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  1. Unable to join a server, Here is the report number NAS-1402183
  2. Well good luck to those who want to be a mod, a thankless task if ever there was one, (yes I've done mods work in the past, never again, got fed up being treated like a leper).
  3. So is there extended maintenance today on the Peace server, or is it staying down until the game releases?
  4. Oh dear, yet another crash, will the cm's and doubloons vanish as well, as I'd bought a load up 70k dubs and 1500 cm's, don't really care about the ships, after all they are easy to replace.
  5. No it isn't, todays maintenance still has the Antilles patrol up, this I feel is not very good as its always been reset at daily maintenance, so I handed in for my doubloons to find out now I can't start another, or even carry on with that patrol.
  6. When you click any tab in port ie warehouse etc up it pops.
  7. When in game and port and you left click any of the bottom row tabs the leaderboard pops up regardless of whether its PvE or PvP, this is making the game almost unplayable in port.
  8. Boredom, the tax system that was introduced, lack of ability to sell ships and trade for goods. I might come back when its worth playing again, there again I might not.
  9. So lets have a few thoughts on this Steam (Valve) allows multi accounts, but looking at your comments would I be right in saying that Game Labs doesn't like or would ban alts if they weren't under the Steam banner? BTW I have an alt and I use my alt to craft parts for ships as it takes an awful lot of LH to manufacture a ship. I play for the Verenigde Provincien faction, all my production is based in our ports.
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