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  1. no. Only what i started to write first two lines, all letters, the other 10 lines did not appear in the sent email. I attempted 4 times to send the same email with same result.
  2. Hi Admin Just letting you know the past two day's I sent a few emails to clan members, Only for the first and second line to appear in the sent emails. The whole body of what was sent (full email) did not appear in the receiving end of the final email. Not sure if any other players are having same problem. Cheers Jim
  3. https://naction.info/index.php/Crafting#Ship_ The old crafting system bought back with gold & Silver Mines and blue prints added to foundry for ingots. As well as increasing building slots, adding 10 building slots and 2 more out post to the DLC Admiralty Connections.
  4. I did noticed since the last patch on the 24th, before the long maintenance, that all ports do now have at least one economy cargo mission that pays 500 doubloons. With some ports having two missions on offer paying doubloons.
  5. and i' ll add this last post ...a Dutch airliner was shot down over Ukrainian soil buy Russian and its proven justice will be bought to those lost. Russia can deny it and I'm not worried if I lose my game account I'm crossing the boarder. and making it known. its to close to my personal heart to keep my mouth closed.
  6. you ask form character name on test bed for the reward of last test, it is same name on forum PvP, PvE and test bed guess one of the lucky sea trial Old Guard player . Players who have devoted game time ,seems the Devs are forgetting their contribution. They made a massive mistake when they said in older post/ game was not made for fun, seems its a Russian mentality. not interested in winning your vote or approval. seen enough in life, and it seems to over flow into games now. war hatred toxicity you bought it into the game. Have enough in life with out it introduced into game play. b
  7. same character name as in forum Jim Bligh
  8. I have not received the reward. I spent three weeks on test server, testing economy and doing the battle UI. Most of my kills where boarding/sinking 80% of them and sure I tallied the 25 kills correct if not more . And given that players MUST complete what devs says after spending 4300 hrs of game play, wipes, server merges and still loyal to playing and testing, not quitting plus buying all your DLC. not happy.
  9. and here is my next one with a trim don't know where your converting your notes but out of 10 LGVR's got 5 with trims 50/50
  10. you all seem to have missed the whole point of 3/5 4/5 5/5 with the 0/3 at bottom on the info card, they have nothing to do with the perm mods and the skill-book slots. 0/3 this is the frame wood/ plank wood and the third is a trim as shown the pic
  11. please read again as I stated this in my post! " The LGVR is an Admiralty PvP reward an MUST be used in comb´╗┐at to open the knowledge slots"
  12. No, did not confuse the former with the Later. And redeeming a 3/3, have any of you captain actually redeemed a LGVR? To state that the LVGR only has 3 ship knowledge slots is a miss truth. If you have not redeemed A LGVR your opening statement is invalid as you have no knowledge of what you are talking about. Its not craftable needing a ship yard like the traders that are preset as 3/3 with the ship knowledge slots already open. You do not need to combat a trader to open the slots. The LGVR is an Admiralty PvP reward an must be used in combat to open the knowledge slots. They are locked as
  13. I have a LVGR with a regional TRIM however its 3/5 blue There is always hope
  14. All Admiralty ship notes work in the same way as ship construction. It is a fortunate captain who happens to get a Gold LGVR 5/5 with a trim, leave it as it is.
  15. canons don't float, hull repairs .. made from iron fittings don't float ..tobacco, sugar,and rum are in creates or barrels which float.. so your limiting loot to rum sugar and tobacco
  16. if you use open magazine you'll catch fire, as well as using the phoenix figure head, both turn your ship into a fire ship.
  17. and you have committed an act of plagiarism by not referring to, or quoting the original source of your context and author.
  18. tried entering a shallow water port in brig can not enter hitting shallow shoals.. teleported to nearest deep water port- game crashes before count down ends and used u the teleport, now 5 hours and sailing in water for next 3 hrs to make a port .
  19. no was not invisible timer a chase was on after 10 min of the battle, then he logged. but he logged on again and battle was initiated and lost ships recaptured.
  20. Players are logging off after capturing player ship in pvp. this strategy gives no other player to go to the player who has lots his ship and help out. It should be made that once players pvp capture a ship they can not log off until they reach their own national port safe haven. stop pvp cheats logging off play fair you dirty Rats.
  21. the Wow for me, when it was sea trials and the brig was introduced, going from the lynx and cutter to the first square rigged ship, learning how to sail manually was a new challenge. And then the OW added, learning how to navigate, sailing for hours checking out the landscape and ports, getting lost in the wild storms from the Baltic sea and heavy sea fogs from northern Europe ( until they worked out the weather for the Caribbean was not like that of northern Europe) seeing the game change and grow from sea trails to OW no matter the bug pain, Ive enjoyed all the concepts of the game from por
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