trying his best to discredit Game Labs, for some reason and with the fact that he was deleting positive replies to his review, smelled of a rat. Many people get a kick out of writing negative reviews which usually score low over positive reviews. I bought this game because I fist came across it on youtube and I liked what I saw. A new game in the age of sail that had realistic ships, a beautiful open word and fantastic battle engagement that was very realistic, as well as realistic water and sounds. I was hooked and bought the game through Steam, three months ago. To be honest, it was money well spent and although I knew that it was still in early access, I did not let this put me off. Yes there are niggles with it atm, but there is a long way to go yet with this game. Reading most of the negative reviews on Steam, I found that because it is still in development, some of those reviews where just people expecting a finished game. No matter how brilliant a game is, you will always get negative reviews, because there are always those people who expect everything to be just perfect. If this game never reaches full development, which personally I think it will succeed, I have had more than my $40 worth already. It has given me a lot of pleasure and is one of the best games of this genre I have bought so far. I have always found the forums to be enjoyable to read, although a lot of topics about PVP are beyond me, because I just play PVE as a solo player, because that is how I like to play all the games I own. Don't take negative reviews as read, there are usually lots more positive reviews about most games, unless it is completely a load of rubbish. Unless you try a game yourself, you won't really be able to form your own opinion.
  6. You can please ALL of the people some of the time. And you can please SOME of the people all of the time. But you can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time! The above is a well known saying and no matter what changes will take place in this game, there will always be people that will welcome the changes and those that don't welcome the changes. This is a fact of life and you either accept it or you don't. I am sure the Devs are trying their best to get this game to suit most of the people, rather than all of the people who love this game, so you either accept the changes or you don't. Yes it will really piss off a lot of players and it will also be accepted by a lot of players. Whether you support the changes or not is entirely your decision. But at the end of the day, everyone will be in the same boat (so to speak) when the final wipe takes place before final release. I am a reasonable newcomer to this game and yes I play PVE, so I can't really vouch for those of you who like to play PVP. But personally I love playing this game, as it has a lot to offer. AS far as games in the Age of Sail is concerned, this game as far as appearance is concerned is the best that has become available to date. It has wonderful scenery and ships, beautifully rendered and it has some of the most realistic battles and fire power of any game ever made for this genre. I spend most of my time trading and a bit of crafting, rather than take part in battles, but enjoy this aspect of the game equally as much. I have built up a great player base in this game with more ships than I could wish for, most of which I have bought and some I have crafted myself. So far this game has given me hours of enjoyment and without the help from some of the more experienced players, I would still be trying to fathom out how everything works. So I thank those who helped me to understand how to do crafting and understanding more about the game. I welcome most of the new changes that are proposed and if it will make the game better, then I am all for it. When the game is finally wiped before the final release at least I will not find starting again from rock bottom, such a struggle as I did when I first bought the game three months ago. It is a great game and I just hope that the majority of you, will accept what changes need to take place, to make this game a success. Keep up the good work Devs.
  7. The PRAY button makes no sense. So why don't they just remove it.
  8. Although I am British, I agree with what you say about there being more Dutch ships in the game. There are enough British ships in the game at present and all other nations should have their fair share of ships too. Maybe the Devs will get the balance right eventually.
  9. I agree, crafting top quality ships has been made more difficult since the introduction of fine woods, which are pretty scarce. You have to travel more to obtain them now. Not that travelling long distances bothers me, as I do a lot of trading and the new delivery missions has improved the trading aspect of the game, much better than before the patch. I have decided to give crafting a break for the time being. I have a good fleet of quality ships to my credit and a good bank balance, so I am just concentrating on upping my rank which at the moment is just over half way to becoming a Flag Captain. Its a long haul between ranks and the higher you need to go, the amount of XP needed, seems to double up. I play on the PVE server, as I prefer to do my own thing away from people who just want to challenge you all the time. There is more to this game than just fighting battles and I am enjoying it, playing the way I do.
  10. I agree with what's been suggested. Even in the days of sail, recycling of metals by smelting was being done, just as it is today.
  11. All Trading ships imo, should be made to travel just that bit faster than warships. The two fastest traders in the game are Cutters and Lynx, with the Brig and Snow coming a close third. I would like to see faster LGVs and Indiaman's as well, which were built to outrun most warships of the period in real life. This would also make long journeys less boring, as it is for most people when transporting goods. Just my thoughts.
