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  1. It would be nice to be able to send a ships Info to chat by the menu that currently has "send to fleet and Tow request to a port".
  2. As for South Australia, Northern territory, Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria, it is a non essential requirement, as these states are all settled by free colonist. However, New South Wales and Tasmania, it is a requirement as they are penal colonies and a criminal history is needed to enter these States.
  3. Authenticity, historical time frame, Australia was not a nation and hence the national flag was the Union Jack. 1606 First recorded landing by Europeans, William Jansz, in Australia, on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula. 1770 April 29 - Captain James Cook first sets foot in New South Wales at Botany Bay. 1788 January 26 - Captain Arthur Phillip, commanding the First Fleet, sails into Port Jackson, establishes the first colonial settlement at Sydney Cove. 1788-90: The Russo-Swedish War. 1792-1799: French revolutionary wars. 1799-1815: Napoleoni
  4. Not a bug its people who created accounts prior to EA release.
  5. This venture is about history and the age of sail, the exploration, search and waiting on the high seas for thy prey to either come to you or give you the slip in the foggy early morning mist, where upon you need to hunt them down. The admiralty orders that you take upon your self reflect the times of hunt and find your prey from ships reports that have taken weeks to arrive, and then dispatch for you to hopeful find the said prey around those waters. Either get into the spirit of this venture or retire your ship, good sir.
  6. Quote from Dev post " 12000 pvp xp, 9 pvp kills, 0 deaths - damage farmer " On reading the Admins statement of farming, these player are gaining XP with no PvP Death's at all. I would say the Dev's would look at your percentage of kills and Deaths to those of giving quarter. if you have one PvP with out a death and 15 with a death, not farming, if you have 9 PvP battles in a row with no Deaths, that's where the difference lies,
  7. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7858-port-battles-roadmap-discussions/ this topic suggest the port battle being costly.
  8. When Port battles are finished you are taken to the SEA battle page. There needs to be a page designed for Port Battles where you are able to place the loot gained into the captured town warehouse. At present you are limited to the size of the cargo hold of your ship which is now docked in the harbour after the battle has been won. The loot that your gained is from looting the towns warehouses, not a ship captured at sea. You should be given the option of a 10 day in game limited window to hold in the warehouse for the collection of goods looted or selling them back to the town.
  9. Keeping the Basic cutter with a zero price tag and adding one durability solely for tutorial learning, limited to NPC shipping size-class to attack/board and PvP with equivalent Basic cutters only. Totally agree. There needs to be a drive for the economy limited for players who have spent the gold in buying or crafted a ship to be able to PvP with a player who has Bought/Crafted/Captured a ship. Basic cutters need to be taken out of this equation of ganker style play, with a needs to be able to stops with game mechanics Basic cutters entering a battle where there are ships that have a
  10. PS also add to this - no aggression against the new nation or allies at all. with loss of XP that's gained in this mission.
  11. This sounds like a feasible idea. I would suggest that this XP that your acquiring to gain the new Flag/Pardon is in no way added to your Character XP. It must be a costly exercise to the player. To make it costly dd also sunk tonnage, goods tonnage, and Gold payment from captured ships, that you can not loot and no Gold payment, It all goes to the capital and boosts the stock holdings at the warehouse of the nation. So you are acquiring a total of sunk ships and captured ships to the value of XP, Gold (from value of goods and ships) Goods tonnage, and ship tonnage as paymen
  12. one change I would like to see is ships are able to be sold with the permanent upgrades that you have installed, instead of having to destroy them. I don't think that a ship that had copper plate hull in the 1700 was stripped of it before changing hands to a new owner.
  13. Clan port outpost and teleport option there should be an option to nominate a port as a clan base with and outpost for the clan use. As well as a added teleport option to the clan base as well as the capital.
  14. TO DEV's I believe this needs to be addressed DROP in players on missions and player battles, seems that since the community has grown that a lot of player are dropping in on battles and taking the prize or glory and XP from the players who started the battles. this is causing friction between player who are asking for on option to lock battles. Also to lock battles missions to the player and group's only who's mission it is, those who accepted the mission and not players who are not grouped with the initiating player of the mission. as I mention, this is causing player animosity and friction
  15. PING related. exceeding 6000 Today I've tried to login. the PING rate is above 6000, not able to log in.. My internet is working fine all other programs over the internet are not having any issues. just wondering if any one else is having the same issue?
  16. So your saying that in the real life situation in battle that there were those who did not managed to evade and escape a charge and make it back under stealth sometimes to their safe lines to fight another day.
  17. Term. Definition. stiff ship. a ship having a large righting moment of statical stability; i.e. the vessel tends to roll swiftly from port to starboard sides due to large righting lever when its equilibrium is disturbed. opposite of tender ship. " A sailboat/ship is tender when it is unbalanced, heeling excessively in breezy conditions and requiring adjustment by crew to sheets and trim. In keel boats insufficient keel weight, lead or otherwise, will cause the boat to heel. Conversely, too much sail area in proportion to ballast, or an unusually high center of balance, will create the same
  18. Welcome seafarer, Thrill to the smell of salt and tar, see you seaside.
  19. Captain’s Log entry 18.11.1700 Took on an enterprise to purchase 50 bales of American Cotton, I have been offered the price of 500 per unit for a total of 25k. So I’ll take a fast ship for this journey. I have just arrived at Cao Biscayno. On the 24th day of November after Departing from La Tortue. I have also taken the opportunity to explore along the way, without taking a major detours, to chart the harbors and ports. I have taken on board a cartographer in my employ for this task. The ships provedore has been tasked with recording the goods on offer and goods required by the ports
  20. As to living in the tropics there is only two weeks of the year when you are likely to get sea fog and that is at the height of the dry season the coldest part of the year when the temp drops to 17c at night. By 8am all fog has burnt off as the temp is now climbing to 30c. distance view over the ocean is to the horizon and extremely clear. In game it seems that the sea fog Hazy is still around at 2pm when the temp would be 33c and the sun burning bright. this sea fog hazy would work well in the Baltic sea,north coast of America/Canada and English Chanel. Not in the tropics where this game is c
  21. Naval Officer ranks who commanded a Fleet or flotilla/squadron Flag Officers: Admiral of the fleet Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Commodore / Flotilla Admiral /Counter Admiral/ Senior Captain Officer rank who commanded a single ship. Senior officers: Ship of The Line Captain senior officers rank command below a ship of the line: frigate corvette Captain Post Captain Master & Commander/ Commander/ Frigate Captain Lieutenant Commander/ Corvette Lieutenant Junior officers: 6th 7th rate ship, that don't warrant a commander or captain to command. Lieutenant First Lieutenant
  22. As to Fleet command, what rank will you need to be to command a fleet? Will a fleet be made up of squadron's, and will there be ranked officer to command a squadron then ranked officer to command a fleet? That is if you are going to have the fleet's made up of squadron's
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