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  1. I much prefer the default colours of all the ships in the game, except the default Santi, which looks awful. In fact I just don't like the Santi at all, it is just like a big flat sided brick, with no character what so ever. I get the feeling that the Spanish ship designers of the day, hadn't got a clue how to add curves to the hulls like the French and the British. No wonder this ship had a bad time at Trafalgar.
  2. Shiver Me Timbers! Thank King Neptune for the save haven of PvE!
  3. Am I to understand that there are only two models of the Brig, the Traders Brig and the Navy Brig? then what about the plain Brig as listed in the available ships. Has the Navy Brig replaced the Brig model, or are all three still available? I'm confused!
  4. I wish them well. Maybe it will make it into the game at some stage in development.
  5. Just a question from a newbie. How will this new map affect the game, will we be able to use both maps combined as one, or will it mean choosing either map to play on? Or is this new map intended as an expansion pack after the game is fully released?
  6. What about the River Medway and Chatham Dockyard. This is where the Victory and other ships of the line where built and was a major dockyard during the 18th century. Although it closed as a naval base in the 1950s, the Chatham Historic Dockyard is open to visitors and has the oldest rope making shop in the world, where most of the rigging was made for ships of the British Fleet.
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