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  1. Sure, sure. More DLC. This game is going down the drain fast. Dont forget to add loot boxes as well, very popular these days. And while we are there, lets be able to purchase dubloons for real money.
  2. Skull & Bones. Watching this I admit, that I have warmed a bit to it. Althoug great liberties taken with reality, and stupid excessive use of skulls ( and fire braziers on a ship) it might be fun.....
  3. ranking that list in order of importance (1-most important 5-least important ) 4-Open world user interface 3-Port user interface 5-Localization 2-Economy and upgrade rebalance 1-Better boarding
  4. I dont know what to think of this. On 1 hand it there are so many downright stupid things. On the other hand graphically it looks amazing. If only they didnt go for that excessive Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy look.....
  5. Yeah, well there were:.... NA: Legends..... unfortunately (and for various reasons) not enough players to convince Devs to keep it going.
  6. How about fixing the weak elements before inventing new features?. Or is boarding really implemented to your satisfaction?
  7. Yes, this! And maybe expand on it. Maybe as a requirement to conquer a port, the attacker need to escort a fleet of troop transports to a specific location. Each transport lost underway reducing the chance of invasion success.
  8. Perhaps it would be valuable to the community, if the video was shared, and proper explanation was given as to why this happened. as if "the target was a x-y built, and as clearly the target timed angleing to perfection" ( or something like that)
  9. Appears frequently in Sharpes novels, wield by sgt. Patrick
  10. *CLAP* *CLAP* Way to go. Thanks for you brilliant input. Really usefull. Comments like this makes the community shine.
  11. well, lots of things that we could have. Like, why do we not have proper boarding mechanincs instead of the lame timed simultanous turnbased menu clicking? Why do we not have flags and pendants in OW? Why does the wind always turn the same stable 360degress circle? Why can we magically teleport crew to a ship far at sea? Why is Rum a magical reviving potion? why.... (no do not bother to answer any of it... )
  12. Yea, well fine. game is 90% geared towards PvE, dont cry over PvP rewards, bla.bla.bla. etc. But from THIS casual players point of view, once again content has been locked behind hours of grinding. Grinding I do not have time to do. Getting decent ships from Combat marks was a neat way to quickly replace losses. Now I will have to make do with store bought junk. Yes friendly clan mates will help, but there is a limit to how many casuals the few dedicated players can carry. I have both a family and a full time job. I do not need NA to become the 2nd job. Sure You are the coo
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