  12. I just love the new patch, supposedly because I only play PvE and like to spend most of my game time trading. I do occasionally partake in battles, but prefer to take on lone contraband traders of all nations except British. Lone contraband traders are not as common now, since the new patch. Most of the AI sailing around now are now made up of very large fleets. I like the new trader tools and the variety of new consumables that can now be traded. The new Delivery Missions are the best in my opinion, as this now serves a purpose for trading. Not only does it allow for spreading goods around different areas of the map, but it gives the player a chance to make some decent gold and also increase rank XP and also crfting XP for each mission accomplished. Ok, many people would much prefer to earn their gold and XP from doing Battle Missions and this is the main intention of the game, which is good, but now you can mix a bit of both, trading and fighting, where as before the patch, you only had battle Missions as an option.
  13. As a PVE player and prefer playing solo, and doing my own thing without interference from other players, I welcome some of the changes made with the new patch, but there are one or two things that have forced me to change my style of trading game play. I like the new map covering the different regions and I welcome the trading tools, but where is Kids Island out in the Atlantic area of the map? It is not showing! I discovered these islands by accident whilst travelling to Bermuda before this new patch was added, and Kids Island wasn't shown on the map. It is still missing from the new map. Is there any reason for this? Although I welcome a lot of the new resources, I think there are too many and some that don't seem related to the game. Why to we need several different types of tobacco? A lot of new resources, don't actually come into game play, from what I can see atm. Historical Artifacts, what are these supposed to be used for? The weights for most of the resources are way over scaled and why do fish, now weigh much more than converted fish meat, which doesn't make sense. Fish when gutted should weigh less when converted to fish meat. I do a lot of trading and have made a lot of Gold out of Sugar & Tobacco, by buying and selling at many different ports, but the price changes, give very little profit now. I know that these two commodities where a big money earner, and was really easy to get rich quick. I have made millions out of Sugar, Tobacco and Fishing, which has paid for all the ships I own, as well as having a 34 million bank balance to date. I just hope that from the trading aspect of the game, that the weights issue will get sorted out, as many items are way over the top. I haven't had much time to thoroughly try out other changes to the game yet, such as challenging other AI ships in the game, so I can't comment on any of the new action changes that have been made. I do like the new forts and martello towers that have been added to the ports, but I am not sure if these will come into play with PVE or not, but they have given the ports a nicer look. As for the PRAY button, still no mention of what this id for and what it is supposed to do? I was hoping that this would be part of this new patch, but it just doesn't seem to serve any purpose at all. So why is this? Can the devs, at least please explain what the hell this PRAY button is for?
  14. Although not an original, it's nice to see a replica of one of these great trading ships of the 18th century. I found this video on youtube about HMS Trincomalee, which I have visited on several occasions and it's well worth a visit if you ever get the chance. I remember it being in Portsmouth as a training ship, during the early sixties, when I was in the Royal Navy. You will see in the video what it looked like in those days. They have made an excellent job of restoring it back to HMS Trincomalee again set against the historical dockside of the Hartlepool Maritime Museum. You might also enjoy watching this old video of HMS Victory taken in 1995, which takes you on a tour of the ship, before it was brought up to Trafalgar condition for the bi-centenary in 2005. Since then more of the ship below decks are open to the public and it is well worth a visit, if ever you get the chance to visit Portsmouth. Other historical ships that can also be visited in Portsmouth Dockyard, are King Henry VIII'ths flagship Mary Rose and the 1st Iron Clad Battleship HMS Warrior. HMS Victory & Mary Rose video below. And finally HMS Warrior built in the reign of Queen Victoria.
  15. Well I don't think anybody does as much sailing as I do. I am traveling the map almost daily, in different areas and there is definitely a decrease in the number of bottles since the last patch was added. The rewards from the wrecks are also nothing now, compared to what they were like before the patch. You used to get, labor contracts, blue/purple upgrades and a decent amount of gold, silver, or copper coins. All you seem to get now is one lower grade basic upgrade, (if your lucky) some iron or copper ingots, some sugar or tobacco and that's yer lot. The only good thing about the change, was that you don't have to travel too far to find the wrecks, although I preferred it when you did have to travel further, as it sort of blew the cobwebs off your sails and got you out on the seas (so to speak) instead of just hanging around your home ports. I have tried to work it out, how often a bottle drops into your hold and I reckon on every one thousand fish caught, you get a bottle, irrespective of where you are on the map. I might be wrong, but the drop rate has definitely dropped since the August patch. I still have 12 unopened bottles left from a total of 60 caught, before the patch. Now I only open one when I catch another to replace it. I am hoping that one of them will contain the genie, who will grant me three wishes.
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