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  1. Well good luck to those who want to be a mod, a thankless task if ever there was one, (yes I've done mods work in the past, never again, got fed up being treated like a leper).
  2. So is there extended maintenance today on the Peace server, or is it staying down until the game releases?
  3. Oh dear, yet another crash, will the cm's and doubloons vanish as well, as I'd bought a load up 70k dubs and 1500 cm's, don't really care about the ships, after all they are easy to replace.
  4. I would say that for pvp yes it has to happen but pve, nothing to be gained by a scrub. I expect I'll give up the game if its scrubbed on pve.
  5. Thanks for that, will see if I can join one, but with so few on the testbed and they're mostly brits, it might be unachievable.
  6. Not read all the posts here (47 pages worth) but I can't find any reference to how we get victory marks, does anyone know how to get them? Thanks 😁
  7. The ships. Graphics and the map Better behaviour from AI that sails through land. The haphazard (ATM) maintenance schedule along with with daily patrols. The labour hours, its a farce.
  8. Averaging 450-500 reals per battle so about 800-1000 reals per patrol, crew wise I lose maybe 20 per battle, so per 1000 doubloons its cheap imo as you also gain reals. I normally use a Indefatigable, which is armed with carro's in the 4th rate areas and a Niagara in Nassau, Aggy anywhere else
  9. No it isn't, todays maintenance still has the Antilles patrol up, this I feel is not very good as its always been reset at daily maintenance, so I handed in for my doubloons to find out now I can't start another, or even carry on with that patrol.
  10. I do Patrols every day 14k of doubloons a week and it takes about an hour a day.
  11. When you click any tab in port ie warehouse etc up it pops.
  12. When in game and port and you left click any of the bottom row tabs the leaderboard pops up regardless of whether its PvE or PvP, this is making the game almost unplayable in port.
  13. "Leaderboard table does not work as intended and will be updated later", Thats a complete understatement, it makes the game unplayable, whichever window is open trying to select something brings the Leaderboard up right where you need to click. I've tried rebooting, deleting all the files and reinstalling, yet this stupid screen keeps coming back. What is especially galling is its not needed in pve.
  14. Boredom, the tax system that was introduced, lack of ability to sell ships and trade for goods. I might come back when its worth playing again, there again I might not.
  15. So I want to change nation but do I want a neutral port or a free port to change it?
  16. Don't we know it! The costs for raw production of Oak and Fir are ridiculous, off the top of my head 3 days production on a lvl 1 oak and fir plantations cost me 350k gold and over 1100 hours labour. This is truly idiotic pricing, solo and small clans will struggle to do anything.
  17. With no indication of how many slots, how very helpful.........................the politicians are taking over, maybe, might, unsure! Would be good to know how many we have or is that something us payers are not entitled to?
  18. I think its great the way it is, needs no alteration at all. In fact if you want to cap ships whats wrong with a 1 point slot so you can cap.
  19. I don't know but BP are a 1 off purchase and then you only need the permit which is cheap as chips to get. I like the fact that the big clans are suffering as much as the little ones, its about time.
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